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"Like I say, nut up or shut up!"

— M-2117 "Abrams"

Much of how Abrams started in the Grand Army has been lost, but when he came back, he was welcomed by the 21st Marines. He began as a Trainee, but slowly worked his way up to Corporal. Once there, Abrams had to work, because of his past with the Grand Army. During his time, he spent time under one of the greatest Marines, Eagle, and Heavy and was promoted to Sergeant after serving in many battles in Sith Space and having to deal with annoying Trainees. If you are his friend and treat him well, and are honourable, do him a solid once, he will help you whenever you need it. However, wrong him once, and you will pay...

The Grand Army's 21st Marine Corps

Upon returning to Bakura, Abrams was faced with a choice, Which platoon to join?

Of course, he joined the platoon that would best fit him, the 21st Marine Corps. He knew he made the right choice after one night they went to Sith Space with a few other members of other platoons and they all got cut down... except himself and the other Marines and from then on, he knew the he was where he belonged...

After working as a Sergeant, Captain Haggard promoted him to the 21st Platoon Commanding officer, Lieutenant.

Military Life

After going on a mission not approved by the Council, when the old X-9711 returned to Bakura, but was demoted from a Lieutenant to a Trainee by the Fonz himself. After a few days of wandering the streets, he took the new ID numbers M-2117 and became known as "Abrams."

However, not all was well on Bakura once Abrams returned. Almost all of the men in the Grand Army were getting angry at him because of his facial hair and Marine armour that won him almost all of the women, but soon they all came to a compromise; he would only take about 50% of the population and leave the rest for the other members to try and find...

His early days as a private included the most hardcore training that G.A.R. could afford. The Marines of the old days were lead by Marine Lieutenant 'Eagle' and Platoon Sergeant 'Heavy' and under those two, the platoon did amazing. The training was classroom lectures followed by Marine Marksman's training. After proving that he was able to fight, he was selected out of a group of Marines to accompany the Lieutenant and Sergeant on a mission to Sith Space. While there, they were ambushed by a squad of Sith. The three of them battled the Sith and ended up on top. This lead the Lieutenant to promoted 'Abrams' for his actions. For the time being, it was quiet. The PGAF would train with the Marines in addition to assisting in running supply runs on the streets of Coruscant. This was in the final phases of the Battle for Coruscant. Sergeant 'Heavy' and Corporal 'Abrams' would lead patrols on the streets of Coruscant looking for enemy soldiers making trouble. When he was not patrolling, he was training. One Trainee stood out from the crowd. Trainee 'Wolf' was not the brightest clone, but he was the most willing to learn. After training this clone during all waking hours, Wolf was finally promoted to Private, this meant that he was eligible to patrol Coruscant. Near this same time, the Marines were the strongest platoon. This meant they were called in every time the allied Jedi had a problem. 'Abrams' superiors allowed him to lead most of the patrols that came from these distress calls with Private Wolf behind him. At this time, after working, he was promoted to Marine Sergeant. His experiences on Coruscant left him bitter at the hate and brutality that people could bring to the galaxy, specificity the Revenant Armada.

Highly independent and mobile, he is a dangerous one man fighting force. With the back-up of the 21st Marine Corps, the Grand Army cannot be stopped.

"We've done so much with so little for so long that we can do anything at anytime with little to almost nothing."

— M-2117 "Abrams" to a batch of new clones.

As an Officer, Abrams was tasked with re-building the 21st Marine Corps into the former glory it once had. This was no small task. A few of the challenges Abrams faced was the fact that the Grand Army was lowering standards on the intelligence levels trainees needed to pass basic training and choose a platoon. Standards were being lowered and as a result, the Grand Army as a whole suffered. Another challenge was the combat effectiveness of the clones. Most clones, and for that case, humanoids, have a natural reaction to combat and gunfire to stand still and return fire. It was Abrams job to teach them that they needed to find cover, aim, and then fire. It was a difficult job, but someone had to do it. Within weeks the 21st Galactic Marines were the top platoon in the Grand Army of the Republic, and were feared throughout the Galaxy for their brutal combat methods and winning strategies. Though they won battles, Abrams would never allow himself or the men serving under him to seriously injure or kill an unarmed combatant.


As a member of Alpha Squad, he was able to take part in advanced reconnaissance missions. Most of them were to non-hostile planets, however, some of them were home to deadly Sith and dangerous animals. A most common destination was Sith Space. Under the leadership of Sergeant Heavy, and using guerilla tactics learned from studying the RLF's campaign against the Empire, Abrams and his squad were able to hand out punishing blows to the Sith supply lines.

Tetan Legion First Sergeant Irving

First Sergeant Irving

Formerly known as Abrams, he left the Grand Army of the Republic for a list of reasons. A few being: the leadership was willing and able to allow clone lives to be needlessly wasted over petty arguments and for their own personal goals, and the mindless rules and regulations put in place to keep free thinking and free will to a minimum. After a mission that almost cost Abrams his life, he was honourably discharged. He moved to Kuat, a place that he knew was safe, because it was a planet he once served on. He lived in the slums and survived off scraps of food until he found a recruitment posted for the Tetan Legion. Given his military background and respect for the Tetans for standing up the Revenant Armada, he was included to speak to them. They set up a meeting with him- he spoke to Lieutenant Colonel Starsider and Empress Teta herself. They agreed that he would be able to lead a squad the way he saw fit if he joined. He also took on the name 'Washington Irving' for his own safety as well as the safety of those around him. In his early days,Irving was bred to be fiercely loyal to the Republic and his superior officers. He always values the well being of his comrades as the most important thing in any situation, even over the completion of the mission. He holds extensive knowledge of armed and unarmed combat skills, leadership skills, and military tactics. Despite being around violence and killing all day, he still holds the moral high ground and tried to find the best in any situation.

Behavioural Differences

Though he is the same man, Irving had changed during his time transitioning from being a Clone Lieutenant Colonel to a First Sergeant in the Tetan Legion. He did not mind the change into the enlisted ranks- rather he welcomed it. Though he had seen first hand the brutality the Galaxy could give civilians who had done nothing wrong. He was a bitter man who could still see the good in a situation.

New Life in the Republic

New the end of his tour of duty for the Tetan Legion, he was contacted by an old, familiar face. It turned out that his past actions in the Grand Army of the Republic and the Tetan Legion had made a mark on the Galaxy, and his friend Ma'at Nephthys spoke about a possible career in the New Republic Grand Fleet representing the Galactic Senate . At first he declined the offer, preferring the comfortable and friendly lifestyle as a Tetan soldier, but the more he thought about it the more he warmed up to the idea. Soon he contacted the former Queen of Bakura to set up an interview. It was around this time that the Yuuzhan Vong began to terrorize the Galaxy. Abrams was put on Active duty immediately following the interview. The tips and tricks he had picked up with the Tetan Legion and the Grand Army of the Republic kicked in and he was out on the field assisting with the rebuilding of Coruscant and humanitarian efforts.

"I am here to combat anything and everything that threatens Galactic peace. Be it Sith, Jedi, or soldiers. If they're pointing a blaster at the head of the Galaxy then they had better watch out for mine."

— M-2117 "Abrams" concerning the threat of Galactic instability.

After Ma'at had evacuated the planets worst hit by the attacks to planets that were relatively safe, sent back up generators to planets that were without power, and generally helped the Galaxy recover, focus went back to the defence of the Galactic Senate. Specifically, the Galactic Senate Defensive Forces. Abrams was appointed as a Lieutenant in the Naval branch of the Forces, though his extensive knowledge of infantry tactics made him ideal for training ground forces in urban environments. Having done his service to Ma'at, after she left office, he left the Galactic Senate's military. From there is seemed as though he had dropped off the face of the Galaxy...


As a fully trained Advanced Reconnaissance Commando, he is trained in almost all forms of combat, ranging from a simple blaster to a vibrosword. He is able to kill anyone with anything that he finds on a mission. And example of this is a piece of paper. He always carries basic medical supplies, two thermal detonators, extra ammunition for his blasters, and small amounts of food and water. All of this is able to fit in a pack he is usually seen wearing. Abrams has extensive skill in the fields of explosives and assault and automatic weapons. Though the years his knowledge of medicine has deteriorated to a point that he is only to patch up the most simple of scrapes on the battlefield. His background in the Grand Army Naval Company has given him some experience in light ground vehicle operations and starfighter/squadron operations. Along with his physical training, he is also strong mentally.