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Early Life

Jedi of the Covenant

Jedi of the Covenant was formed after disintegration of the JoTA(Jedi Of The Ac'trayth)... Lucas found himself one among the Council Jedi Master members of the major Jedi Orders who struggled too bring peace into the troubled Galaxy.

Desperate Struggle

In Lucas Atlantis's very early life as a Young boy he was on a Civilian Freighter with his brother on his way back too his home world. At that time he was completely oblivious too his sensitivity too the Force, and that destiny had something planned for him. While returning too his home world and too his village the Young man learned that his village had been raided by a Magical Force beyond his comprehension. When returning too his home village he saw an entire squad of viscous creatures he had never seen. Witnessing his home been raided by a weird squad of creatures. Powerless too do any thing he witnessed his parents been murdered by the greater Evil. Since this day Lucas would swear that he would seek the ones responsible and bring them too Justice. After a while -- While Lucas stared in horror something gave way near the Young boy that alerted the the Evil Forces too Lucas's presence. Fearing for his life Lucas desperately fled running through the Forest as quick as he could too flee from the invaders. Meanwhile Lucas safely returned too his Brother Ashley, and told him what happened. Immediately Lucas and Ashley packed up every thing and swiftly caught a Public transport and fled too another Forest World of Kashyyyk.


When Lucas and Ashley arrived at Kashyyyk .. They headed too the Forests floor where the Planets Trees grew too monterous heights. They managed too successfully evade any Citizen. After weeks passed Lucas and Ashley camped out continuing their lives as Kashyyyk refugees, they had enough food too last the both of them for a few weeks. After weeks passed ... The food supply ran out and they both had too come too a serious decision that he and Ashley had too go in search for supplies for their camp. The two couldn't agree on who should go so they decided too draw the straw. It turned out that Ashley had won the bet and Lucas was ordered to stay at base. Hours turned into more hours .. Lucas waited back at the camp and waited for his brother too return. However nightfall was creeping in and Ashley didn't return. Worried ... Lucas grabbed his supplies and went in search of his missing brother. By the next morning Lucas had no success in finding his brother.

Alone he stumbled upon a Wookie camp where he introduced himself too the natives of Kashyyyk -- They appeared Friendly. Lucas asked for help, and eventually one of Wookies took Lucas too see the Chief in charge. Lucas told of his story of what happened back home, and then told about his missing brother. The Cheif after hearing the story welcome the Young boy into their clan and told him that first thing in the morning they will go looking for Ashley. When Lucas and a team of Wookies teamed together too search for Ashley, they had no success, they continued too search for weeks. Weeks turned into Months. Too no avail .. Lucas believed his brother too be dead. Mean-while ... The young boy having no money, or no where else too go he chose too stay with the Wookies too learn about them, and their culture. After a while Lucas became part of their family, as he learned how too hunt for survival, and in the end learned alot about them. After spending a year with the Wookies .. Lucas eventually chose too leave his adopted home and explore the depths of the Galaxy determined too find who were responsible for the murders ofhis parents Lucas took a Public Civilian Freighter Transport too Corusant where he would spend the remainer of his younger years.


When Lucas arrived at Corusant he managed too find a place too live and settled in quite easily. As too why he was led too the Planet was unknown. For a while Lucas spent his time in the public's Libraries learning every thing he could about many different cultures, and survival skills. After he had finished at the Library he wondered the streets of Corusant. While walking back too his apartment he accidently bumped into a mysterious stranger who appeared too be clad in a black robe, and hooded. Apologizing for his clumsiness, he apologized. When he was about too leave the clad figure spoke too the boy telling him about his past.

"I sense Force in you boy. The Force is strong with you. You have pain, deep pain. Your parents were murdered by Sith, the Peace Protectors can help you. I suggest you seek the Jedi... they will help you."

— Unknown Man speaks to Lucas

Lucas baffled as too how the stranger new of his disaterous past ... He turned away for a moment and meditated on how this stranger knew. However ... When Lucas turned too look back at the stranger he disappeared into thin air, looking around frantically too try and find him ... But he was no where too be found.

Meanwhile -- Lucas pondered over the words of the stranger, questions began too form in his mind as he searched for answers of his past. For weeks he didn't have any luck finding what was needed. However on one evening Lucas learned of Corusant's past that on this very planet a Jedi Temple had indeed resided here, once. Learning all he could of the Temple's location he was eventually was successful in locating it's where-a-about's.

The Destroyed Jedi Temple (Ancient)

When Lucas arrived at the location of where the Famous Jedi Temple once stood. What he found wasn't expected. From what he read about it, and seeing the pictures all were different. Nearby, a man, or woman clad in a brown robe approached Lucas with curiousity, and even sensed something in him, that he didn't even knew he carried.

"You've been led here by the Force. Yes... the Force is swirling in you like a a Tornado. Let me take you to the Jedi."

— Jedi Knight to Lucas

When Lucas learned all about his Friend, he learned that the stranger was a woman, and that her name was Noma. After sun down ... Noma and Lucas travelled too Dantooine. There ... Lucas was introduced too a group of Jedi who humbly welcomed him into their enclave. Noma told the Jedi Masters about Lucas's troubled past and that his Force senstivity was swilring like a Tornado. Fasinated by Noma's Friend they instructed that Lucas would have too go under a series of Jedi trials too see if he would be fit for their Order. Mean-while .. While Lucas was awaiting for the tests too be orginized he went for a stroll into the feilds of Dantooine. There he found the grass meadows and the scenary too be quite peaceful and serene. While venturing in the meadows of Dantooine Lucas found many art statues as he deeply explored the environment. While exploring the Young boy could feel an active life energy calling out too him -- Unknown too him it was his first adept too the Force.

Destiny Begins

For several hours Lucas enjoyed his time exploring and adventuring in the Dantooine plains meadows. however, the Young Lucas sensed it was time too return too the enclave and await his destiny. Learning so much from his travels across other planets there was so much too take in. When Young Lucas returned too the Dantooine Enclave he found the Jedi Masters and Young Noma awaiting him. The Council encouraged Young Lucas too come before them. Finally .. Young Lucas's destiny was about to be revealed. The Council came to a final decison that he will be trained in the ways of the Force since they could sense the swirling Force energy in Young Lucas Atlantis. They revealed that he will be trained by Noma. Soon enough .. After Lucas was taken under Lucas's wing they began their Force training. Meanwhile .. Young Lucas was telling Noma about his tragic past and what happened to his parents and told her that one day he will bring the ones who murdered his Folks too justice. For several weeks Noma and Lucas trained hard in the the ways of the Force and Young Lucas was tested to hus ultimate limit, there would be times when the Young Jedi would collapse from exhaustian ... However he was determined too finish and please his Master. And training continued for nearly a year.


A year past when Lucas was very early in his training. Meanwhile .. Noma and Lucas were training an urgent transmission arrived in the office of the private quarters of the Council's room. Soon enough Noma was called into a meeting with the Masters and Young Lucas was ordered too stay and complete the rest of his training. However when Lucas witnessed Noma leaving for private business he quietly followed his Master Noma to the conferance room where a meeting was been held with the Masters, Noma and some weird Forces on the screen. From a distance Lucas hid his presence and watched. After several discussions Lucas learned that his Master was dispatched on a rescue mission and that Young Lucas's services wouldn't be required and that he was too early in his training too take on an assignment with his Master. Soon enough, Noma told Young Lucas too stay at the enclave and wait for her. Meanwhile ... Young Lucas felt a great disturbance in the Force, his first witness vision of his Masters death. Alarmed .. Lucas went to try and warn Noma .... However by the time he tried to warn her it was too late she had already left for the mission. However despite disobeying his Masters orders he felt he should take matters into his own hands, and been young and inexperinced. Any way, he caught a public Frieghter to the planet his Master was be assigned to and desperately tried too locate his Master ... However ... By the time Lucas found located his Master he found her fighting two warriors with red sabers .. His problem he wasn't experinced in combat or fighting. Looking on, he desperately fought with his instincts and risked every thing. However .. he rushed towards the battle wanting too help his Master ... But a fatal mistake happened as his Master turned her head towards him while trying too protect her student a lightsaber was thrust through her, quickly the fatal injured Master Noma fell too the ground and was killed from her fatal injuries

"Lucas! No! Go back!"

— Noma shouting too Lucas, before her death


Looking mortified, Lucas realized that the two of his Masters killers spotted and knew of his presence. Immediatly and quickly Young Lucas got up and ran for his life knowing that the killers of his Master were in hot persuit. Feeling helpless at leaving his Masters corpse there was nothing the Young Lucas could do. Running as fast as he could and looking back at his persuers .. Who weren't far behind, he unknowingly reached out with the Force and tapt into a power of "Force Dash ..." helping him dash ahead of his enemies who were chasing him. After a while Young Lucas luckily saw a transport ahead and headed straight for it. In the distance Young Lucas could sense and feel that his persuers approaching fast .. By the time they arrived the transport had lifted off. Feeling relieved of his escape he couldn't stop thinking about his Master who was left behind on the planet, feeling alone and helpless he fought to remember the teachings his Master had given him. As the world disappeared Young Lucas learned that his knew destination was "Rakata Prime" but little did he know that more danger lay ahead for the young Jedi. He knew that his enemies would come after him, and that they would stop at nothing until he was dead. For now ... Young Lucas sat back, and fell into a restless sleep ....

Rakata Prime

(This is the SL Rakata Prime that was as a Star Wars sim back in 2006) When Lucas arrived at Rakata Prime he found this World to be extremely strong in the Force. Un-aware of the danger that was lurking in the jungles of Rakata Prime Lucas continued to explore the Planet. However the ones that killed his Master were also on the Planet but in greater numbers. Searching desperately for the Jedi and a new Master the hope for a brighter future was looking grim. However, when Lucas arrived at the strange temple in the jungles they were surrounded by Dark Force users. Young Lucas was completely un-aware of their presence. By the time he discovered them an entire group forced Lucas into a differcult situation. Knowing that theses groups were responsible for killing his Master -- He fled for his life running through the jungles of Rakata Prime. He could sense that their presence was almost apon him. Desperate for hope of suvival luckily a group of Jedi came too Young Lucas's rescue as the Unknown Jedi fought against theses terrible Dark Side users. The Jedi fought with swift action and in no time managed to get the Dark Forcer users too retreat. Been Young and unconfident the Young Jedi was frightened. Since leaving the previous planet Lucas barely had any time to rest and he was exhausted. After his enemies disappeared Lucas approached the Jedi and introduced himself too them. Luckily they Jedi Knights were concerned for Young Lucas safety. He kindly introduced himself, told them what happened, and that he was looking for a new Master. After a while .. Young Lucas learned that the two brave Jedi Knights were Knight Jerico Yost and Knight Ghost Longstaff of New Order of the Jedi.

After sometime every thing was explained Knight Jerico Yost agreed to take Young Lucas under his wing and teach him in the ways of the Force. Later on Lucas returned with his new Master to a new Jedi on the Planet of Yavin IV. For a week or two it took him a while to settle in. And after a while he knew that it was offical that Master Yost would take the Young Lucas and teach him in the ways of the Force. Over time Lucas could feel a Force bond which grew between the Master and Padawan. Lucas would grow exceptionally in the ways of the Force from Master Jerico Yost's teachings. Yost's leadership skills and popularity among the Jedi -- New Order of the Jedi seemed to grow to legendary as they fought against the terrible Sith threat from Byss. Theses traits would follow in Young Lucas years later. Master Yost's teaching's seemed to stretch to more then the ordinary. While other Masters of New Order of the Jedi seemed to be away on missions to other Planets -- Other Master's Padawans would be left to wait for their Master's return. However with Yost's compassion (love) for the Jedi and the Young ones -- Padawans it was known that sometimes Master Yost would go beyond the rules of the Jedi -- And help train other Padawans who seemed to await training. Master Jerico Yost's Jedi status entitled him to the rank of Master for his extraordinary teachings in the ways of the Force. It would be known later on in the future that with theses teachings which would eventually reach Telos IV and help create many legendary benefits throughout the Galaxy -- One of Master Jerico Yost's students Atticus Jetaime helped create the the following teachings for future generations of Jedi. After a while ... When Young Lucas Atlantis continued his studies with Master Jerico Yost ... Unbeknownest to Master Yost and Lucas, and the other Jedi on Yavin IV -- The Sith took a key interest in Master Jerico Yost and his first Padawan Ghost Longstaff, sending Sith Adepts after the two Jedi. Unfortunately for Yavin IV Jedi, Lucas and the other Jedi they began to be flanked and attacked by the dangerous Sith from Byss continulously. Jedi of Yavin IV and the Sith on Byss warred until the one was horribly flanked. Unfortunately for the Jedi of Yavin and Lucas there were many casualties including the Young Lucas ... However ... For adequate medical help Lucas recovered from his injuries and was sent on the front-line against the Sith. Growing stronger in the Force -- After a while Young Lucas was very determined to help the Jedi and his Master. Unfortunately for Lucas ... The Padawans learned of terrible news that his Master and Yost's first Padawan were captured by the Sith. The race was now on to rescue Master Yost and his student Ghost Longstaff from the Byss Sith.

(To be continued...)

Jedi Training

Ac'trayth Jedi Order

Formerly Jedi of the Ac'trayth in (2007) held Prominat Jedi Members too Legendary status. Jedi who strived and worked their way up too Jedi Master in an honarable way. "Ac'trayth" formly mean't "Family" meaning that the members of the Ac'trayth would be bonded too one another like Family, making a Family among the Jedi, and the title been completely self created with orginality by Rykiana Ferina himself.

Then in late 2009 the group became The"Ac'trayth Jedi Order". Again the members worked too their hearts content too tell Epic and Legendary stories throughout the SWRP Community, ones that would exceed beyond the Extraodinary.

Group Information: Ac'Trayth Jedi Order

Member Of Ac'trayth Jedi Order

In Master Lucas Atlantis's early life he was exceptionally very strong in the Force. His unnatural talent for the Force was outstanding. However this ability in his young life would get him into unimaginable trouble -- However ... He was a Young, bright, and humble Young man. Soon enough he would visit many civilizations and learn about the Force and eventually assist too lead the Jedi and distribute the Guardians Of Peace across MANY Jedi Friendly worlds. And over the early years -- Master Atlantis would find himself fighting against the legions of Sith Forces across the Galaxy. But with a few unfortunate events Master Atlantis would find himself in ridiculous trouble that would send a entire Jedi Order after him. Been rescued by the Jedi from the clutches of the evil Sith. While taking a break from his normal Jedi duties the Young Jedi would travel and explore Civilizations -- Helping bring the Light, and carrying out good deeds that would help anyone in their every day life, and at the same time traveling too seek other wiser Jedi for Wisdom and Knowledge on how too better the Galaxy, and life. But as time continued on the Sith continued too grow in great numbers. After weeks Lucas would find himself back on the front-line of the Jedi traveling with companions too Onderon, Manaan, Corusant and other Worlds on how too better the Citizens lives -- However things didn't always go according too plan.

Master Atlantis over the coming months served as the member of the Ac'trayth Jedi Order for many years. They found themselves too be stationed on many Jedi Friendly Worlds and even having out-posts on other Worlds abroad. Mean-while .. While Lucas was working abroad he found his permanant home on Onderon -- A Jungle like World rich in Diversty. And finding himself working along side his companions - Notable Jedi Members included Master Rykiana Hykova/Ferina, Master Yoki Lightfoot, Master Xoza Shadow, Kishoshima Kohime, Mulder Watts, Serenity, and last of all Master Atlantis .. And many other members. Earily Jedi that found themselves travelling across the Galaxy and assisting with the State Affairs of Onderon, or on other Worlds. In the earily life of the Ac'trayth the Jedi Masters worked constantly with effort with one another to battle the enigmatic powerful Dark Side and the Sith Legions that were unfortunately dominating the Worlds in the Galaxy. For a long time they worked together as a team helping Onderon -- The Republic, and the Citizens. Unfortunately all in due time the Jedi were oblivious too a danger that would eventually break the Family and send them off in their own directions of destiny -- The cause of this was "believed" too be the Sith Forces at work. After the leaders and the Jedi disappeared into the Unknown -- Master Atlantis found himself alone, and fighting the terrible inevitable -- Since the Jedi Master wasn't perfect he had found himself on the wrong path, without guidance. Lucas Atlantis found himself making many, many mistakes that would be responsible for certian consaqences on main Worlds. Before he could even correct the Civilizations mistakes he was fighting his own inner terminol. Strange activities Master Atlantis found himself involved in was having a relationship with the Prince of Onderon BelMakor Speedwell and an alien creature of Manaan called a Selkath named Jhosa who he met years previously while he was stationed on Manaan. For a while -- The Jedi Master instructed Jhosa in the ways of the Force before finding a ancinet tablet beneath the Ocean some years back and introducing the tablet too th Selkath -- But the Jedi's mistake was introducing the ancient tablet too the Selkath which was responsible in corrupting and turning Jhosa too the Dark Side of the Force. Many mistakes Master Atlantis never had a chance too correct -- And every time he did -- There was no success. After a time while the Jedi Master needed to retreat from all the stress -- He seeked a World of retreat forgetting the mistakes he was responsible for. For a time in Master Atlantis's craze he found himself in a Dark relationship with Darth Dolor -- Some of the mistakened activities Master Atlantis found himself with destiny with the Dark Lady Of The Sith. Mean-while with the Jedi scattered throughout the Galaxy and after Lucas's interaction with Darth Dolor -- After coming to his senses and realizing the awful mistakes from imperfection Master Atlantis rejoined the Jedi -- while at the same time he would try effortlessly too recorrect his past mistakes.In joining the Order of the Jedi Covenant Master Atlantis found himself once again in the Council Masters seat under the Order of the Jedi Covenant taking on dicisions that would lead the fate and future of the Jedi. Something Master Atlantis would've prefer too avoid. But the will of the Force had chosen Master Atlantis for the destiny of Order of the Jedi Covenant.

Elders of Ashla

The Elders of Ashla

Elders of Ashla, surfaced in 2011 and the members planned on travelling the Galaxy enforcing the Light Side. This time Master Lucas Atlantis Former Legendary Jedi Master of the "Ac'trayth Jedi Order" finds himself as an Anamnesis Jedi Exile named Timothy ... Before his recruitment into the Elders of Ashla.

"Drake stared towards the ground as he contemplated Master Atlantis' difficult situation, he felt a sense of empathy for the old Jedi, a degree of concern mixed with compassion, He nodded in agreement, "Very well then, i shall acompany you when i do find the time, it is quite rare these days i do not find myself busy in some respect, but we shall work together as a team -as a family-"

— Drake (duck82.alter)

(IC Information on the Former Jedi Master)

First Encounter With "Elders Of Ashla"

After Master Lucas'Atlantis of the Former Ac'trayth Jedi Order returned from Unknown Space he was no longer a member of the Ac'trayth Jedi Order but an Exile Force User who was very Strong in the Force. When he returned he looked raggered, torn and weary. Also he didn't seem too be the caring individual he used too be -- Filled with negitivity, stress, and a new Identity he travelled too Tython where he encountered a Jedi Fosh --

Ashla Arahant Vendula around the time she encountered former Jedi Master Atlantis on Tython.

Reasons are Unknown why the Former Jedi Master travelled too the Ancient Jedi Planet. Mean-while having no memory of his legendary past he took on an Identity as *Timothy*. Meanwhile the memory lossed Jedi who suffered a Dark taint entered an urgument with the Fosh who turned out to be named Vendula where the conversation turned into a short battle -- With Elders Of Ashla Fosh against a Tainted Troubled Jedi the Fosh tried too talk reason with the troubled Jedi talking too him about his past but the Anamnesis' Jedi denied every thing since he had no memory of any thing. The battle was short lived when the Fosh retreated and disappeared into the Forest of Tython.

Master Lucas Atlantis of the "Elders Of Ashla" of the present day now known as Timothy suffering memory loss from an unfortunate accident

When the Anamnesis' *Timothy* travelled too Nar Shadda he encountered a Chadra'Fan who seemed too somehow regonise the Anamnesis Tainted Jedi. The two exchanged conversation on the streets of Nar Shadda while every Citizen was in their houses asleep. Eventually when the Chadra'Fan (Drake) tried too talk reason with the troubled, weary Exiled Jedi. For a long while the Chadra'Fan explained that he repersented The "Elders Of Ashla" and explaining that they were looking for an very Important individual that would help them in bringing light once again too a troubled Galaxy. Soon enough Timothy immediatly understood that the Chadra'Fan had important connections too the Fosh he had encountered eariler on Tython. For a while the Chadra'Fan and Timothy involved themselves in a differcult conversation of Logic and Reason. After a while of in-depth conversation Chadra'Fan was a wise enough Ashla and knew how too help Timothy with his problems and eventually he managed too convince him too join forces with him and the Fosh.

Weeks past when Drake finally offered Timothy a place in the "Elders Of Ashla" realizing the how Prominate he was and sensing how Strong in the Force Timothy was and understanding that he was not the orginal Force User he had been -- Understanding all too very well that he was the Legendary Jedi Master Lucas Atlantis of the Former Ac'trayth Jedi Order who had lost his Identity from an unknown accident. The Chadra'Fan (Drake) Been responsible for Timothys redemption into the "Elders Of Ashla" decided that he would join forces with the Chadra'Fan (Drake) .. For a few weeks The Chadra'Fan (Drake) and Timothy rested on Taris -- Talking and taking a relaxed status at their new home on Taris. Eventually the Chadra'Fan (Drake) and Timothy learned that they both had a weird enigmatic Force bond between the two. Reasons how the the Force bond are unknown -- but it did concern him as too why there was a Force bond that formed between the two, he questioned it knowing that somehow deep within his very subconcious -- He knew it was the will of the Force. Ony time will tell as he learns Why?

Continuing on his Journey as a Elders of Ashla Arahant. Timothy would experince strange Force visions from past experince not understanding or knowing why they were haunting him. Meanwhile -- Timothy would continue too meditate and use his ability in the Force too control his strange abilities. While deep within his sub-concious his nightmares were still active. But for now he just barely managed too control them with the aid of his Chadra'Fan Friend. At the same time Timothy also felt at the same time that there was something else strange about him. Learning from the Chadra'Fan that he had another "Real Identitiy" but with any thing Drake was telling him he couldn't recall from previous events. All Timothy could remember was returning on a Frieghter and landing on Dantooine as a Civillian and becoming a Ordinary Farmer -- However .... The memories appeared blurred.

A serious discussion between Vendula and Timothy at the Ashla Monastery on the World of Taris

Time passed as Timothy began to settle into the Elders of Ashla with Vendula, Drake and others finding that his life was a little more relaxed then what he could remember. After days passed while

Vendula and Timothy were talking they recieved a distress signal in another part of the Galaxy learning that it was a companion of theirs. As soon as Vendula, and Timothy located their companions distress singal and both of them set out on a Journey to locate their troubled friend. The Journey took a few hours. By the time the two of them arrived the singal disappeared .. Learning that the call for help was a trick they were ready to return home. Nearby was the world of Korribon .. And when they were about to leave -- Their ship was shot down leaving both of their ship crippled as the ship pumbled into the surface of Korribon. Luckily, the ship crash landed in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Mean while ... There was a hazardrous sand storm which strandard the two on the Planets surface and no way of communication Vendula and Timothy were forced to seek shelter on the Sith home world of Korribon.

Both marooned on Korribon Vendula and Timothy seek refuge from a vicious sand storm on Korribon.

Meanwhile Vendula and Timothy are strandard on Korribon awaiting for retrevial. With no means of no communication they fought effortlessly to get across the mean harsh derests of Korribon to be able to get a distress signal out. While Vendula and Timothy take refuge in the caves on Korribon the two Light-Siders came across company. Little did Timothy know it was a Sith Lord General Darth Anokou from his past many years eariler, oblivious to the company or the Identity of their Company. However Vendula and Timothy had little choice to ask for directions off the Planet. With little life or no Civilizations nearby their choices were limited. With the sand storm making things increasingly differcult the storm lasted for days. The two Lightsiders had to use whatever equipment they could find. Timothy could feel the Dark Side of the Force swirling strongly on the Sith Planet. Mean-while dreams or visions were haunting Timothy -- Visions of the past -- But unfortunately Timothy had no Idea what was going on except to embrace with what the vision were trying to tell him andcontinue on. Mean-while ... Vandula and Timothy strive for survial while awaiting for rescue ..

2013 AND BEYOND ....


The Former Jedi Master Lucas Atlantis, formally known as "Timothy Ashbourne" took on a new identity after his accident many years ago. To this day no one knows of his past. On Ilum, Timothy now resides on the planet Ilum at the Ilum Jedi Enclave as a reformed "Jedi Knight" ... To this day, he is more determined then ever to assist the new generation of Jedi at the Illum Jedi Enclave. Every night when he goes to sleep, he recieves disturbing dreams about which he does not know of ... It only be time before those dreams catch up with him .........


Planets and Civilizations visited

In Master Lucas Atlantis's Jedi life time theses are all the worlds and Civilizations the Jedi Master would either visit, or even crash land on due too unfortunate events.

Visited World:

  • Yavin
  • Corusant Imperial City
  • Onderon
  • Dantooine
  • Manaan
  • Nar Shadda
  • Dathomir
  • Telos IV
  • Tatooine
  • Tython
  • Byss
  • Korribon
  • Cloud City
  • Taris
  • Talus
  • Ossus
  • Dantooine
  • Mos Espa
  • New Holstice
  • Naboo, Theed
  • Hoth

Force Abilities Inherited

Theses were some of the Force abilities Master Lucas Atlantis was able too Master in his travels as a Advanced Jedi Master in his early years as a Jedi of the Ac'trayth Jedi Order.

  • Alchaka
  • Force Meld
  • Force Empathy
  • Force Vision
  • Force Cloak
  • Force Defend
  • Force Confusion
  • Force Flight
  • Force Flash
  • Wall of Light
  • levitation
  • Malacia
  • Force Speed
  • Force Jump
  • Force Comprehension
  • Force Deflection (without lightsaber)
  • Force Throw
  • Force Wave (variation of force push)
  • Tapas
  • Precognition
  • Force Heal
  • Force Blinding
  • Force Stun
  • Force Valor
  • Droid Disable
  • Saber Throw
  • Saber Barrier

Potential Jedi Padawans

Padawans that actually exceeded too "Jedi Knight" and beyond that Master Atlantis had successfully trained despite all the terrible trouble Master Lucas Atlantis ended up in:

Kishoshima Kohime

Master Lucas Atlantis's first Padawan was assisgned to him in the Jedi Of The Ac'trayth when Lucas and Kishoshima were travelling from Telos IV too Dantooine and other Worlds. However .. While Padawan Kishoshima also managed too get traits from his Master and also getting into considerable strife. Eventually Kishoshima managed too get the rank of Council Jedi Master in the Jedi Of the Ac'trayth.

Koona Ansar

A Lannik who was stationed on Taris and became a close Friend of Master Atlantis. No matter how much trouble her Master would be in, the young Lannik successfully earned the title of "Jedi Knight" then "Jedi Master" ... After all the strife ... Koona stuck beside her Master through thick and thin.

Tito Belic

Managed too earn a title of Jedi Knight before disappearing.

OOC Information And Accomplishments

  • The Story Teller role was created for writers who had creative Ideas for the sim owners Star Wars sims.
  • Believed that alot of flaws in a SWRP character would bring more Ideas and more potential RP.
  • The OOC Lucas Atlantis was a Writer, Creator, And a Story Teller -- Some of theses traits which helped bring the Sci-Fi world of SWRP -- Alive.
  • While the Story Teller for this Character behind the scenes continued too contribute the SWRP Community as a whole .. It was clear that the writer put in time, dedication, and love for what they were doing.
  • Took on a role as "Story Teller" for Manaan, Onderon, and Corusant Imperial City, Dathomir, and even known for Korribon... Eventually it was Lucas's responsibilty too write sim wide Role plays for the SWRP sims -- But one an EPIC scale.
  • Was responsible for some of Dathomir's sim wide Epic SWRP' RP's.
  • Former Lead GM for Telos IV (2006)
  • Former GM for Telos IV and Manaan. (2007)
  • Made it to "Jedi Knight" in the New Order Of the Jedi. (2006)
  • Got to "Jedi Knight" in the Shadow Jedi Order. (2006)
  • Was Master for the "Ac'trayth Jedi Order"
  • Was a Star Wars Movie Host on Taris for Furia Freeloader ... Showing All six Star Wars movies for the entire Star Wars Community.
  • Was a Host for (OOC) Epic, Fun Parties for Onderon.
  • Achieved to get every single Jedi available against the Sith -- Whether it was NOJ, KOJ, Or simply Jedi.

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