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Majia Likiana is the princess of Yekaria who oftens spends her time on Bakura and Tatooine. Her sister was killed because she fell to the dark side when Majia was 6. Majia is force sensitive and is part of a neutral order called the Jensaari. She has become a member of the High Council.


Gender: Female

Age:19 turning 20

Hair Color: Is often died blond. Naturally black

Hair length: Always changing.

Skin tone: Tan


Past: Majia was always spoiled nothing exciting about her life except the day her palace was bombed and she almost died but in a last minute effort she was saved by an Imperial trooper who was force sensitive. She also almost fell in love with a bounty hunter but he backed out last minute saying he could not have a wife but he could only have a slave. For years Majia was thought to have commited suicide. Then one day she came home. Starved and more pale then ever she nearly died. Then one day she found out that the bounty hunter had killed himself and she spent a month mourning.

Present: Majia is currently back on Yekaria enjoying living with her family in her palace

Future: Majia wishes to find a love eventually.