Predator stands observing Korriban at sunrise.

"When this monster entered your mind, I will never know, but admittedly it is here to stay. I can't stop it.. the monster goes on, and it hurts you as well as those you kill. I hope one day someone is able to bring you down. One day the Predator will not get his prey. Maybe not today, but one day.."

- Ejih Farrel, before his death at Luis' hand 228 ABY, on Tatooine.


Background History[edit | edit source]

Luis Rellin, born 207 ABY to Eveth and Yuri Rellin on his homeworld of Coruscant. His father Yuri being an Engineer for hire, and his mother being just that, a loving mother and caring wife. Unfortunately, life was far from happy. Living closer to the undercity than the apartments and various penthouses, all of luxury, had a less than positive effect on Luis's childhood. The steady flow of criminals, drug dealers and general scum and scourge from all over the galaxy that passed through his local streets turned him to fall into the wrong crowds, and eventually by the age of around 15, to petty crime himself. Pickpocketing loose credits, speeder keys and the drugs from dealers he knew were supplying them were some of his more common tricks, and they all went to use making his life more comfortable and what he called 'fun'. Selling the speeders he managed to attain, spending the credits he'd gained and using the drugs he stole gained him something of a name amongst other people his age as the neighbourhood cool kid.

However, when his father discovered his criminal activity, which had been going on for almost 2 years, he told his son to leave the family home. Now at the age of 17, he gained himself an apprenticeship as an engineer, like his father, for all sorts of equipment. Computers, engines or weapons - he would know something about it.

And so he was freelance, anything that needed doing, he could be hired for it, and he could go home at the end of the day like normal, with money in his pocket and a roof over his head, the Fel Empire acting as the police in the area and providing a fairly safe environment, although the odd fire fight outside his residence would often draw his attention.

One day, a little time after his twentieth birthday, a larger than usual battle had broken out. The Revenant Armada had began it's steady path to power, and the Fel Empire was on the verge of defeat. Taking leave from his work to take time with his own projects assisted by his savings as funding, he stood by and watched as the Armada took Coruscant over step by step.

After the Revenant had gained it's position, Luis decided he wanted to be part of this, to be part of something greater. After applying for his enlistment, and receiving notification of acceptance, he was taken into the Marauder Corps as a private.

{C}{C ==

Progression Through The Ranks[edit | edit source]

{C}{C After joining the Revenant some time around 235 ABY at the age of 21, Luis began working on small projects which he believed could help the Revenant further, such as encrypted comm networks and more powerful computers to allow more data to be held within one data chip. After some of these smaller projects succeeded, and he showed a developed understanding of how the ranking system worked, and more importantly, an adept ability as a combatant, he was invited to join the Advanced Infiltration Unit, or 'AIU' Division within the Revenant, and to protect his identity, adopted the nickname of 'Ghost'.

He under went extensive training in infiltration, investigation, and stealth under his Commander and friend; Cain 'Apparition' Rosenkreuz, head of the AIU to become a more effective soldier and assassin, proving himself to be elite in terms of what his job description implied.

Within 4 months, he was promoted to Corporal, standing as a proud and more than proficient member of the Armada, with skills in engineering as well as combat with a variety of weapons from blades to lightsabers, blaster rifles to heavy assault cannons. At the rank of Sergeant, he continued his work and worked mainly on a nightshift, providing an AIU Presence when before there was none, and using the darkness and peace of night to do what he needed to do. After the AIU was dispanded for fault of the experimental training conducted on many of the Marauder Corps, Luis, being a persuasive and stubborn individual, bartered his way into a meeting with the Revenant Council, in which he was awarded the title of Defiler, though remaining the rank of Sergeant officially. His new responsibilities and duties included Black Ops, Infiltration and Investigation and a right hand of the Revenant war machine. A few months afterward however, this role proved progressively useless, and he agreed to be transferred into the Wraiths, whereby his practices in force assisted abilities and saber skills could be developed further. At the point of this transfer, he decided to leave the AIU behind completely, and to sever this connection, he adopted a new title; 'Predator'.

After several months of continued service to the Armada in the Wraiths, he was one day contacted by an aquaintance he had met during his time in the AIU, a sith more specifically, who had offered to show him the powers that dark side training and sith magic may be able to offer him. Although Luis was strong willed (he would have needed to be to complete his AIU induction) the temptation of a chance to show his worth and not just be the one to take orders any more was too great. He almost completely disappeared off the radar of the Revenant for months, only now showing his face again as the twisted, borderline insane individual born of his dark side, a personality who has adopted the title of Lanius - the modern day latin for 'Butcher'...


Character Bio[edit | edit source]

{C}{C Luis, prior to his sith education, was a confident yet keep-to-himself kind of person. Spunky and sometimes funny, his cocky attitude could sometimes get him into fights, but his love for trouble and quick wits would usually get him back out of it. His species is confusing, as his mother was Echani, and his father was half human, from HIS mother's side, and half Sephi, a kind of strangely ancient Elven type race which he gained from his father. Luis is officially half human, as the Sephi gene of slowing down aging appears not to have been passed on from his grandfather. His personality now reflects a much darker side of his psyche, one who takes pleasure in others fear, suffering and trauma. He values those who are potential assets to him, but should anyone else attempt to get in his way.. his saber is the first to be drawn. With his new dark side powers, his focus is stronger, and combined with his AIU training, he has become a master of stealth and excecution. He works much like the Mando'ade clan Shysa, relying more on careful planning and tactics than brute force, as some sith before him have done.

As Rellin's mental state becomes more and more unstable, he finds that his mind is not so limited, he sees visions that not only confuse him but possibly frighten him, images of his own death, of Coruscants fall, an apocalypse of Galactic civilisation. Faces flash before his eyes, the faces he believes are of conspirators, plotters, liars, cheats and men who play dangerous games. These images and his progressive insanity are leading to only one thing - inevitability.


Equipment/Loadout[edit | edit source]

Luis carries a variety of weaponary and gadgets, and each thing on his to-do list determines which he may have on his person at any one time.

Primary Weapons:

- LT-37 Blaster Carbine for light ops and general travel as protection measures. He affectionately gave this weapon the name 'Amy', after a childhood sweetheart.

- Custom built extended hilt lightsaber - powered by a dark heart crystal, forged in the fires of Byss. Like traditional sith lightsabers, this weapon bears a red blade, which Luis uses as his usual campaign offensive against most opponents. A very recognisable hilt made of phrik alloy, and mounted upon the end, a skull to represent those whom have been struck down by it.

- FG-8 Experimental Tesla cannon. A creation of his own time and the Revenant's funds, this heavy anti-armor weapon is capable of destroying heavy mech units, infantry in groups and most other targets.

- W730 Anti-Material scout rifle - A scoped sniper carbine packing either modified .50 caliber bullets or a 50 bolt capacity energy based magazine. A deadly weapon, usually only available in black markets or very select weaponary outlets in the outer rim.

Secondary Weapons:

Selection of basic Commando blaster pistols - for light protection and back-up incase of lack of ammunition for primary weapons.

7 inch plasma edged combat knife - a blade with a built in energy core allowing the knife to act essentially as a lightsaber would, slicing through just about anything, though the moderately loud humming makes it useless as a stealth weapon.

Other Inventory:

MKII Stealth Cloak - An experimental device used to bend light around the user, providing a useful 'invisibility' camoflage for darker environments. The unstable fusion battery core has proven harmful and a possible cause of insanity and cancer in some test subjects. Use for extensive periods may cause migraines, loss of concentration and sudden unconciousness.

"Apostle" LRS (Lightweight Remote Scanner) : What is essentially a technologically advanced monocle, Luis sometimes uses this for storing data on targets or bounties, details and inventory status. Capable of short range radar, thermal imaging and bugging. Self destruct sequence detonates a small pack of explosive powder, emitting an EMP that can disable electronic devices such as blasters, helmet scanners or comms for a very short time, but hopefully enough for him to make a quit exit when he needs to.

RelTech Series XVI Power Armor: A modified set of the standard revenant uniform, this unique armor provides an extra boost of brute strength to melee and unarmed attacks from the user. Currently, as the developer, Luis is the only one in possesion of a set. The defensive and highly advanced outfit is powered by an atomic fusion core which plugs into the spinal plate mounted at the back of the chest piece.

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