"Do not weep for me, for all i have seen, i am finally One with the force..."

- Maraque Bal

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Maraque Bal, was born on the planet Coruscant and as a child he lived in the under city scavenging for food and supplies to feed himself.

he never knew his parents as they abandoned him at a young age, young Bal was a master at building all manner of things, at the age of 10 maraque came across a model 1000 Prowler imperial seeker droid in poor condition and after repairing the droid he named him Zek.

After noticing that Maraque had been stealing parts from imperial facilities to repair Zek, he was hunted by imperial forces. One particular evening Stormtroopers cornered him next to a small cantina, finding him using the tracking chip Implanted within the probe.

They beat him until he was black and blue, in his rage he felt a power come over him like never before, he threw his hands towards the troopers screaming "STOP", The troopers smashed through the cantina window, maraque not understanding what had happened took flight running into the depths of Coruscant than he knew well, but within a matter of a few weeks he was tracked by an imperial inquisitor and broken into service having been acknowledged as a force sensitive, after learning the ways of the Dark side of the force, he served for many years as an inquisitor hunting Jedi and enemies of the empire alike, eventually reaching the rank of high inquisitor and then grand inquisitor.

Rise of the Empire Edit

after the new empress rose to power and denounced the Dark side, he was purified and given a place to serve in the imperial knights.

Death Edit

In the year 230 ABY after years of service within the order of the Imperial Knights and successfully abolishing the Dark Side corruption that had followed him around since he was an Imperial Inquisitor , Maraque was finally able to die an old man , peacefully in the upper city of Coruscant, his body disappearing and him becoming "one with the force".

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