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"Without passion, a Man cannot fight. Without passion, He is already dead." - Malcolm Ackerson, to Jen'sarrai Darkrose.

Malcolm Ackerson is an Onderonian nobleman, and has been a Republic infantryman, a jedi hunter, a pirate, and an Exchange enforcer. Currently, he holds the position of Royal Protector, and leads the Guard in the House of DarkRose.


Malcolm Ackerson was born on Onderon, in the walled city of Iziz, to a small noble family. Malcolm was the only child of Warhan Cael Ackerson and Jadziya Elise Vice-Ackerson. Growing up, Malcolm did not take to the elaborate lifestyle of his family, and by the time he was old enough to carry and aim a blaster, took up a hobby-- hunting. The wildlife of Onderon was fierce and dangerous, but Malcolm learned to survive with the help of Mandalorians that often frequented the planet on their own hunts that served as rites of passage. Malcolm took to the Mandalorians and would train with them, regularly.

First Love

At age 16, Malcolm was hunting a particularly difficult predatory creature that had elluded him for some days. While tracking the beast, he had come across a zeltron female alone meditating in a small clearing in the jungle. The zeltron female exuded a powerful allure, due to her pheromones, which instantly made Malcolm enamoured with her. They would converse for some time, and she would reveal that her name was Iphigenia Bellic, and that she was a Jedi Padawan, and on a task by her Jedi Master, Kiradess Sarkett. The two would fall in love, and over the course of her task, they would meet regularly.

Jedi Master Kiradess was not thrilled to discover this relationship when she had returned to Onderon to check on her padawan. She felt that Malcolm was corrupting Iphigenia, by exploiting her racial emotional tendancies. She had demanded that Malcolm stay away from Iphigenia if he truly cared for her, and upon ending this conversation, she took Iphi off world for further training. Malcolm was not happy about this, and went to his family to inform them that he would need passage off world. His father declined such a request to the 16 year old Malcolm, but his mother was on a different page. She knew that Malcolm would end up leaving the planet with or without their consent, so she would buy him a small freighter, have it armed and shielded heavily and then release him into the galaxy, and to 'get his girl'.

Departing Onderon

Malcolm departed Onderon some months after Iphigenia had left, having had to wait for the ship to finish being modified to his mothers liking. He would speed straight to Coruscant, and seek out the Jedi to search for the whereabouts of Iphigenia and her master. Upon arriving, however, the Jedi were not so easily fooled. They would not give away the location of the Jedi padawan, and they knew why he was looking for her. 'Kindly' pushed out the doors, Malcolm was on his own in tracking her. However, he knew that she would have to return to the Jedi temple eventually, and he would wait, for as long as he needed.

Nearly a year later, Malcolm was lingering across from the Jedi temple when Iphigenia had returned to the temple, and she didn't miss him in the crowd, but she would be forced to make him wait. They met in secret, finally, and exchanged stories of their past year. They would continue to meet in secret for a few months. In these months, Iphigenia had been restoring a near-complete set of 500 year old Katarn armor. Upon learning that she would be leaving Coruscant again soon for some time, she presented to Malcolm the helmet, and encouraged him to enlist in the Republic Defense Force. Her jedi master often took a squad of troops with them, and depending on the expected confict, an entire platoon of troopers. Malcolm did so hesitantly and only under the promise that she could get him and his squad to go on missions with them regularly.

By the time he had finished his basic training, with high marksmanship scores, he nearly did not graduate due to 'personality issues', specifically, having a strong will, leading to noncompliance or constant resistence to orders. It was only due to his combat effectiveness scores that he made it. It would be some months still before he would finally be transferred to the squad that was often sent with Master Kiradess and padawan Iphi. And it wasn't long before Kiradess learned of his identity. It was during their first mission combating a rogue dark Jedi causing problems on a small world off of the Hydian Way, called Corsin. There, after a firefight through some of the dark jedi's gunmen, the jedi fought with the dark jedi and the troopers took a defensive perimeter on one side of the fight. Malcolm noticed that Kiradess was holding back and making Iphi do the majority of the real fighting. He began to feel his blaster rifle, already held at the ready, move in his arms. As he fought to gain control of it, a burst of bolts rang out from the barrel, and struck Iphi. This allowed the dark jedi to cut her down, and run off, while Kiradess acted shocked. The troopers and the Jedi master would take Malcolm into custody, discharge him without a real trial and put him in a prison cell.

Becoming a Jedi Hunter

Malcom's stay was not very long. The prison he was sent to was simply referred to as The Dark. Nothing more than a large cave, poorly lit, and lightly guarded. There, he met Khatana, a girl with an unhealthy disregard for electronic security, that had been sent to this prison for trying to out a particularly corrupt politico. They devised a way to escape, between them and a handful of others that were willing to cooperate. The jailbreak proved successful for them, and for a few dozen others, before the guards could muster enough numbers to keep more prisoners from escaping.

One of the escapee's claimed to be a bounty hunter under the service of a particular sith faction. He had offered Malcolm a command of his own light frigate if he was up for jedi hunting, and piracy. As a fugitive, Malcolm could hardly think of a better way to re-enter the free Galaxy. It's not like he could get a legitimate job. He took command of a small frigate, which he called the Cour Valant. In the time he spent as a Jedi Hunter, he only overcame a handful of republic ships carrying Jedi, but the attacks were so brazen, that he'd earn notoriety. He also only killed the Jedi, and whatever personnel that got in his way. He would spend only a breif two years in this position, before finding himself accidentally over Tython, being brought down by overwhelming Jedi forces.

There, he and his light crew (or rather, those that survived the crash) were detained by the Jedi. Kiradess visited him in his lockup, and taunted him further by disclosing that the dark jedi that had escaped on Corsin was now her padawan, and that even though he had not actually pulled the trigger, he was responsible for Iphi's death by distracting her from her training and keeping her from her potential. Kiradess ordered his release, under the condition that he leave Tython and never return to any Jedi controlled territory.

The Lonely Lull

In the years that followed, Malcolm returned to Onderon to recover. Only shunned by those that heard he'd become a Jedi hunter and a pirate. Malcolm left Onderon behind, heading straight to Iphigenia's homeworld, Zeltros. There, he would live a hedonistic lifestyle, but over time, a husk of a man that he once was. Not a single zeltron woman on the planet could help him feel better about himself, for longer than a night. He was crippled, emotionally, and the passion sapped from him. He developed an unhealthy taste for alcohol which he kept building a tolerance to, as well as a tolerance for the pheromones. By the time he hit age 25, he was bored of Zeltros, and took the stars once again.

Return to Coruscant

He returned to Coruscant, unsure of where else to go. He'd heard that the Exchange had a powerful presence in the lower levels of Coruscant, so he headed there, directly to their main club, the Outlander. He wasn't very subtle for why he was there, approaching the Exchange boss directly. Without much of a fuss, he signed up as an Exchange Enforcer, and found himself watching over the Outlander, ensuring its patrons were having a good time, and any belligerants were kindly bounced out. Not long after his employ, he would met another zeltron woman, Alarya Skyclaw. He became somewhat infatuated with her, but it was obvious in the back of his mind why. She looked jus like Iphi. Perhaps it was intentional, perhaps it was coincidence, but in a short time of knowing her, he made the grave mistake of telling Alarya that he loved her, when in truth he knew it was the ghost of Iphi he loved-- the ghost that he never to say those words to. Alarya, secretly a force sensitive herself, knew this, and from there, the interactions between Alarya and Malcolm became hostile with sexual frustration and overwhelming emotional outbursts. His relationship with Khatana dwindled, as Khatana, a secret operative of the vigilante group, Obelisk, knew that Alarya was bad news. That she was a Sith. That she was not who she claimed to be. Malcolm resisted, he didn't even know why, because what he felt when in Alarya's presence turned from bad to worse, and he kept going back for more.

Eventually, Malcolm tried to break free, to distract himself from Alarya. After Khatana had abandoned Malcolm to suffer at the hands of Alarya, Malcolm met a Sephi female named Kira. A little flirting and offering her a job on his ship, Kira didn't have long to really commit, as two masked Sith approached Malcolm and Kira. Malcolm knew that Alarya was one of them, but she looked different. She wasn't a zeltron, at all. The sith attacked Malcolm, and Kira didn't have any time to think about what she was doing, aided in Malcolms fight, keeping him in the fight with stims. Malcolm's final act in the fight before being defeated was barrelling into Kira keeping her from a lethal strike. The male sith offered Kira a chance to join them, and leave Malcolm to his fate. When Kira remained on Malcolms side, the sith incapacited her, and left Malcolm to bleed out to death.

Luckily for the two, passersby managed to get Malcolm to a bacta tank where he slowly recovered. Kira made a quicker recovery, and disappeared from there. When Malcolm recovered, he was alone, with no friends. He trodded back his ship, and flew off aimlessly into the far reaches of space.

Some Time Later

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Joining House DarkRose


Returning to Coruscant wearing new armor, including a buy'ce from a fallen mandalorian comrade. Malcolm had largely ditched the refurbished Katarn armor, as a means of moving on from Iphigenia entirely. Malcolm met up with an old friend, Chaos Darkrose. There, he was offered a place among them, as a guard. He quickly fell to protecting the recently discovered third daughter of Chaos, Jen'sarrai. While his initial reasoning was because of her increased vulnerability due to her identity as the lost daughter, he was quickly taken in by her allure. She had also been impressed by his gear and his initiative to protect her. They were both new to the House, and bonded fastly over the course of a matter of days. This did not go unnoticed, and Chaos, alluded to the fact that she knew, while commending him for his performance in his duty, and promoting him as the Lead Guard for the House. She also gave him a very stern warning to keep the displays of affection in private, and to not give the enemies of the House a target. He took this to heart, and informed Jen'sarrai so that she herself would make an effort to keep their new found relationship a secret.

Personality and Traits

Malcolm is a very emotionally driven individual, allowing even the most fleeting of feelings driving his actions. He is often openly flirtatious, wasting no time in giving an attractive woman attention. He has shown the ability to control himself, or, more accurately, contain himself enough to not act, however, this is rare. Things that irk him in any manner tend to lead him into acting with a sense of bravado, no matter the potential threat. While he has lost most major fights, he has shown enough resilience to survive, and keep fighting when the odds are against him. He also maintains a level of chivalry, giving no thought to his own safety when protecting those he fights with, or when he see's someone being bullied, harrased or intimidated.

While he comes from nobility, he hardly acts aloof or better than anybody. He does keep his manners about him when he feels like he's in the presence of someone more accomplished, such as with the Exchange boss, the Darkroses, and even Jedi, and military officials. These manners vanish quickly if the individuals do or say something that offends him, and he is quick to make sure they know of his disagreement. He instantly loses respect for authority the second the individual shows that they do not hold the capacity to respect their own authority. This even includes the Sith Lady, Darth Dvasia which he fastly fell to disrespect when she became cross with him on Dathomir.

Malcolm holds grudges, and these can last indefinitely, but he has expressed that he is willing to forgive if the offender has sincerely apologised and owned up to their folly. Malcolm himself can also be humble often recognizing when he cannot stack up to a particular opponent or number of opponents, and when he kriffs up, he often acknowledges it, although maybe not always externally.

Appearance, Gear and Weapons


Malcolm typically wears full heavy body armor that is dark grey-blue with orange accents. He wears a mandalorian buy'ce helmet of similar color. Additionally, with this armor, he usually wears a cloak made from animal pelts, including the head of a feline beast over one shoulder, and an arm of a bear like creature over the other. His cloak is decorated only with three feathers, red white and black. Malcolm is rarely seen out of armor, removing his helmet only for those he trusts or respects.

Typical Weapons and Gear

Malcolm carries with him a wide variety of weapons and gadgets. Most commonly, he carries a DC-17m[1], a Lightfoil cutlass[2], and a slugthrower pistol[3]. Additionally, he typically carries a grappling hook and rope, a datapad-commlink hybrid device, as well as a fullsize datapad tablet. He always carries with him a pouch of credit chits, anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000, always just in case he needs to pay or bribe.


Additional weapons in his arsenal that he does not always carry with him but has been seen carrying include durasteel-alloy hammer-axes, durasteel alloy bo staff, a ceremonial songsteel longsword, a vibrosword, songsteel tomahawk, DC-15s Blaster Pistols, T-21 Light Repeater Blaster Rifle, Prototype Proton Rifle, Accelerated Charged Particle Scattergun, Accelerated Charged Particle machine pistol, and a wide variety of grenades, detonators and detpacks.

Out of Armor

Out of armor, Malcolm is a tall and muscular individual, but not the model of perfection. His tanned skin is scarred heavily from combat wounds and torturous recovery surgery and from environmental hazards. His hair is typically messy from helmet head, but has been known to groom occassionally. He has dark, nearly black facial hair which is kept trimmed to a stubble. His eyes, once a vivid hazel brown and green are now a faded brown with nearly no trace of green.