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Manaan was a planet in the Pyrshak system in the inner Rim. It was an ocean planet, with its entire surface being covered by water. It was home to the Selkath, an amphibious species.


Manaan had become almost deserted by most of the galaxy. The native inhabitants of Manaan, the Selkath, have for many years been treated as second class citizens, many living in the underwater depths.

In recent years, several Selkath happened upon a new, rich and powerful Kolto vein. When news of this got out, a few engineers came to Manaan and help the Selkath set up a new city, Kphor, around this Kolto production.

Thus began the reestablishment of Kolto's strength, making it stronger than Bacta. Manaan has once again become of great interest to the galaxy. Everyone from Sith to Jedi to Imperials are setting up bases on Manaan to have their hand in controlling the production of Kolto. And with the destruction of Telos IV, its citizens have picked Manaan as their new home.

A government was put into place to have rule of law. Several prominent Selkath, however, have started up the Selkath High Court, acting only as the judicial branch of Manaan. The Progenitor and the fierce firaxan, the abnormal sharks which protect the kolto viciously, leave only the Selkath unharmed, thus they once again have some leverage on Manaan.


Manaan was run by the High Court of five Selkath.

OOC Information

On Second Life the region was rebuild to become Onderon (Galactic Unity) on the second quarter 2008.