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"In the Consortium there is no room for emotion, no room for hatred or fear... There is and always be room for death. The Republic is doom to fail and in a sense it will die. Even we will pass on... But our offspring will carry on what we've started as we have for our ancestors... Do not let this petty defeat to turn you away from what's right! Come, hold your blade to the enemy and let them know that corruption will not stand!"

— Maroth's morale speech after his defeat in the first campaign

Maroth Zhel, also known as "Maroth the Malevolent", was a male Rodian of the Zhel hunting clan.


Early Life

Zhel Hunting Clan flag

Maroth began his life deep within Felucia in the palace like area built in Felucia known as the Great Hall. At the age of five he took to the knowledge of combat and command. Maroth would soon be in severe training under the eyes of the Warrior Caste so he would soon in the future take up control over the entire reclusive society. He grew knowing his Ancesters, Warlord Reezo Zhel, Warlady Eezlar, Plus his parents Reep'i, and Warlord Greezik and their tales of fighting and peserving the Consortium Alliance. It would be him who would take the Consortium Alliance back to the stars and begin a reign of terror.


The Republic Was Maroth's number one enemy since day one. Taught at an early age by his father, the previous Warlord to the Consortium Alliance, the Warlord showed no mercy on her planets. One such as Uvena Prime years later after his ascension to the Warlord throne. Through they years Maroth and his armies would find themselves fighting the allies of the Republic.

Maroth's Rise to Power

Maroth Zhel at the age of 17 would follow his father's footsteps and would swear his life to upholding the Consortium Alliance and s eeing to it t hat their plans woudl be carried out. What became of his parents was still unsure, however once Maroth took the throne. Their presence drastically changed frm reclusive to a fully armed and vast fighting force operating from their "Great Hall" built deep within Felucia's thick jungles.

His first orders were to revive the once abandoned factories and begin anew, providing the means of his warmachine. Droids, tanks, walkers, weapons, and armor were soon massed produced thanks to a small victory involving a quick pacd raid on several mining feilds to secure the cost of such an army.

Soon with the construction foundations of the Warrior Caste, His scientists in the Worker Caste began to draw up plans for a massive warship known as the CAS (Short for Consortium Alliance Ship) Titan. The ship would be the Warlord's main base of operations when not at the Great Hall as well as a method to help break front line blocades and assualts.

Return of the Consortium Alliance

With a thirst for power and conquest,, Maroth immediately took to several outer rim colonies.Moving quickly and still trying to remain covert until his troopers were at full strength. From there he would launch his operation. Soon Maroth broadcasted encrypted signals to bounty hunters, terrorists, pirates, renegades, and every day scum. Some of these had access to small freighters, corvettes, and frigates. This would form into the dreaded Seventh Consortium Alliance Naval Division. With ample soldiers and navy, Maroth set his plan in motion, The construction of a crude and weak superlaser, built for planetary bombardment of cities.

Consortium Alliance Flag

The First Campain

Maroth decided it was time to strike, and his first target was Rori. the start of it all. He told his loyalists that the Republis is starting to become corrupt once more. He would also add saying "We do not need another Galactic empire."

The plan was to invade Rori divert the capitals and fire the superlaser at their cities and send dropships to take over what's left.

The Seventh darted from hyperspace one by one. where a skirmish would follow with the more advanced Republic cruisers. In the initial stages of the short fight, their superlaser was severely hit by a barrage of ion batteries from the Republic's capital dhip and destroyed. This would force Maroth to send his drop ships in prematurely. They were in turn destroyed by fighter squadrons. Enraged, Maroth ordered his helmsman to engage the nearest capital where he was ambushed. His ship was a burning wreck on on the virge of exploding where he and a few others managed to launch escape pods and land on the surface.

Stranded he would meet up with his loyalists and sneak out of the system and headed to a more remote planet to regroup, The planet he choose was none other than Felucia.

The Second Campain, Kali's introduction

Maroth meets Kali for the 1st time

Maroth soon formed an idea, dangerous, but effective. Maroth contacted several dark adepts and promised them rule once he accomplished his mission. With an alliance formed, the Dark Adepts proved powerful executioners for anyone who dared to betray the Consortium Alliance.

Maroth Teaching Kali Linette to shoot a rifle at age 18

One fateful day Maroth was on patrol, seeking new members when he came across a pirate outpost. They were aggressive and quickly attacked the Titan. Amused, Maroth fired at the group of fighters and dispatched them quickly. He would soon enter the star base and look for any salvageable parts. He made his way into the detention facility where he could hear sobbing. Using a Dark Adept's saber, he sliced the doors and found a seventeen year old Mandalorian-Corellian girl, who immediately attacked him. Maroth on the other hand slammed into her with his bracer knocking her out. Maroth took a liking to the girl's fighting spirit and took it upon him self to train her into a valuable warrior. Eventually Kali grew and accepted his hospitality and seemed to accept him as a father figure. Many years would pass and she continued to grow in her potential as a soldier. Eventualy she became a lieutenant and the Shadow Guard Commanding Officer. As the Campain dragged on, Maroth would send for research on certain new pathogens for his secret weapon. This would in turn lead to his difficulty in the Republic's planet, Bakura. It was there where he would suffer major defeats and losses due to betrayal and the residents' strong will to oppose his reign.

The Third Campain

While licking their wounds from t he last campain, One of the high officers of the Revenant Armada came to the Warlord to help secure Uvena Prime for them. During this time the tart of the Nightmare Project would begin. THe project of mutating the dreaded Blackwing virus. Which was under the watchful eye of Doctor Vivian Roxly of the COnsortium Alliance's Worker Caste.

The Shadow Council (Shadows)

The Shadows were Maroth's personal council of elite warriors, that he trusted the most. They consisted of Seven members, only appointed by Maroth. They are considered the eyes and ears of the Consortium. In other words, they are advisers, commanders, and even considered soldiers, when need be. Some took to the standard uniform however others had chosen a type of solid black cloak or outfit that help distinguished themselves as the Shadows. Not many in the Warrior Caste worked with them in person.

Project Blood

Project Blood is the code name for Maroth's new biological research. Maroth used a strand of a normal flu like virus which is harmless, mutated by combining the bacteria found in a Rancor's digestive tract and certain plant enzymes from Naboo marshes. Once it was properly mutated the virus became a new and deadly strand of an airborne pathogen which he called "Dathomirian Blood Fever." To test his new prototype Maroth set a trap for Kali, who had betrayed the Consortium, and several clones. He set the vial timer and viscously attacking former 501st Private Savage, ripping off his arm. The band survived despite the arm loss, which was reattached. And Maroth was sent to a cell for interrogation. The questioning was unsuccessful only proving the fact that he was insane. Later that evening he escaped thanks to a few assisting droids.

The Axis Formation

Sometime during the Second Campain, Maroth became bold and tried to attack several outposts near Rori. However his forces were beaten back severely, driving them back into Felucia's stronghold. Maroth realized that something must be done other than uniting several clans of Warriors and few Dark Adepts. He wouldl go and make a deal with one of the more powerful threats to the Republic, the Revenant Armada and the Tetan Empire. In time Maroth Organized several scouting parties to seek out the elusive foes. At one point He believed that an alliance with them might not have worked due to them fighting over a certain Alliance traitor. Yet with in one galactic week, Maroth found their stronghold on Coruscant, and immeaditaly flew to the planet with General Powers, the leader of his Marine Corps and also the Fourth Shadow Guard of the High Council Member of Seven. The negotiations were shaky, however Maroth and General Powers worked out an agreement and the New Axis Power was formed. Soon after Maroth began the legalization of a droid platoon to be constructed, to replace what soldiers he had lost in the battle. They contained purchased black market assasin units to salvaged Battle Droids.

Defending the Revenant Stronghold

A supprise attack landed near the Revenant Palace, and in responce, Maroth ordered whatever droids he could to aid in the battle. He lost most of his units easily, from old droids proving to be no match for a jedi's lightsaber, however they did slow the process of their advance, allowing Darth Abyssus's men to secure the parimeter. This would the first in a long time the Consortium Alliance had ever seen a victory in their favor.


Maroth would continue his "crusade" until his supposed death in 240 ABY. Apparently his ship was severly crippled and a Republic warship was sent to intercept him. Maroth kept true to his dying words. "Death to the republic, or I will die trying."

He took massive injuries as the ship pounded the cruiser, Eventualy a torpedo struck the bridge and according to some reports it sent Maroth into the vacuum of space. However other reports said he fled to Tatooine after surviving the explosion from a shuttle and lived out his life as a lowlife, never to be heard from again. this was stated because no trace of Maroth's body was found.

Personality and traits

Maroth's personality is well remembered as cold, ruthless, and a cunning warrior. He mainly uses vibroswords for a weapon but he has a mounted blaster on his bracer. Usualy sarcastic and sadistic, Maroth believes that the Republic is becoming to be corrupt in it's ways and believes that it will grow into another "evil empire." He is well respected and feared within the Consortium, the only person to actualy threaten the dictator inside the Consortium Alliance besides Kali, would be Executioner Karom, when he placed a strong vice like grip around Maroth's throat when He angered the old executioner. For a good reason Maroth backed down from fighting or even killing him off.