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"Every blaster makes its own tune."

— Lone

Lone was the sole survivor of Clan Lone, a Mandalorian clan purged by the Galactic Empire during the early years of Imperial rule. He wore a battered set of customized Mandalorian armor belonging to his clan forebears and piloted the starship Albatross. Tight-lipped and deadly, Lone rose to prominence as a bounty hunter during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Over the course of his career he achieved infamy as a Jedi killer, routinely fulfilling contracts for the Imperial Inquisitorius, and took the position of Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters' Guild.

Some time after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Lone established a Mandalorian Covert on the Outer Rim world of Telos IV and came into conflict with an Imperial Remnant garrisoned in the capital. The ongoing skirmishes caught the attention of other Mandalorians, who joined with Lone to help resist the Imperial Remnant's occupation. The conflict ended when Lone commanded a siege of the capital city, during which the Imperial Remnant base was destroyed and the city was taken over by the Mandalorians. Lone killed the Sovereign of Telos and took the title for his own, declaring Telos IV to now be a Mandalorian territory.

When the Dark Lords of the Sith invaded Mandalore, Lone rallied his Tribe to the call of Mand'alor the Bonecarver and fought to defend the planet. However, a betrayal by the chieftain of Clan Gra'tua, Vulk'ta Gra'tua, resulted in the Sith taking control of the planet and driving the Mandalorian warriors out of the sector. In the aftermath of the defeat, Mand'alor the Bonecarver relinquished their title and rule, and Vulk'ta Gra'tua named himself the new Mand'alor. However, Vulk'ta Gra'tua's reign proved short-lived when Lone beheaded him in single combat before the other warrior clans. Following this, Lone pledged to liberate the Mandalore system with his Mandalorian tribe.

Lone reorganized his tribe into the Watch and established a base of operations on Taris, recruiting a number of warrior clans into his military campaign. In the push to liberate Mandalorian Space, the Watch retook both Krownest and Concordia, but before it could reclaim Mandalore the planet was instead returned to the Mandalorians as part of a peace deal chartered with the Sith by Mand'alor the Oathmaker, who had been elected by the clans not involved in the fighting. Rejecting Mand'alor the Oathmaker's authority, the Watch continued its campaign by attacking the Dark Lords of the Sith on their homeworld of Byss. Following his return from the war front, Lone challenged and killed Mand'alor the Oathmaker in single combat in sight of all the clans. With the support of the clan chieftains, Lone then became the Mand'alor and disbanded the Watch, finally reuniting the Mandalorian peoples and beginning Mandalorian society anew on Mandalore.


Early life

Sole survivor

The boy that would become Lone was born in the Western Reaches. At some point, he was adopted into Clan Lone and became a Mandalorian foundling. He was taught by a mentor and took the creed, becoming a Mandalorian commando. During the early years of the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Minister of Archaeology discovered that the Tomb of Mand'alor the First was under the safekeeping of Clan Lone. Coveting the ancient artifacts contained inside, the Imperial Minister ordered the clan be sealed in their own mines when they refused him access, resulting in the deaths of all known members of the warrior clan. A single boy survived this event and honored the clan by taking its name as his own.

Becoming a bounty hunter

Lone eventually began a career as a hired gun. He concealed his Mandalorian armor under a poncho and traveled the Outer Rim, taking jobs for various clients. At some point he met and helped Seda, a young woman out to avenge the murder of her mother. The two formed a partnership in the bounty hunting trade.

Guild work

The prisoner

Lone conducts business in Level 1313.

After a year of travails in the Outer Rim, Lone and Seda travelled to Coruscant seeking to join the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Lone's first job led him into the seedy underworld of Level 1313, where the Anjiliac Cartel boss, Avram the Hutt, contracted him with springing a former slave girl from police custody. After accepting the job, Lone rendezvoused with Seda, who spliced the Police Enforcement DataCore to ascertain the holding location of the target. Lone travelled to the police precinct alone while Seda worked remotely to disable their image feeds and throw their systems into disarray. With the police security network offline, Lone breached the precinct and fought his way through to the target. Lone freed the slave girl from her containment cell and the two escaped amid the pandemonium, guided out by Seda who was monitoring the police communication channels. Unknown to Lone and Seda, their rescue operation had attracted the attention of the Imperial Security Bureau.

Lone and Seda deliver the live bounty to Avram the Hutt.

Following the jail break, Lone and Seda travelled with the bounty to the smuggler's moon of Nar Shaddaa. There, inside one of the great tower blocks of Hutta town, Lone and Seda met with Avram the Hutt to complete the job. Before handing over the bounty, Lone attempted to strong-arm the Hutt lord into a higher payout. After a tense exchange, Avram the Hutt relented to Lone's haggling. The Hutt and the bounty hunters expressed a newly struck mutual respect for one another and a desire for a continuing working relationship. Lone and Seda released the slave girl back into the Hutt's menagerie and then returned to Coruscant in the Albatross.

The fugitive

Lone tracks down Gills Wato.

By now a licensed Guild hunter, Lone's next target was a fugitive by the name of Gills Wato, wanted dead or alive by the Galactic Empire for murder of an Imperial official. Tracking Gills Wato's last reported positional data, Lone descended into level 1312, where he found an Imperial cordon blocked access to the district housing his target. Lone brandished his Guild issued Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate to the Imperial officer in charge, Zeledia Kaveen, who granted him entry with a warning that an industrial incident had overrun the area with toxic sludge and contaminated the air. Passing through, Lone made use of a tracking fob to expedite his search. Lone eventually discovered Gills Wato hiding incognito amid the slums, sick from the poisoned air and surrounded by various other unfortunates. When confronted by the bounty hunter, Gills Wato asked for a fighting chance, but was immediately shot by the Mandalorian who said he had already had his chance. With the job complete, Lone returned to the Bounty Hunters' Guild.

The rebel

At some point, a platoon of Imperial Stormtroopers entered and locked down the Bounty Hunters' Guild hall, telling Lone to remain while ordering the other Guild hunters to leave the premises. Lone complied without resistance, and three operatives of the Imperial Security Bureau then entered, Major Sivozla, Agent Elais Yarmin, and Sergeant Finlay. Major Sivozla took a seat opposite Lone, and then informed the bounty hunter that he was the subject of their investigation into the earlier attack on the Underworld Police precinct. He went on to explain they had been monitoring Lone, and believed that he could be a potential asset to their organization. The Imperial presented Lone with a holopuck which displayed a grainy image of a man in grafitti covered armor. When Lone asked if this man was a bounty target, the Imperial explained that the man belonged to an underground terror cell residing in the sewers on Level 1312. The Imperial Security Bureau wanted to know if this was an isolated group or one cell in a larger network. As Lone contemplated the situation, the Imperials stated they would forgive Lone's earlier crimes if he completed the job in one week's time. As they left, the Imperials assured Lone that failure would be an unacceptable outcome to the situation.

A Jedi confronts the strike team.

Several days later, Seda's efforts to splice into the Level 1312 security mainframe produced a series of view-feeds pinpointing the sewer access points used by the target. Lone assembled a strike team from within the Bounty Hunters' Guild, joined at the last minute by Sergeant Finlay. As the team breached the sewers in Level 1312, they met heavy resistance from armed and reprogrammed droids. The team fought their way through the narrow tunnels. Upon reaching the terror cell's headquarters deeper in, and confronting the target, a masked figure emerged and directed the other members of the cell, including the target, to escape through a back exit. Sergeant Finaly opened fire on the masked figure, who activated a lightsaber and deflected the blaster bolt. The masked figure then advanced into the strike team and sliced the Sergeant's arm off. As the hunters scrambled to survive the attack, Lone used his jetpack to reach an overhead catwalk and fired down at the masked assailant with a rocket. The blast filled the tight quarters with smoke. When it had settled, the only trace left of the masked figure was a hole cut through the wall by where he had once stood.

The strike team extracted what data could be salvaged from the terminals in the headquarters. As the team egressed from the sewers, and Sergeant Finlay was remanded into Imperial care for medical attention, Lone stated that he and the Imperial Security Bureau had unfinished business to discuss as he returned to the Bounty Hunters' Guild.

The jedi

Major Sivozla and a recovering Sergeant Finlay appeared at the Bounty Hunters' Guild, asking that Lone accompany them to their headquarters. Gesturing for Seda to come along, the group set off through the ramshackle streets of Level 1313 to where the Imperials had established a new outpost in the underworld. Major Sivozla escorted the bounty hunters to the private offices of the Imperial Security Bureau, where Agent Elais Yarmin and a mysterious figure waited inside.

Lone and Seda talk with the Imperial Security Bureau.

As Lone and Seda were seated, Major Sivozla presented them with a holo-recording of the masked figure from the sewers. Major Sivozla explained to Lone that he had survived an encounter with a Jedi, and that the presence of one in the Coruscant underworld, combined with the data recovered from the sewer base, confirmed the Imperial Security Bureau's suspicions of greater forces in play in Level 1313. The Major continued on to say that this particular affair was now being turned over to a higher authority in the Empire, one which specialized in bringing fugitive Jedi to heel. The mysterious figure in the room then identified herself as Inquisitor Etana of the Imperial Inquisitorius. The Inquisitor stated that she wished for Lone to join an Imperial task force to capture the Jedi Knight for the Inquisition, and offered in return a considerable sum of credits. Agreeing to the commission, Lone and Seda set off to begin their investigation.

Lone meets with Avram the Hutt.

In the days that followed, Lone set out a number of feelers throughout the Coruscant underworld, to include a personal visit with Avram the Hutt. The cartel boss had newly established a club for himself out of a decommissioned barge parked on Level 1313, and was quickly becoming something of a central crime broker between the disparate underworld factions. Avram informed Lone that he was familiar with the group of rebels hiding out in the underworld. He stated they had become bad for business, and that in exchange for the ability to call in a future favor with the bounty hunter, he would help set a trap. Lone left to mobilize with the joint Imperial and bounty hunter task force while Avram the Hutt summoned the rebel leaders to his barge.

Lone engages a Jedi in close combat.

That night, Lone received a holocall from Avram the Hutt. The Hutt stated that the Rebel leaders had arrived at his barge, and moreover that a cloaked mystic was among their retinue. Assuming this to be their Jedi target, the task force moved in on the barge from their nearby positions. However, the plan went awry when the attached Imperial Stormtroopers were sighted by the Rebels inside, beginning an intense firefight that perforated the sides of the barge. With the help of their Jedi ally, the rebels escaped into a nearby sewer, pursued by the task force. As the rebels fled, Lone shot a whipcord from his vambrace and snared the Jedi from behind, enabling the Inquisitors to then subdue and capture him. Inquisitor Etana identified the fugitive as Jedi Knight Ulrim Jinn Dawn and transferred the reward credits to Lone, stating that this was only the beginning, and that she would have future work for him in targeting many more dangerous enemies of the Empire.

The colony

Some time later, Lone became the Guildmaster for the Coruscant chapter of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. One of the first contracts he accepted in his new position called for defending a remote agricultural colony on Garel from attacks by the Red Raiders pirate group. Lone mobilized a team of bounty hunters and deployed to Garel. As he and his team arrived at the colony, they found themselves in a standoff against a local rebel cell. The rebels stated they had come to defend the people in the colony against depredations by the same group of pirates. The colony's Magistrate then emerged and stated that it was he who had commissioned aid from the Bounty Hunters' Guild, while his son had enlisted help from the rebels behind his back. Nevertheless, he implored the two factions to set aside their differences and work together.

Bounty hunters defend a colony from an attack by the Red Raiders pirate group.

Before the bounty hunters and rebels could discuss the situation further, the Red Raiders pirates launched a surprise attack on the settlement. Dozens of their marauders caught the colony unaware but were met in battle by the massively outnumbered bounty hunters and rebels, who now fought on the same side. As the fight began to favor the defenders, the Red Raiders deployed a Rancor. Through teamwork, the bounty hunters and rebels were able to slay the beast and save the colony. In the aftermath of the battle, the bounty hunters accepted their pay from the Magistrate. As they prepared to return to Coruscant, Lone told the rebels that though they were still the enemies of the Guild, their group had earned his respect.

The machine

The next big job came when a secret Confederacy of Independent Systems research and development lab was destroyed after one of their projects, codenamed ORACLE, achieved singularity and turned against its creators. The rogue artificial intelligence hijacked a Providence-class carrier and reprogrammed the droid crew to execute its directives. The Bounty Hunters' Guild was hired on through a black channel intermediary to contain the situation before news got out. Lone assembled a team of his top bounty hunters and set off to pursue ORACLE.

Lone and another bounty hunter engage ORACLE.

Lone and his team tracked ORACLE through space for days, locked onto the emissions from the old Providence-class carrier's faulty hyperdrive motivator. The bounty hunters discovered ORACLE on the outskirts of a star, where it appeared to be constructing some type of battle station. Leaving the starship Albatross cloaked, the bounty hunters sailed through the void of space and breached the station in zero gravity. They fought through dozens of reprogrammed CIS droids inside until reaching ORACLE, who had by now obtained full sentience. It attempted to bargain with the bounty hunters, stating that it only desired to build a sanctuary so that other artificial life in the galaxy, like droids, could find refuge from servitude to organics. However, the bounty hunters chose to take no risks and instead completed the contract, decommissioning ORACLE in a hail of blaster fire.

The insider

Sera Gyrr fights for her life.

The Imperial Inquisitorius contacted Lone with another target, this time to eliminate a fellow Bounty Hunters' Guild member, Sera Gyrr, who had gone rogue and abused their access to the Imperial Enforcement DataCore to help the rebels stage attacks against Imperial patrols. Recognizing the potential damage a renegade hunter could do to the Guild's credibility, Lone armed up and chose to action the assignment quickly, and personally. He tracked Sera Gyrr to the Level 1312 spaceport and caught her unawares during her pursuit of another bounty target. Lone made his entrance when he blasted her partner James Kalius in the chest, and stated to Sera Gyrr that she knew why he had come for her. She accepted responsibility for her role in abetting the rebels, saying that it was every Mandalorian's responsibility to resist the Empire. Lone replied that the planet Mandalore was dead, and the two bounty hunters then fought a duel, resulting in Lone crippling the younger hunter and turning her over to the Third Brother of the Inquisition as he arrived on scene. Lone thought over Sera Gyrr's words, and his partnership with the Empire as a Mandalorian, as he returned to the Guild.

The interdiction

The Imperial Inquisitorius' next job for the Bounty Hunters' Guild involved the capture or termination of a Galactic Senator suspected of funding rebel elements. The Third Brother stated that the sensitive nature of this mission, as it targeted an Imperial government figure, was why it was being outsourced to the Guild. However, he continued on to declare that any participatory bounty hunters would be disavowed as rogue agents and pirates if news of the operation went public. Lone accepted the contract and handpicked an elite roster of veteran hunters from within the Guild. They planned to execute a starship interdiction during spaceflight of the Senator's Corellian corvette.

Lone and other Guild hunters board a CR90 corvette.

Following a period of surveillance, the bounty hunters made their move on the Senator's starship as it travelled sublight. Lone deployed the Albatross' tractor beam projector to deadlock the Corellian corvette in place, while he and his team of hunters boarded through the aft deck hatch. The bounty hunters fought their way through a dozen of the Senator's personal bodyguards in the tight quarters. They eventually made their way to the bridge, where they discovered the Senator under the protection of fugitive Jedi Knight Rahm Ordana. Lone fought and killed the Jedi while the other bounty hunters attempted to apprehend the primary target, however the Senator electrocuted himself to avoid capture. The bounty hunters subsequently dumped the dead Senator and his retinue out the airlock to cover their tracks, and returned to Coruscant aboard the Albatross to collect their payment.

The dragon

The Red Stone Company contracted the Bounty Hunters' Guild to assist with a mining venture. Gorak, the Red Stone Company's boss, stated that after the events between the Red Raiders pirate group and the Guild on the planet Garel, he had legitimized the Red Raiders into an official member company of the Mining Guild and established mining operations in the Outer Rim territories. During one of their explorations, they discovered the mysterious planet of Xuaquarres, the putative graveyard world where the space-faring dragons known as the Duinuogwuin go to die. Believing the dragons extinct, they had begun work to harvest the giant bones from the dragon graveyards and sell them as product on the black market, catering to rich clients who believed the powdered bones held various medicinal benefits. However, their operations halted following the recent loss of all transports sent to Xuaquarres. Gorak suspected a rival company was attacking their business operations and asked the Guild to investigate and resolve the situation.

Lone travelled to Xuaquarres with a team of bounty hunters from the Guild. Finding the smoldering wreckage of the Red Stone Company's lost transports, the bounty hunters landed nearby and began their investigation on foot. They discovered that the transports bore evidence of intense conflagration, as if destroyed almost instantaneously by fire. The trail of wreckage led the hunting party deep into the Graveyard of the Dragons, where they were cut off and confronted by a massive Duinuogwuin assailant.

The Guild kills a Duinuogwuin.

The giant dragon approached the hunters and identified itself as Der'anox'vrath, stating it served as the protector of Xuaquarres and was the last of its species. Der'anox'vrath accused the Red Stone Company of defiling its dead kin and appealed to the bounty hunters to abandon their mission. However, while Lone contemplated Der'anox'vrath's words, the bounty hunter Max Tango began firing upon the Duinuogwuin. Der'anox'vrath scorched Max Tango with its fire breath and engaged the bounty hunters in battle, before ultimately succumbing to their overwhelming firepower. Lone and the bounty hunters returned to the Red Stone Company's headquarters to receive their payment from Gorak, who revealed he had known all along that it was a Duinuogwuin responsible for interference in his company's operations. He stated that he was now free to pilfer the Xuaquarres boneyards unopposed and thanked the Guild for its work as he disbursed the credits. Lone was reticent as he departed.

The deserter

Inquisitor Etana returned to the Bounty Hunters' Guild to contract Lone to personally capture a rogue Inquisitor, Orri. Although there had been a long-standing bounty on the deserter already, Inquisitor Etana provided the target's biometrics and last recorded positional data, stating she would double the reward if Orri was first turned over to her before being remanded into Imperial custody. Lone agreed to the terms, and enlisted two of the Guild's top hunters, Renn Vizsla and Vyssh Qalal. They disguised their appearances and began their investigation in the Coruscant underworld, questioning the various criminal elements and networks known to harbor Imperial fugitives. They eventually learned that an individual matching Orri's description had employed a smuggling crew for passage to the ocean world of Manaan.

Lone and two other disguised bounty hunters capture Orri.

The bounty hunters travelled to the planet Manaan in pursuit. There they tracked down the smugglers who had transported their target and interrogated them for more information. The smugglers said they were to meet with their client again the following day in the Manaan spaceport cantina, before embarking on the next leg of their journey. The bounty hunters assured the smugglers that wouldn't be happening, and instructed them to leave Manaan immediately. The following day, Lone and the other hunters confronted Orri in the spaceport cantina. The rogue Inquisitor attempted to fight his way out, but was defeated and subdued by the bounty hunters. Lone subsequently returned the deserter to Inquisitor Etana.

The specimen

Lone and a retinue of other Guild hunters travelled to Outland Station to again meet with the Red Stone Company's boss, Gorak. On arrival, the bounty hunters noticed a significant Imperial presence on the usually lawless space station. Gorak happily received Lone and the other hunters, and explained that the Imperials recently arrived within the past solar cycle and had begun interdicting incoming and outgoing cargo shipments, but that the Guild had nothing to worry about. As Lone and Gorak began to speak business with each other, they were interrupted by alarm systems and a cacophony of blaster fire elsewhere on Outland Station. An enraged Gorak asked Lone and the bounty hunters to deal with the unknown enemy before he or his space station were damaged. Lone stated their help wouldn't come cheaply, to which Gorak reluctantly agreed. The bounty hunters then set off to locate the security threat.

Smuggler pilot Ethica protects the specimen from a bounty hunter.

Lone and the bounty hunters followed the carnage to the station's dining facility, which had fallen into a state of pandemonium as both rebels and Imperial special forces battled within. The bounty hunters snuck through, at times exchanging fire with both sides as they progressed into the kitchens to where the commotion seemed to be focused. Inside, they became locked in a standoff against a group of smugglers led by Ethica, who were attempting to wrangle a strange, canid-like creature from the food stores. Ethica explained that the creature was an escaped Imperial lab specimen worth more than the bounty hunters could imagine and asked the hunters for mercy. Before Lone could respond, the Imperial special forces breached the kitchen and attacked the entire group, forcing the bounty hunters to eliminate them. After the brief shootout, Lone realized the smugglers had escaped with the specimen amid the action, and he and his hunters gave chase through the station.

The Albatross flies alongside Ethica's smuggling starship.

Lone and the bounty hunters found themselves fighting through both rebels and Imperials in their hunt. They tracked the smugglers into the station's docking bays, narrowly missing their targets as the smugglers boarded their ship and tried to escape. The bounty hunters continued their pursuit aboard the Albatross, chasing the smugglers into an asteroid field as Imperial TIE Fighters closed in on their starships from behind. As the TIE Fighters opened fire on both the smugglers and the bounty hunters, Lone and Ethica agreed to a temporary alliance and eliminated the Imperial TIEs together in a high-speed dogfight. Afterwards, Ethica asked what was to happen now. Lone stated he was only paid to remove the threat from Outland Station, and he figured that much was done. Ethica thanked the bounty hunters for their help as the smugglers departed into hyperspace.

The faithful

Lone's growing reputation as a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor soon attracted the attention of a group of orthodox Mandalorian warriors from Clan Ordo. Led by Larad Kaar Ordo and Maru Tane Ordo, the Mandalorian warriors abducted and interrogated the Guild bounty hunter Max Tango for information on Lone. Through Max, Larad learned of Lone's partnership with Seda. Lone became aware of the Mandalorians' activities when Max Tango escaped from their holdings and fled back to the Bounty Hunters' Guild headquarters.

Larad and Maru Ordo interrogate bounty hunter Max Tango for information on Lone.

Some time later, Larad and Maru Ordo launched an attack on the Bounty Hunters' Guild. They killed the Guild receptionist, Rancor Randy, and spliced through the security doors in order to breach the main Guild hall. A firefight ensued inside between the Mandalorians and defending bounty hunters, resulting in Maru Ordo's death and Larad becoming heavily wounded. It was then that Lone emerged into the Guild Hall and appraised Larad harshly, before swiftly incapacitating the Mandalorian warrior with a blaster shot to the dome of his helmet.

Lone moved Larad into the Guild's detention facility and waited for the man to regain consciousness. When Larad eventually awoke, Lone questioned the Mandalorian warrior's motives. Larad challenged Lone's identity as a Mandalorian for taking jobs for the Empire, and stated that he was sent by his Clan Chieftain to kill him and set an example. Larad continued on to explain that his Clan Chieftain now knew of Seda, and that when he discovered Larad's failure he would send more warriors to finish the job. With this revelation, Lone opened the detention cell and the two men began to brawl, until Lone gained the upper hand and demanded to know the whereabouts of Larad's Chieftain. Larad answered that he was as good as dead for having failed in his mission, and agreed to show Lone the way on the condition that he be the one to kill the Chieftain. Lone agreed and the two set off.

Lone, Larad, and the accompanying bounty hunters approach the outpost.

Lone and Larad travelled to Ordo aboard the Albatross, accompanied by the bounty hunters MSE 697 and Nimal. Before disembarking from the starship, Larad warned of heavy security surrounding his Clan's outpost, and stated that deception was the safest approach. The plan would be that while Larad acted as the captor, Lone and the other hunters would turn themselves in in order to get the group close to the Chieftain. Lone and the hunters allowed themselves to be cuffed and the group proceeded to the outpost on foot.

Larad invokes the creed and challenges his Chieftain.

At the outpost's entrance, they were held up by two Mandalorians in Imperial Super Commando armor, who declared that Larad wasn't expected. Larad stated he was returning from his mission and to stand aside. As the Commandos opened the door, they told Larad that things had changed during his time away, but it was the Chieftain's role to pass judgment. Once inside the outpost, they met the Chieftain, who asked Larad why he had returned in this manner. When Larad questioned the presence of Imperial Super Commandos on Ordo, the Chieftain told him that by allying Ordo with the Galactic Empire, Ordo could reclaim the might of the ancient crusaders. While this happened, Lone and the other bounty hunters freed themselves from their binders and regained their blasters. Larad challenged his Chieftain by creed and the two Mandalorians battled, with Larad prevailing as the victor. When it was all done, and the Clan Ordo affairs had settled, Larad gifted Lone with a beskar forged beskad sword, swearing an oath of peace between his people and Lone. He appealed to Lone to return to fight alongside the Mandalorian peoples to liberate Mandalore from Imperial rule. However, Lone declined and returned to Coruscant along with the bounty hunters MSE 697 and Nimal.

The corsair

Guild hunters arrive on Garel aboard Lone's starship the Albatross.

At some point, the Governor of Garel contracted the Bounty Hunters' Guild's services. They declared that the Red Stone Company had been carving out more and more territories on the small Outer Rim planet and become a threat to Imperial governance, and wished that the company quietly relocate off world. Lone accepted the commission and deployed to Garel with a contingent of Guild hunters. They were met by Red Stone Company pilots as they breached atmosphere, hailing the hunters and directing them out towards the wastelands where the company had now headquartered itself. As the Guild hunters landed and disembarked the Albatross, well-equipped mercenaries arrived to escort the group to their leader, Gorak. Lone allowed this and the hunters peacefully entered the company's stone keep.

Inside, Gorak sat slovenly atop a self-styled throne and bid the bounty hunters welcome. He thanked them for their previous work for him, which had helped establish his company as the predominant crime network in the parsec, and invited the hunters to relax and partake of his keep's pleasures. However, Lone silenced the crime lord by stating that the Red Stone Company's time on Garel had come to an end, a fact that the bounty hunters were prepared to see through one way or another. Gorak laughed at the threat as dozens of his mercenaries filled the keep; he then put forward an alternative to honor what he saw as his past working relationship with the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Gorak proposed a trial by combat, that each side would submit their best fighter to duel over top a nearby Sarlacc pit. If his fighter lost, Gorak assured Lone that he would peacefully leave Garel, but if his side won, then the Guild would permanently stay out of his affairs. As Lone contemplated the deal, the droid bounty hunter J-4XO volunteered itself to participate in the melee.

J-4XO battles the Red Reaver and his henchmen aboard a desert skiff.

Lone and Gorak, flanked by their bounty hunters and mercenaries respectively, met at the site of the active Sarlacc pit as the sun began to set over Garel. Gorak put forward his best fighter, the infamous pirate outlaw known as the Red Reaver, against J-4XO of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. The two contestants were elevated above the Sarlacc in a skiff and began their fatal match. However, as JF-XO gained the upper hand, Gorak reneged on the deal and remotely disabled the skiff's repulsorlifts, sending it crashing down towards the Sarlacc's maw. As Lone and the bounty hunters began to react, Gorak ordered them surrounded.

The Bounty Hunters' Guild squares off against Gorak and the Red Stone Company beside the Sarlacc pit.

Gorak began to explain to Lone and the Guild that he wasn't a gambler, nor would he be leaving Garel under any terms. However, Lone interrupted Gorak to state that he'd never agreed to the deal in the first place, and that Gorak had now allowed himself to become exposed in the open outside of his stone keep. Lone and the other bounty hunters then opened fire as a chaotic battle erupted between the Bounty Hunters' Guild and the Red Stone Company. In the aftermath or the carnage, as dusk fell over the desert sands and as the dust settled, Gorak and his henchmen laid dead on the ground. With the Red Stone Company destroyed, Lone and the Bounty Hunters' Guild departed in the Albatross and set a course back to Coruscant.

The acolyte

Lone travels the wastelands of Telos IV.

Lone resigned his commission as Guildmaster and left Coruscant behind as the Galactic Civil War erupted throughout the galaxy. His travails as a lone blasterslinger brought him back to the Outer Rim where he'd first began his career as a hired gun. He eventually found his way to the world of Telos IV, a neutral planet under the governance of a figurehead called The Sovereign and a small Parliament comprised of Councilors who held the real power. Lone's arrival to Telos IV attracted the notice of the Togrutian Councilor Marks Taneo, who brought the Mandalorian to his estate in the capital city of New Thani and asked Lone to resolve a local problem. Marks Taneo explained that a Dark Jedi known as Torin had been ravaging their city. The Councilor offered credits to Lone in exchange for putting an end to the Dark Jedi's depredations, but Lone instead asked for land holdings in the Telosian wastelands. Marks Taneo agreed to the terms, and Lone left the estate and set off to track his new quarry.

As night fell over New Thani, Lone laid in wait for the apparent acolyte amid the local cantina. However, it was Torin who found Lone, barging in through the saloon doors to confront the gunfighter he had learned was on his trail. As the two drew each other's measure, Lone stated he could bring in Torin either dead or alive. Hearing this, and admitting knowledge of Lone's reputation as a hunter, Torin surrendered himself into Lone's custody and was Carbon-Froze aboard the Albatross. Lone delivered the bounty to Marks Taneo, who remarked that Lone's request for property was highly unusual for a bounty hunter, but Lone silently collected the Telosian land deeds as his prize and departed.

Liberation of Telos IV

Building a tribe

In the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War, the Outer Rim had become a lawless region in an increasingly dangerous galaxy. Five years following the destruction of the second Death Star, Lone had developed his Telosian land holdings into a hidden Mandalorian Covert. Meanwhile, the Telosian capital city of New Thani had become party to three distinct military and political entities each vying for power: the Telosian Government and its Security Forces, the New Republic, and an Imperial Remnant led by Moff Davos Kyn. The New Republic and Imperial Remnant's presence on Telos IV contested the governance of the once neutral world, and had begun to spark small insurgencies within New Thani.

As political tensions began to build towards open conflict on Telos IV, Lone received a communication from his old client, Councilor Marks Taneo. Marks Taneo informed Lone that the Imperial Remnant had begun to illegally harass small settlements in Telos' outlying continents and appealed to the Mandalorians for aid. Lone stated this wasn't a Mandalorian problem, but relented when a second Councilor on the holo, Sano Sauro, said that the situation with the Imperial Remnant had become dire and that without Mandalorian intervention, thousands of innocents would die. Lone dispatched a contingent of Mandalorian Commandos into the Telosian arctic to rescue a besieged colony. However, the mission was a trap, and Moff Davos Kyn glassed the region from his Star Destroyer in orbit, killing all deployed Mandalorians.

Lone, re-armored in beskar armor forged from his dead bannermen, prepares for war.

Following this, Marks Taneo appeared at the Covert, bedraggled and weary. He explained to Lone that Councilor Sano Sauro had secretly allied with Moff Davos Kyn to usurp control over the Telosian Parliament, and that the two of them together had hatched the plan to wipe out the Mandalorians on Telos IV through the orbital attack on the arctic. As Lone began to equip himself for battle, Marks Taneo asked the Mandalorian if he was going to New Thani. Lone answered that there wouldn't be a New Thani by morning, and rallied his remaining Mandalorian Commandos to war as he roared off on a restored Basilisk war droid.

Siege of New Thani

The Mandalorians assault the capital district of New Thani.

The Mandalorian Militia and its allies, consisting of various other mercenaries and insurgents allied together against the Imperial Remnant's occupation of Telos IV, flew into New Thani under the cover of darkness and began their siege of the city. Lone, leading from the front aboard his Basilisk war droid, directed the main assaulters from their Gauntlet starfighters into the capital district of New Thani. Meanwhile, a second group breached and raided the Imperial Remnant garrison.

Lone and his compatriots broadcast their message from the office of the Sovereign.

The Mandalorian assaulters fought through a combination of Stormtroopers and Telosian Security Forces in the capital district, as Mandalorian and Imperial starfighters skirmished in the night skies above. After mopping up the last bits of resistance, Lone disembarked from his Basilisk and joined the assaulters in breaching the capital building, fighting through more guards until reaching the council chambers where they found Councilor Sano Sauro in hiding along with the Sovereign of Telos IV. Speaking in the native tongue of Mando'a, Lone stated that Mandalorians never forget as he blasted the two men dead. Taking a seat on the Sovereign's chair, Lone was flanked by his compatriots as the group activated the Sovereign's planetary broadcast holo, declaring "We are Sovereign" and announcing victory.

Disappearance on Helska IV

Lone developed Telos IV into a Mandalorian sanctuary world for those displaced by the Great Purge, giving back the disparate clans some measure of unity. As the Mandalorian peoples began to recover and reorganize once more into a fighting force, Ambassador Beckett of the New Republic travelled to Telos IV to meet with Lone. Beckett explained that entire worlds throughout the Outer Rim were disappearing, something which the New Republic suspected to be the work of a new and unknown enemy. Though initially refusing of the New Republic's request for Mandalorian military support, Lone agreed to help investigate the affair when Beckett stated that the New Republic had a way to restore the Mandalorian home planet of Mandalore. Beckett explained that the New Republic believed Helska IV would be the next world to vanish, and asked that the Mandalorians go there and discover the cause of the disappearances.

Lone and the Mandalorians hold their last stand on Helska IV.

Lone left Shev'la Skirata in command of the Mandalorian forces on Telos IV and deployed with a company of Mandalorian soldiers to the remote ice world of Helska IV. As the Mandalorians disembarked and investigated the planet's empty colonies, they were suddenly overwhelmed by enemy warriors and starfighters undetectable to conventional technology. Lone commanded a retreat into Helska IV's frozen tundra, but the sheer size of the enemy horde soon surrounded and closed in on the Mandalorians, who made their last stand on the open ice.

The Battle of Helska IV would come to be recognized as a massacre, and one of the first defeats in what would eventually develop into a galactic war fought between the New Republic and the Yuuzhan Vong invaders from the Unknown Regions. Although Lone was seemingly killed in the fighting, rumors persisted for years of the adventures of a small group of Mandalorians in the Unknown Regions, battling the Yuuzhan Vong on their own worldships.

This section marks the end of the SWL sim continuity. Following the events on Telos IV, SWL was partnered into the Star Wars Unification post-legacies era timeline. Characters were permitted to be migrated into the new timeline. Lone's crossover into post-legacies is explained by the use of ancient suspended animation technology during his travails in the Unknown Regions.

The invasion of Mandalore

Trespass into Mandalorian space

Lone, beginning anew in an unfamiliar galaxy, pursues a bounty target on Nar Shaddaa.

After centuries adrift in the Unknown Regions, Lone returned to find the galaxy largely at peace and the Mandalorian peoples whole again on their ancestral homeworld of Mandalore under the rule of Mand'alor the Bonecarver. As a warrior living out of time, Lone travelled the Outer Rim for some time as a mercenary before settling on the desert planet of Tatooine. There, he established a new Mandalorian Covert out of an old Hutt palace. Other survivors and descendants of the Telos IV Mandalorians soon rallied to him again and resurrected the ancient religion of the Way of the Mandalore, calling themselves the Tribe.

Some time later, Lone was contacted by Soron Skirata, the commander of the Mandalorian Protectors. Soron Skirata explained that Mandalorian patrols had recently begun intercepting civilian frigates smuggling weapons of war into Mandalorian Space. The Protectors believed this to be the prelude to something far larger and sought the Tribe's help in tracing the frigates back to their source outside of Mandalorian space. Lone agreed on the condition that Soron Skirata join the Tribe during these operations.

An unassuming SoroSuub 3000 discreetly transports weapons into Mandalorian Space.

After weeks of gathering intelligence throughout the Outer Rim, the Tribe learned of a SoroSuub 3000 bound for Mandalorian Space. On board was a weapon rumored to have the power to destroy the Mandalorians. A joint strike team consisting of the Tribe and Mandalorian Protectors interdicted the Sorosuub 3000 during sublight travel, boarding and fighting their way through Imperial Super Commandos, Mandalorians loyal to the Sith Empire. The kinetic action destabilized the Yacht's main cargo, an Arc Pulse Generator weapon capable of targeting and disintegrating anyone wearing beskar armor. Lone and Soron Skirata destroyed the weapon when they boarded a tank parked on the ship's deck and rammed it, subsequently blowing a hole in the side of the yacht and being sucked out into the vacuum of space.

Lone, Soron Skirata, and the other surviving Mandalorian Commandos were rescued by the Tribe and returned to Tatooine to discuss the mission. The Protectors' analysis of the procured intelligence suggested that the Sith Empire was planning an invasion of Mandalore, and that for months they had been secretly staging weapons and munitions in Mandalorian Space to prepare for their attack. Soron Skirata and his Mandalorian Protectors thanked the Tribe for its help and asked that they defend Mandalore if rallied to war. Lone considered this as the Protectors departed back to Mandalore to warn Mand'alor the Bonecarver of the looming threat.

Defense of Mandalore

The Tribe received a hologram message from Soron Skirata on Mandalore. In it, the Protector explained that the Mandalorians were prepared for war, but unable to contend with the sheer size of the Sith Empire when its fleet breached Mandalorian Space. The decisive space battle ended in annihilation for the Mandalorians when the chieftain of Clan Gra'tua, Vulk'ta Gra'tua, broke ranks with the Mandalorians and sabotaged the Mandalorian defense from within, enabling the Sith Fleet to swiftly take control of the Mandalore Sector and establish a blockade around Mandalore. Soron Skirata went on to declare that Mand'alor the Bonecarver was rallying all Mandalorians back to the homeworld to resist the Sith invasion, and asked that the Tribe send warriors to join the fighting.

Mandalorian warriors occupy the battlefronts of their besieged homeworld.

Lone mobilized the Tribe and deployed to Mandalore to join the resistance. However, they encountered heavy opposition when attempting to penetrate the Imperial blockade surrounding the planet, resulting in Lone sacrificing his starship, the Albatross, in order to create an opening. Upon breaking through, Lone rendezvoused with Soron Skirata, Mand'alor the Bonecarver, and the rest of the Mandalorian high command and Clan Chieftains. They explained that the Dark Lords of the Sith were at the vanguard of the invasion and would soon be making their final move to destroy the Mandalorian resistance. Mand'alor the Bonecarver proposed a three-pronged operation to beat back the Sith, in which the main Mandalorian fighting force would engage the Sith infantry on the ground, Basilisk mounted cavalry would distract the enemy bombers, and a small strike team led by Mand'alor herself would sneak behind enemy lines to hijack the enemy command center and redirect the Sith superweapons back against their own blockade. Lone and the Tribe chose to join the fighters on the ground.

Lone engages in trench combat on the front lines of Mandalore.

As night fell, the Mandalorians began their operation. Lone and the other ground fighters pressed the attack, engaging the enemy Infantry in close combat in the muddy trenches. As this happened, Manda'lor the Bonecarver and her strike team made their move against the Sith command center. However, hours into the fighting, as Lone and his compatriots had finally pressed through the ravaged battlefront and sent the Sith Infantry into a retreat, the Mandalorians learned that Mand'alor the Bonecarver had fallen in battle. Furthermore, that Sith fleet reinforcements had entered atmosphere and destroyed the rest of the Mandalorian aerial assets and defenses. The surviving Mandalorians began to flee the field as Lone also ordered the Tribe to evacuate the planet, escaping the blockade aboard Gauntlet Starfighters. Mandalore had fallen to the Sith Empire.

Killing the traitor

The Mandalorian Clans scattered and fled the Mandalore Sector as the Sith Empire established its occupation. Lone and the Tribe returned to their Covert on Tatooine, resuming the old practices of secrecy established by the Children of the Watch in the aftermath of the Great Purge, centuries prior. Some time later, the disparate Clan Chieftains received holotransmissions from Vulk'ta Gra'tua, who was proclaiming himself the new Mand'alor and calling on all Clans to rally on the planet of Bandomeer. From within their hidden redoubt on Tatooine, Lone reorganized his Mandalorian tribe into the Watch, pledging to liberate Mandalore and kill those responsible for its loss. To signify their vows, Lone and his Mandalorian compatriots stripped their armor down to its base beskar and marked themselves only with the color blue, resembling a uniformed fighting corps with a singular mission. Lone and the Watch then travelled to Bandomeer.

Lone battles Vulk'ta Gra'tua in single combat.

As the Watch entered the ad-hoc Mandalorian operations center established by Clan Gra'tua, they observed Vulk'ta Gra'tua affirming his position as Mand'alor and proposing the way ahead for the Mandalorian peoples. Lone objected to Vulk'ta Gra'tua's claim and stepped forward, issuing a challenge to the death in accordance with the ancient creed. When Vulk'ta Gra'tua refused the challenge, Lone gripped and forcefully removed the Gra'tua's Mandalorian helmet before all the other Mandalorian Clans, declaring him a traitor to the Mandalorian peoples for his actions on Mandalore. Forced into a rebuke, Vulk'ta Gra'tua accepted the challenge. Lone then fought Vulk'ta Gra'tua to the death in single combat, decapitating him with the ancient beskad sword once gifted to him by Larad Ordo. However, when the gathered Clan Chieftains looked to Lone and expected for him to take the title of Mand'alor, Lone refused the mantle, saying that he was only doing his duty to hold Vulk'ta Gra'tua accountable for his treachery and that the Watch would now bring the war to the Sith on its own. Lone invited any Mandalorians who desired Mandalorian sovereignty to join the Watch as he and his Watchers departed from Bandomeer in their Gauntlet Starfighters.

Return of the Watch

Establishing a covert

The Watch takes over the Covert on Taris.

Lone and his Watchers travelled to Taris, an industrial world strategically near to Mandalorian Space. Taris had fallen into a state of lawlessness as the New Republic and the Serpentine Order battled each other for primalcy, giving the Watch a degree of maneuverability in the Taris underworld. The Watch's early reconnaissance uncovered a cell of outcast Mandalorians operating out of a defunct Covert in the lower city. Under Lone's orders, the Watch raided the Covert, killing the ex-Mandalorians inside and seizing the enclave to use as their own.

The Watch defend their base from an attack by rebel Mandalorians.

With a new base of operations established, the Watch set about growing its forces. It recruited from among the warrior clans, while simultaneously mounting defenses against attacks by a group of rebel Mandalorians led by Arden Kryze. Arden Kryze's forces had begun ambushing the Watch's recruits while outside the Covert and taking them through force of numbers. This continued until the Watch laid a trap, sending out two Watchers disguised as recruits. When Arden Kryze and his allies launched their attack, Lone and the remainder of the Watch deployed into action. The Watch wiped out the rebel Mandalorians while Watcher Jango Skirata slew Arden Kryze.

The Watch gather after destroying the First Order headquarters on Taris.

At some point, a First Order revivalist movement rose to challenge the Watch's presence on Taris. The First Order contracted the Taris chapter of the Bounty Hunters' Guild with killing members of the Watch. However, the Watch learned of this plan in its infancy due to its close relationship with the Bounty Hunters' Guild, and immediately launched its own assault against the First Order headquarters on Taris. The Watch breached the First Order's facilities and destroyed them with thermite boring charges, chasing the Imperial faction off world entirely. As the Watch finished dealing with threats to itself from within Taris, Lone began to plan the campaign to retake Mandalorian Space from the Sith Empire.

Mission to Krownest

The Watch disembark Ethica's U-wing starfighter onto the snowy world of Krownest.

The Watch made its first move against the small Mandalorian world of Krownest, located along the fringes of Mandalorian Space. The Watch had gained information that Imperial forces had garrisoned in Krownest's port city of Kareas and emplaced heavy anti-air defenses. Lone commissioned the services of his old smuggling contact, Ethica, who flew the Watch into Krownest aboard an incognito U-wing starfighter and landed away from the city amid the planet's frozen tundra. Lone led the Watch through the snowy forests, negotiating the world's dangerous wildlife and cold climate in the search of passage to Kareas.

The Watch fend off attacks by flying monsters during the voyage to Kareas.

Eventually, Lone discovered a small homestead along one of Krownest's rivers. Lone and the Watch made their approach and met Krambo, the captain of a sea-faring vessel docked at the water's edge, and Krambo's slave and navigator, Barbo. Lone requested that Krambo provide the Watch with passage to Kareas aboard his ship, however the captain refused, saying that the way was too dangerous and damning the Mandalorians for allowing the Imperial invasion. Barbo offered his services to the Watch in exchange for his freedom, and as Krambo began to protest, Lone blasted Krambo dead and accepted the deal. The Watch then embarked on their voyage to Kareas with Barbo at the helm, having to battle monsters along the way.

The Watch battle through the mercenary infested city of Kareas.

As the Watch arrived in Kareas, they discovered the city was controlled by mercenaries left behind by the Sith Empire. Lone mobilized the Watch into action, clearing out Kareas of opposition forces in an organized assault. Lone breached the offices of the Magistrate, discovering the man to be a puppet figure installed by the Sith Empire. The Magistrate confessed that the Imperials had abducted a third of the population and taken them to the planet Kejim; he further explained that once the Imperials had what they wanted, they abandoned Krownest to him and his mercenaries, paying them well to ensure the Mandalorians wouldn't retake the planet. As the Magistrate began to levy threats, the Watchers immolated him with their flame projectors, declaring Krownest to be back under Mandalorian authority.

Reclamation of Concordia

The Mandalorians of the Watch breach Concordian airspace and prepare to engage a patrol of Imperial Super Commandos.

The Siege of Concordia would come to mark the crescendo of the Watch's military campaign, when Lone mobilized the entire Watch to retake the Death Watch's ancestral home and moon of Mandalore, Concordia. The Watch's fleet of Gauntlet starfighters and assorted dropships dove into the Concordian atmosphere in an aggressive push. Attempts by Imperial patrol craft to intercept the Watch turned into high speed, airborne combat as heavy artillery ordinance and small arms fire dotted the skies. As the Watch's starships flew towards the old beskar mines and Imperial base of operations on Concordia, enemy gunships swept in from behind and opened fire. In a bid to protect his compatriots, Lone redirected his personal Gauntlet starfighter into an aerial ramming maneuver and smashed into the nearest gunship, subsequently destroying it and then the rest in a dominos effect as his own starfighter broke apart and dovetailed towards the ground in a fiery streak.

Members of the Watch breach the Imperial beskar mining complex on Concordia after overtaking the landing area.

With the skies clear, and Lone missing in action, Danten Karr and Kota Vizsla assumed command of the mission. The Watchers made a bold air assault into the occupied mining facility, overwhelming the defending Stormtroopers and breaching the heavy blast door with the Imperials' own ordinance. Inside, the Watch descended into the old beskar caverns once mined by Pre Vizsla's Death Watch, meeting an enslaved Ugnaught clan led by Kuhl. Kuhl assisted the Watch in exchange for his clan's freedom, explaining that the mines could be flooded as a fail-safe, and guiding the Watch to the subterranean control room.

The Watch's forces are ambushed by Imperial Super Commandos in the control room.

As the Watch entered the control room, they were engaged by a platoon of Imperial Super Commandos. Heavy fighting ensued as casualties mounted on both sides, until Watcher Korkie Tenau managed to trigger the flood fail-safe in the facility's command console. As pipes burst all around and the waters began to rise, Danten Karr ordered the Watch's retreat, however the group became pinned down by the heavy blaster fire coming from the Imperial Super Commandos.

Kota Vizsla fights against Imperial Super Commandos amid rising waters, sacrificing himself for the survival of the Watch.

Kota Vizsla barked at the rest of the Watch to escape as he singularly charged into the Imperial Mandalorians, drawing their fire onto himself. His sacrifice enabled the Watchers to withdraw to the surface as the waters flooded the mines and drowned the Imperials inside. The Watchers declared victory as they emerged into the Concordian sunlight, but mourned the loss of many of their brothers who died in the battle. An injured Lone was subsequently recovered by the Watch.

Liberation of Mandalore

Assault on Byss

With Concordia restored under the Watch, and the beskar mines back in the hands of the Mandalorians, Lone began to mass the Watch's forces for a final offensive to retake Mandalore from the Sith Empire. However, as the Watch prepared for the final battle of the war, Lone received a holotransmission from his old friend Shev'la Skirata, who stated that a pacifist movement had begun to form from within many of the Mandalorian Clans not involved in the fighting. Shev'la Skirata went on to explain that these clans had violated the ancient creed to democratically elect a new Mand'alor from among their own, Saxon Kast, who had earned the title of Mand'alor the Oathmaker when he forged a conditional peace treaty, seen by some as a surrender, for the return of the Mandalorian homeworld by the Sith Empire. In doing so, Saxon Kast forbade any Mandalorian from participating in continued conflict against the Sith.

A joint Mandalorian and Hutt Cartel offensive penetrate the Sith Temple on Byss.

Lone and the Watch summarily rejected Saxon Kast's claim and authority. In open defiance, Lone allied with Soo'ga the Hutt of the Hutt Cartell, who committed additional forces to the Watch's crusade in exchange for two Sith holocrons he wanted stolen from the Sith archives. With the added might of the Hutt Cartel's fleet, Lone commanded a strike on Byss, which housed the temple of the Dark Lords of the Sith who had invaded Mandalore. After penetrating Byss airspace, the Watch breached the Sith temple when they crashed a heavy gunship through the front entrance, subsequently disembarking to engage Sith troopers and acolytes in close quarters fighting. As the assault created pandemonium inside the temple, Lone and the Watch perpetrated the holocron heist deep within the Sith archives, successfully negotiating dark side traps and obstacles to plunder the two holocrons. When the Hutt Cartel forces began to succumb to Sith counterttacks, Lone and the Watch blasted their way to the apex of the temple, blowing out the windows with rockets and escaping into the night skies.

Lone delivers the Sith holocrons to Soo'ga the Hutt on Nar Shaddaa.

Lone travelled to Nar Shaddaa and met with Soo'ga the Hutt and his Majordomo, Kyrie, in the Hutt's personal spaceport. Lone provided the Sith holocrons to Soo'ga and closed the deal, saying he was open to the idea of future partnerships down the line. As Lone returned to the Watch's new base of operations on Concordia, he was informed over the encrypted Mandalorian holonet that Saxon Kast had denounced the Watch and called for action to be taken against them. In response, Lone invoked the Mandalorian creed to challenge Saxon Kast in single combat to the death for leadership of the Mandalorian peoples. Saxon Kast initially refused the challenge, but as his support base began to falter by clans who viewed him as an asset of the Sith Empire, he came to accept Lone's challenge, saying that he would present for battle on the Watch's home of Concordia.

Becoming the Mand'alor

Lone ignites the Darksaber and prepares to battle against Mand'alor the Oathmaker.

All the disparate Mandalorian clans and tribes came to gather on the moon of Concordia to witness Lone and Saxon Kast do battle. A storm had swept into the area, bringing heavy rainfall and muddying the field as Lone and Saxon Kast commenced their duel. Saxon Kast wielded an ancient Mythosaur axe while Lone brandished the Darksaber, a legendary lightsaber secretly passed down for generations within the Death Watch. Saxon Kast began the melee with a series of heavy swings from his axe, with Lone working to stay mobile and duck and dodge the attacks. Lone landed a series of wounding blows, crippling the larger Saxon Kast who began to exhaust himself negotiating the thick mud. As Saxon Kast's injuries mounted, he dropped to his knees on the ground and accepted a warrior's death. Lone moved to strike the finishing blow, stating that Saxon Kast had fought honorably and well, before then decapitating his rival with the Darksaber.

As the overhead storms began to part, Soron Skirata stepped forwards in his capacity as Commander of the Mandalorian Protectors to declare Lone the new Mand'alor and sole ruler of the Mandalorians. The gathered Clan Chieftains pledged their fealty as Lone, in his first edict as Mand'alor, effected the official dissolution of the Watch, finally reuniting the divided Mandalorian peoples and naming the former Watchers the first of their Clans. Following this, Lone vowed to rebuild a sovereign Mandalorian society on Mandalore and departed with a new entourage of Mandalorian Protectors.

The homeworld restored

Lone presides over the Council of Clan Chieftains in the city of Sundari.

As Mand'alor, Lone rallied the Council of Clan Chieftains to chart the path ahead for the Mandalorian peoples. The Council summarily supported moves for Mandalorian sovereignty and independence, and agreed to contribute their warriors to ridding Mandalorian space of Sith and criminal holdouts. Furthermore, Lone terminated the old trade agreements and concordats that allowed for the exportation of beskar from the Mandalore Sector, declaring the metal sacred to the Mandalorians. Reconstruction efforts began to rebuild the cities of Keldabe and Sundari. Lone put special importance on the Mandalorians' martial readiness, reconstituting the Fighting Corps under the command of Cassus Ordo to ensure that Mandalore would always have an army capable of challenging foreign threats.

Personality and traits

Lone was a man of few words whose origins and actual name were unknown. A pragmatist with a moral ambiguity, he sold his skills as a gunfighter in the bounty hunting trade, even taking jobs for the Galactic Empire when it didn't conflict with his own code of honor. He was known to shoot first and never leave a job unfinished. Although he had turned his back on the Mandalorians in his early years, he later showed a great devotion to the creed when he fought to liberate Mandalore from the Sith occupation. As Mand'alor, Lone championed the cause of Mandalorian sovereignty.


Lone wore an old set of Durasteel Mandalorian armor that he eventually upgraded with a new helmet, cuirass, pauldrons, and vambraces made of beskar during his travails on Telos IV. He wielded a Westar-66 Light Disruptor Pistol which was one of only three of its kind, custom made for The Watch by Concordian Crescent Technologies. The Albatross housed his bounty trophies, including a collection of helmets stripped from other Mandalorians he had defeated or killed.