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Luvbutton had been bred to be pentoth (a slave only for the master of the house, and his cronies). The most elite of all love slaves. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and her DNA had been altered to bring about some interesting changes.

None but the masters were aware of the breeding practice to make better and yet better still love slaves. When it was determined that was to be their station in life, they were injected with a DNA strand that produced color changing hair, and a need to change as often as their hair.

Luv had been injected younger than any before her, and the results were promising. Her hair had started changing color with her mood, she became depressed, and anxious if she went for more than a few hours without changing her clothes, or bathing. She had been trained to enjoy a multitude of hobbies, painting, sewing, teaching, and music. She was in most ways perfect.

What none of the masters realized was just how smart Luvbutton had become. She was smart enough to realize…. she and Cherek were the chattel the stranger had talked about. She was smart enough to arrange and execute successfully their escape.

Seeking balance in her existence, Luv had become a padwan at Kotor (Knights of the old republic). When KOTOR had disbanded, Luv had followed her friend Cindy to the New Order of the Jedi.

Lady Luvbutton Moonsoo being Knighted at NOJ

Lady Cindy Kellner had been Luvs teacher and friend. The woman had thrived under the encouraging atmosphere she had put herself in. Cherek, grew older and more beautiful. As our story starts, Cherek has applied to be a padwan, but has not had an interview for admittance to the order. Once Luv made Knight she was well entrenched in the jedi ways. And having Cher now begin ther training was a blessing for Luv. As the order grew it became the #1 order in all the galaxy. Luv was relentless in her support for NOJ and could be still the Master who has spent the most time on the ground amounst the population. She became the face of the order. After training a couple padawan to knight Luv was made a Master at NOJ. As time pasted Luv became a coucil master and one of the go to people in NOJ. As time passed the council imploded in on itself because of pride and a coup within the council.Luv walked away from such actions Started her own order on Yavin IV Kalway order of jedi was born and Yavin IV has become one of the jewels of the swpr community As things have it time fades all things and the past is but a memory. Luv takes all the good things she has learned from NOJ and uses it to make KOJ better NOJ has been a driving force in swrp for awhile and there format which they helped insutute is a fomula for other groups to follow and improve on

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