this character is still in the works, more info added soon, some might get thrown away to adjust to some changes in avatar in the first couple hours/days of rp

Losiako is a young travelling woman who got a small old spacecraft she managed to make flyable with her own hands work. Her past now is hidden in dark clouds around her mind... and she not really seeks a way to get rid of them but life on her now nearly perfect life.
Today, since the lack of her memory, it is not sure of wich race she origins. Some might wonder if she got altered in some genetically or chirugical way but maybe she even is the result of some experiment or strange love. Fact is, she has ears and a tail that remind of felines. (I am using Lynnori who is not from a sentient feline race as reference for existing characters that resemble humans with more or less animal features but are still unidentified. I allways belief, that there might be more then what is shown in books and films, unless official sources say "Does not exist".)

The last message Losiako send, was relating to some problems with her engine and her communication-unit... sources show she was sending that message from somewhere near Endor.

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