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Luik Fhang was a Jedi Knight in the Kalway Order of Jedi.


Early life


Luik Fhang was born on Tatooine. His father was a mechanic on pretty much anything that could be fixed, his mother did not have a job, the Fhang family was not very wealthy. When Luik was able to walk he would help his mother make food and clean around the home until the age of 7 when his father took him under his wing to learn how to fix things. Luik found he was good with his hands, and since he did not have a lot of friends, he would spend his time working on things. One day at the age of 9, he was helping his mother lift some boxes full of equipment for his father into their house, staking all of it, Luik set one of them down and started to walk away. As he turned to see it start to fall, he was too far away to get to it in time, he knew if he broke one of them his father would get upset. As he ran towards it, he knew he wasn’t going to make it and got worried and all of a sudden it started to lift itself up. He kept walking towards it, grabbed it and set it down. He sat there for a moment in awe, just wondering what happened. He realized he could do it again after concentrating hard enough and showed his mother. She was at a loss for words, she told his father later when he got home. They talked about I and then came to Luik, telling him that he could use this thing called the Force. When Luik asked them about it, they could not tell him anything but it was something the great Jedi used. Wanting to know what it was Luik asked around and was told about the Jedi Order. Luik spent the next few years working to make enough credits to afford a mode of transport to a Jedi Academy because his parents did not have enough. When he finally got enough, he farewelled his parents and took the next transport to Yavin IV.


Discussing the darkside

"The Darkside is what the sith commonly use. it is using the force in a dark way to help one's self and not to use it for others. People use it to gain power. The three things that lead to the Darkside are Anger, Fear, and Aggression. These things lead people to the Darkside if you have any of these feelings you will want to act out on them and they end up in hurting others and you have no control of your actions."

— Luik discussing the darkside

Encounter with a Bounty Hunter

On the planet of Yavin IV, a Bounty Hunter is searching for a young Padawan by the name of Gus to kill him.  As he Perches on the top of the old Yavin temple waiting for his prey to pass by he pulls out a sniper rifle and sits waiting. He sees someone coming. He readies his weapon and sees that it is Gus. He steadies his arm and aims his gun for a clear shot. When all of the sudden another Jedi runs towards Gus in a distance calling his name. The bounty Hunter decides he has to take them both out without either noticing. He jets down and knocks them both out. He cuffs Gus and takes him away in his ship leaving the other padawan. When the Padawan comes to Consciousness he runs to the meditation circle where he sees Master Moonsoo and Luik Fhang. He tells them of what has happened of how he and Gus were knocked out then Gus was gone. Luik decides to go and investigate.

Luik goes over to the old Yavin IV temple where Gus was taken. He notices something at the top of the temple and he goes up to see it. It is a sniper rifle. He looks at it closely and see's there are certain markings on it. He goes to Dawn in the Archives and ask's if she knows anything about the Markings. She checks over them and tells Luik that he can find the Group on Mos Eisley. So Luik takes the next shuttle to Mos Eisley. When he Arrives he asks around to people seeing if they have ever seen the markings on the gun. Eventually, he gets lead into a cantina where he meets a man who knows of the Markings. He tells Luik that they are used by a certain group of Bounty Hunters but they have not been seen in a very long time but there is only one that he knows of and the last he knows of he was travelling to Yavin. So Luik travels back to Yavin.

On his way back to Yavin Luik remembers talking to Gus when he first joined the order about where he came from. He remembered Gus saying something about him not knowing exactly where he came from, it was some group that his parents betrayed. When he landed back on Yavin he searched around for any signs of where they could be. He notices a crashed ship in the water near the waterfall. It was a ship he had not seen before. As he went closer he noticed a cave and went up to explore it. He sees Gus in cuffs a little beat up but not badly injured. Luik runs over to Gus to uncuff him not thinking of the Bounty Hunter. The bounty hunter yells at Luik to step away from Gus. Luik talks to the bounty hunter about why he has done this and what would give him a reason.  Luik talks to him more finding out that he is part of the group that Gus's family betrayed and he wanted to kill Gus for revenge. Luik then proceeds to explain that whatever happened to them was in the past and killing Gus would not solve anything cause what happened happened. The bounty Hunter free's Gus and leaves Yavin for good.


Luik Fhang became a Jedi Knight of the Kalway Order of Jedi.

Personality and Traits

"I would say my strength is I observe the things that happen around me and I reflect on their actions and learn from them which help me in my tasks.

My weaknesses are that I need to learn how to control my saber better and become more one with it. Learn how to keep my Stamina up. Also, I need to learn more about the Jedi ways.

I chose the path of the Sentinel

My relationship to my master is.....she is a guardian and I am a sentinel the two are alike because they both are connected well to there saber. A guardian focuses on Martial arts training and combat and as keepers of the peace. A sentinel has some skills in combat but doesn't only realise on there saber they also use their knowledge of the force"

— Luik discussing his personality as a padawan.