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Ma'at Nephthys, second Queen of Bakura, first and third Chancellor of the Galactic Senate of the New Republic. Mother of Min, Athena, and Aeolus Nephthys .

Message Archive

Arrival on Bakura

Ma'at Nephthys

As the screen flickers for a few moment before appearing solid in a crystal blue hue, a scene appears. A medium size silvery shiny ship, with its door slowly opening, the Royal Guards approached standing in attention in two lines perpendicular to the now fully opened door. A few figures dress in what appear to be Jedi clothing stepped out, followed by several members of the Bakura's council, all turning around as if to wait for someone else to step off the ship. Finally, a small figure emerged, dressed elegantly. She looked around to recognize everyone there but said nothing. And just as quickly, she's escorted away into the still constructed Government buiding.

The feed switches to reveal two people, a distinguished looking woman now known throughout the galaxy as Senator Baudin of Bakura and the other one, dresses in a fully decorated manner only seen in loyalties. Senator Baudin is standing slightly in front of the crown-wearing woman, and begins to speak with a firm, proud voice "Warm greetings to all. This is Senator Baudin of Bakura. Today, amid all the constructions that are still being carried on here in the capital city, we're rejoicing in receiving our new Queen, Ma'at Nephthys, just arrived moments ago from Corelia. The tragic lost of our last Queen and her sister are still fresh in the mind of our people. But as we mourn their passing, it is indeed a celebration to welcome our new Queen back home to our planet. The Bakuran Monarchy continues its rule under Queen Ma'at Nephthys and I believe strongly that she will serve her people well. I, Senator Baudin of Bakura, respectfully present to you, Queen Ma'at Nephthys of Bakura." The feed shows the introduced Queen nodding her head lightly and smiling warmly. Then the feed flickers a few time before it goes off.

Revenant Attack

Message from the desk of Queen Ma'at Nephthys...

Loyal members of the Bakuran Monarchy,

Recent developments further emphasise the need for all members of the Barkuran Royal Monarchy members to be on guard. The Revenants attacks on Bakura's soil are becoming more frequent and brutal. With Bakura's rebuilding efforts still going on, we are at our most vulnerable state. Furthermore, there's been credible intelligence pointing to the possible kidnapping/assassination efforts focusing on Senator Baudin as well as myself. All advisors are to stay in close contacts with both I and Senator Baudin.

As for the Royal Guard members, now is the time for you to step up to show the scums of the Galaxy what you're made of - skilful, courageous, and always on the ready. Your presence are needed at all time in and around the temporary Government building, especially while the Queen occupies it.

The whereabout of the Senator is unknown at this point. I will begins to make short trips to neighboring planets to investigate the latest threat, making alliances, as well as searching for news of the Senator. Some of the Royal Guards will be called upon to accompany me on these journeys.

Be well and may the Force be with you all,

Queen Ma'at Nephthys

Arrest of General Joker

Chancellor Toros,

I wish that my message has come to you in a better circumstance, but not this time, unfortunately. I was made aware of your arrest of General Joker late last night in the GAR Academy. With all due respect, I am greatly troubled by what is transpiring.

This is not the first time the PGA and its members have walked into our facilities and arrest our people without even a courtesy notification to the Bakura Government. Even if Bakura holds a membership within the Senate, doesn't necessarily mean that the PGA has complete rights and rules over our planet. We still have our own government organisations that are entrusted by our good citizens to protect their rights under circumstances such as this. Any accusations, charges, or warrants out for any of our citizen should have been discuss thoroughly with our Government representative before any action is being taken. And even so, only under mutual agreement between the two parties.

As acting Senator of Bakura, I should have been informed of the PGA's intention, its charges against the General, and a courtesy notification when the PGA enters our jurisdiction. Bakura Government should have been given a chance to handle the issue first. As the way it happened, the message sent is that the Chancellor and the PGA have no confident in our ability to govern.

I respectfully request a meeting to discuss this further and that General Joker be sent back to Bakura to be questioned by his own Government. I don't want to damage our relation any further as it's already perceived to have been.


Queen Ma'at Nephthys of Bakura

Arrest of General Joker II

(The transmission starts as one pushes the on button. An image of a young woman, elegantly dressed and jeweled, with her dark hair neatly decorated appears. She's standing in front of what seems to be the Grand Palace on Bakura, with the sun setting rays shining, making the marble walls and columns of the palace appears to be glowing. The young woman starts to speak...)

Good citizens of Bakura,

I come to you with the latest and perhaps the most important news at the moment. The PGA has just elected itself a new Chancellor to replace Chancellor Vandegraff. All of you recall our former Senator, Rimzy Baudin? She is now the new Chancellor in the Senate.

In the past half year alone, we witnessed rapid happenings here on Bakura as well as across the Galaxy. As we slowly settling into our newly rebuilt city, the Bakuran people welcomed at least two Senators since then and the Monarchy, after mourning the lost of its last Queen after a short reign, finally now can claim stability. But as we thrives amid chaos, there are those that are envious of our prosperity and will no doubt have intention to disrupt it as much as we can endure.

So I ask all of you to do your part in keeping Bakura strong. As we're known across the Galaxy for our incredible hospitality, Bakura attracts score of visitors every single day. Many come here for its wonders, but there are those that come bringing dark intentions. Be vigilant in your daily lives. Keep keen ears and eyes out for anything out of the ordinary and report them to the appropriate authorities. Support the men and women of GAR as well as the Bakuran Royal Guards. They are our most important line of defense against evil forces. Give them all the cooperation necessary to make their jobs easier so they can devote their time to help in the betterment of our lives.

I am continued to be humbled by your firm conviction and incredible strengths. Please continue to be the devoted citizens that other planets look toward as role models. Together, we will not only exist in harmony with others in the Galaxy, but also contribute to the ridden of evil forces.

(As the speech concludes, the image show the Queen nods respectfully with her usual friendly smile. Then the screen goes off in one quick flick – ending the transmission.)


Current Status

After several failed attempts to sway the former Queen to the Dark Side, Darth Moi'Rai, under the direction of the Emperor, had her body implanted with cybernetics that encourage cooperation. On top of this, she was put into a stasis chamber and is currently the property of the Imperial Hand. Many attempts by patriots and contractors alike to free the Queen have only ended in demise on their part, many of whom never even got as far as finding out where her body had been stored...