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"The Dark Side is like a lethal poison - you do not need to experiment it to know that it can kill you."

— Lyin Quan

Lyin Quan (born Lyinq'uan), a female rutian Twi'lek from Ryloth, has lived an exemplary life as a Jedi. She trains hard and always adheres to the Jedi Code and her only desire in life is to serve the people of the galaxy as best as she can and then to someday die well and become one with the Force. Lyin's willingness to serve the Force is unbiased by emotion; She simply wishes to do what the galaxy needs her to do.

Lyin was brought into the Jedi Order well before her 10th birthday by the Rodian Jedi Master Needo Guisse. She was taken to the Jedi Enclave on Ossus where she began her training. Lyin came from obscure rylothian clan Quan. Her affinity to the Force was obvious since before she was a single year old but she was surrendered by her parents to the Devaronian pirate Nor Garzz willingly when she was five.


Slavery [120 ABY ~ 129 ABY][]

Her captivity began on Ryloth, the Twi'lek homeworld. Nor Garzz, a Devaronian pirate and slaver with ties to the Black Sun, longed to find the perfect "gift" for the vigo Lun Rask, the perfect slave girl to meet the crime lord's depraved interests. Garzz found Lyin living in the "place of twilight," a perpetual dusk-land on the tide-locked world.

A younger Lyinq'uan, slave to Nor Garzz.

Lyin, the daughter of Jiang Quan, one of the Quan clan chiefs, fit Garzz's needs. Jiang surrended the innocent girl, along with a younger Twi'lek girl named Nian to the Devaronian after a Sabacc game the Twi'lek chieftain lost.

Garzz took them to his smuggling complex, and had other Twi'lek dancers teach Lyin and Nian the ways of exotic and captivating dance sure to get Raks's attention. Nor Garzz deluded the girls with tales of the opulent lifestyle of Lun Rask, and the promised glory of being a palace servant. Four months later, the devaronian felt his prizes were ready. He had his assistant Pauna Xenga take them to Rask's fortress orbiting the gas giant Kaer, where they faced the cold reality of the vigo's fortress, a dank place of corruption filled with the dregs of the galaxy. Their lives were those of decadence, exploitation and servitude. They were beaten by Rask's guards and taskmasters when they did not please their masters, and were often threatened by Pauna and Garzz. Eventually, Nian killed herself, not withstanding the harsh treatment she was suffering.

About ten years later, in the spaceport of Mos Eisley, Pauna placed Lyin in hiding before taking her back to the vigo's fortress, after a meeting with Xiro, the Hutt, when Lyin was took as the woman's escort girl. A male Rodian clad in black stumbled upon the girls' hiding place. This Rodian was named Needo Guisse, a young Jedi Master. Sensing Lyin's affinity to the Force, he promised the young twi'lek to escape from her slavery. Lyin fled with Guisse three days later.

Training under master Guisse [130 ABY ~ 132 ABY][]

Lyin was brought into the Jedi Enclave on Ossus well before her 15th birthday by master Guisse, where she underwent her Jedi training with a calm practicalism and unparalleled drive to do what is right. Lyin trained and progressed properly through master Guisse's teachings instead of being rushed through her training to produce one more front line fighting Jedi.

Jedi Master Needo Guisse oversees Lyin's training in Rodia.

Lyin and Guisse managed to escape the Massacre of Ossus along with two younglings they rescued. The four went to Rodia where Guisse continued Lyin trainings. She progressed properly through master Guisse's teachings instead of being rushed through her training to produce one more front line fighting Jedi.

Padawanship [133 ABY ~ 135 ABY][]

One day, Guisse has gone missing after a mission on Naboo's city of Keren for the Jedi Council and Lyin went after him. Her searches for her master eventually brought her back to Mos Eisley where she discovered Guisse was killed by a Sith Lady named Darth Ravena. She searched for the assassin of her master unsuccessfully for some months untill she sought for help among the Jedi of an Enclave in the city. She was received by Jedi Master Nai-Q that did not offered immediate help to the twi'lek but brought her into the Enclave, where she served for a short time as an initiate until she was promoted to the rank of Padawan at age of 18. She was promoted to Padawan under an excellent Jedi master due to her keen attitude and willingness to do what was required of her. Lyin's training under Guisse, natural charisma and intelligence, and her unique outlook on life would make the twi'lek a prime candidate for Consular training later in her life.

Padawan Lyin Quan.

Before Lyin was to be promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight, the Masters of her Enclave thought it would be a good idea to get the young Padawan some off world experience. In the aftermath of the Sith attack to the Hidden Temple on Taivas, the Jedi has been in a state of alert. It was a time of chaos as the Sith organized themselves into a favourable position to take over the rest of the Jedi in the galaxy. Many Jedi have taken it upon themselves to prepare for the inevitable offensive from the Darth Krayt's Empire. Hence, Lyin was sent into missions behind enemy lines to serve under other Jedi masters in order to broaden her horizons and mature her into a truly excellent Jedi Knight as Lyin and the rest of the Jedi prepare for the coming darkness.

Lyin packed her few possessions and was sent into a series of trials. It was in those days that Lyin met the Dark Jedi Akaan for the first time and sensed that there was still goodness deep in hs heart. Akaan confided to her that if there would be someone in the whole galaxy that would bring him back to the Lightside that person would be Lyin. The Twi'lek never forgot those words and promised to herself that she would guide Akaan though the path of the redemption. On the other hand, Akaan tried to seduce Lyin to the Dark Side for many times, but had no success in any of his attempts.

Jedi Knight [136 ABY ~ 139 ABY][]

In her trials, Lyin was sent on her way through the galaxy until she was called back to Tatooine to employ her investigative talents by the Jedi Council. Lyin accomplished all the tasks she was given and for that she was made a Jedi Knight.

Upon attaining the rank of Jedi Knight Lyin chose to travel the path of a Consular. This was a decision she made even before being knighted.

A few months after attaining the rank of Knight Lyin was assigned his first Padawan—Yara. They differed greatly in opinion on many things but got along well enough for Yara's training to progress at a very commendable pace. Eventually, Yara has gone missed with Lyin unable to sense her with the Force.

Pauna Xenga vs. Lyinq'uan.

Later in 139 ABY Lyin tracked a group of spice dealers and slavers to the former Lun Rask's fortress, now seized by another vigo of the Black Sun. There, she once again met with Nor Garzz and Pauna and had to fight the woman. Pauna engaged Lyin in hand-to-hand combat to give Garzz time to escape. While Lyin and Pauna fought, Garzz managed to flee in his ship, the "Deviant", back to Devaron. The twi'lek defeated her former taskmaster, but instead of killing her, Lyin only incapacited and arrested Pauna so she could take the criminal woman for questioning in Tatooine. However, Pauna escaped from her captivity in the Imperial Prison with the help of a mandalorian bounty hunter working for Nor Garzz.

Lyin spent the years between becoming a Knight and a Master training his Force powers very diligently. Due to her focus on Force powers, her combat skills remained somewhat the same. Lyin continued to train with her lightsaber but it was more of reaffirming her already acquired skills in Shii-Cho and Niman than expanding his skill base. Lyin continued to be a reasonably skilled combatant.

Jedi Master [140 ABY][]

Known for her wisdom, bravery, and loyalty, Lyin was widely considered by some to be one of the most enlightened Jedi of her time. So, after serving as a Knight for a few years, Lyin was appointed by the High Council to be a Master.

Jedi Masters Lyin Quan, Nai-Q and Roslyn on top of the Dowager Queen, in Mos Eisley.

Appointed in 140 ABY, Lyin continued to accept missions on behalf of the Council, being dispatched to Naboo not long after. On the planet, she investigated the terrorist attacks on the Fel's ISC garrison and buildings both in Tatooine and Naboo. There she was attacked by a Sith named Darth Devolous, bent on stopping the Jedi's pursuits on Naboo. The Jedi were able to fend off her attacker and later discover he was her former master, Guisse. Failing to track down the terrorists in Kerem, Lyin traveled back to Mos Eisley.

Shortly after, Jedi Master Cloak Lightrunner was given the task to reorganize the Jedi Enclave in Tatooine by the Jedi High Council. He asked for Lyin's help, a task which the twi'lek attended at her best.

While the Jedi occupied themselves on the unification of the many Jedi branches in Tatooine under a strong Jedi Enclave, they started to look through the Force for new apprentices. Asked by Cloak to train one of the initiates, Lyin picked a young man with a dark past as her padawan, Galack. She knew that to help him in his fight against the Dark Side was going to be a hard task, but she admired Galack's strenght and force of will.

Lyin fights her former master, now known as Darth Devolous.

Feeling that it would be to dangerous for Galack in his porsuit to get rid of the taint of the Dark Side to face a Sith, Lyin traveled back to Keren, following the tracks of Darth Devolous. However, she was attacked by Darth Ravena as soon as she arrived in the city. The two fought and Lyin were to be killed by the Dark Lady, when Darth Devolous suddenly showed up and stabbed the Sith in her back with his lightsaber, killing her. Using the Force, Lyin healed her wounds just in time to confront her old master. Devolous tried to convince Lyin to join him but she refused to, telling she would never go to the Dark Side. As she refused his advances and resisted his mind tricks, the Sith attacked her. After a great fight, the young Jedi Master managed to put an end on Guisse's threat by cutting off his head with her lightsaber.

Personality and Traits[]

"I use the Force, and the Force uses me."

― Lyin Quan

Lyin is a calm, collected, and calculating Twi'lek. She is sometimes sarcastic and manipulative but mostly just focused on getting her job done to the best of her ability.

Lyin also realizes that constantly helping those in need promotes weakness and a continued reliance on herself and the other Jedi. Lyin will help those in need but will always try to include the means for those she helped to better themselves such that they may not require much more help in the future. This includes supplies when available, training when time in available, or simply a kind word of encouragement. Or, sometimes, a rude awakening to those who are only fooling themselves into being weak.

Lyin favors alternative and practical clothing.

Lyin is a Jedi of action and is sometimes frustrated with the delays that politics cause. However, she also realizes the need for political debate and not degrading to a state of martial law. In Lyin's mind, there is a time to fight, and a time to negotiate. Often, when dealing with Sith, it is time to fight, for she know that if the Sith are negotiating, they are most often just buying time to properly prepare for the next offensive.

One way in which Lyin deviates from the Jedi teachings is his dislike for the formal Jedi robes—they get in the way. She has also realized that the brown or grey robes of the Jedi have become somewhat iconic of the Order so she will sometimes change her wardrobe to conceal the fact that she is a Jedi to allow herself to blend in better. Lyin favors alternative and practical clothing that does not interfere in her body movements. However Lyin is not devoid of ornamentation like ornate belly buttons and other twi'lek jewelries.

Powers and Abilities[]

Lyin Quans's lightsaber.

Lyin Quan was trained as a Jedi Consular, harnessing the powers of her mind, and honing it into a weapon. Despite such focus on spiritual matters, Lyin's training alongside Master Guisse, Master Nai-Q and Master Roslyn saw her skill with a lightsaber grow to an reasonably scale. Her skill in Form VI allows a her to fight with harmony and without having to resort to powerful, aggressive movements or overt emotion.

She was a master of using the Force to augment her bodies physical capabilities; being able to perform impressive acrobatics, leap huge heights and distances and run with incredible agility. Lyin Quani's danger sense was also quite powerful, as she demonstrated many times in avoiding traps. During her duel with Darth Devolous, Lyin demonstrated skill with telekinesis, often using the Force to push or pull at her enemies in a fight.

Behind the Scenes[]

Lyin Quan is played in Little Mos Eisley.