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General Information

Malachor V is a planet of the Star Wars universe.

On Second Life, the planet is ruled by the Underlord and his minions. The planet is composed of several key areas which require passing puzzles to access. The areas are as follows:

  • The Cantina
    • A makeshift nightclub within the Madness V ship, mostly an OOC area.
  • The Madness V
    • A lonely ghost-ship in orbit of the Malachor V asteroid field.
  • Malachor's Surface
    • A barren landscape filled with treacherous cracks and crags filled with acid and poisonous gasses. A few crashed Old Republic ships even litter the surface.
  • Trayus Gate
    • A huge ornamental entrance placed between two immense rock walls. A single bridge connects a large cliff across an acid-gas lake to the Trayus Academy beyond the gate.
  • Trayus Entrance Hall
    • The first room within the Trayus Academy, slate gray with odd red circles adorning the walls and floor. At the end of the hall are two doors deeper into the academy and between them an interesting sculpture, AKA the 'Mirror to the Void'.
  • Trayus Crescent
    • A section of the academy with a large conference room and window to the mangled surface of Malachor V. Connected to the conference room is a small training area.
  • Trayus Core
    • A huge chasm far below the surface with a large spiked structure within the middle for meditation. A dangerously skinny bridge connects a huge cliff to the center of the Core structure. The Underlord often meditates here.
  • Trayus Archives/Library
    • A huge wealth of knowledge on Sith topics are collected here, practically mountains of text written or cross-checked by the Underlord himself. In addition to texts the library also includes a few holocrons, including the Underlord's. The Underlord recently had a large statue dedicated to Ludo Kressh erected at the end of the library.


Wear RCS if you are planning on doing combat RP. Don't tell anyone else how to get past a door or teleport them past a door. Only Star Wars themed weapons and clothing are allowed. No shields are permitted. If you wish to engage in combat with someone, ask them first. If you are killed there is a 24 hour death timer. Unless you are killed by a storm beast, then it's only 5 minutes. Do not fly in the sim unless you are in a ship or have a jetpack.

Sim Groups

  • Malachor V Admins/Vendors/Residents
  • Malachor V Cantina/Nightclub
  • Plague Terror Syndicate
  • The Trayus Academy
  • The Shadow Hunters
  • The Underlords


  • Academy
  • Cantina
  • "Madness V" ship
  • Library
  • Puzzles to solve
  • Storm beasts

Current Story

After the Mass Shadow Generator was used for the last time on Malachor V, it was thought to be completely destroyed, swept off the galaxy in one clean strike; although, this wasn't the case. Hurtling away from the blast was the remains of the twice-crushed planet. Assumed completely destroyed, no one ever made a second thought of searching it out ever again.

Now, almost 4,300 years later, it has been re-discovered. After many of the first explorers came, they all noticed an eerie presence. Very few of the first explorers ever returned, though those that did all sent in reports of possible cult-like activities.

After being pulled in by a tractor beam, you are now aboard a strange vessel that seems to have been abandoned for years. Many of the ships systems are either broken, off, or on standby. You see off in the distance that there are a few escape pods, perhaps they will take you down to the strange remains of this planet...


There are several opinions about Malachor V's popularity, here are a few quotes, all taken from a random selection of visitors:

  • [23:33] Duke Oto: this place is the best place in SWRP
  • [23:39] Stevo Decosta: the whole structural design is amazing. The whole idea of having to solve puzzles to make your way through the sim is an awesome and fun idea
  • [23:39] Bobika Ferrer: detail is wonderful and the puzzles are mind challanging
  • [23:38] Rez Giha: I would say.. There is a great community.. and.. It's definatly the best sim to RP in and to look at.


Malachor V, was re-openned in July of 2011 by Marcel Dowding, before closing again in the Second Quarter of 2012

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