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Queen Liza Fabrege of Naboo

Liza Fabrege is the recently elected queen of Naboo. Quite young, she comes from a well-respected and wealthy family of entreprenuers and was able to recieve a first-class education, completing it earlier than most of her school mates. When she was only six, her parents began preparing her for her future, teaching her the means and ways of being a leader, both having had experience in leading in their own way. Lloyd Fabrege, her father, was an industrialist and philanthropist later in life, well known for giving lots of money to charitable works, and his companies were responsible for developing many green techonologies that allow Naboo to stay beautiful and pristine, and yet still be a bastion of industrial production. Her mother, Theresa Fabrege, was an full blooded Echani, and trained her daughter in the martial arts, and basic weapon skills. She too was a businesswoman, but travelled to many dangerous places to bring medical supplies and food to places devastated by wars or civil unrest, and using her martial prowess to keep groups of disparaged people safe and healthy through the crisis, whatever that might be. Together with her husband they were able to rehabilitate many people and find them honest work. Today they are both comfortably retired, and allow their various enterprises to be run from their home in Keren, and just enjoy their private time away from things- and support their daughter from a distance.

Rise to Power

In her young life Liza was pressured by her parents to be more than just a kid, she studied extremely hard and spent much time training, learning, and actually working under her parents for their various enterprises in small time leadership roles to get a pre cursor for what she would be doing later in her life- and eventually learned to be quite good at- politics. Though only 14, what Liza lacks in experience she makes up for in honest determination and pure will to succeed. During the election she campaigned on re-expanding the prosperity of Naboo, and increasing Security, especially with recent galactic events teetering on all out warfare. In the very recent time that she has been queen of naboo, and the trade lanes re-opened, many foreign dignitaries representing every possible faction have been coming out of the woodwork to seek her council and possibly broker alliances. She has been doing her utmost to make sure naboo can remain neutral for the time being, and doesn't want to jeapordize the safety of her world out of support for one group or another. She also has a whole newly elected (and for some, selected) council of advisors who have been most ready and able to provide support.

Theed, Royal City

Theed, Jewel of Naboo

The young Queen makes her royal home on the city of Theed. A medium sized city in one of the more temperate zones of Naboo, Theed is complete with a Theater, Arena, Palace, Research facilities, Many high quality residential areas, a large presence of Royal Security Forces, a Hotel, and all the amenities a large city has. It produces very little pollution, and prides itself on being a major tourist getaway, as the peaceful environ is loved by all who need to get away from violence and stress.

Past & Present

The Queen hopes to push Theed, and the rest of Naboo into a new Golden Age (Even though her term is nearly over)- one that will make Naboo a beacon of light and hope for the rest of the galaxy, a shining example of how showing the rest of the people how to live by living well, promoting the Arts, the Sciences, and the security of the populace. She has been sending diplomatic missions to many worlds, the results of which remain to be seen, however she has stated that for the time being, Naboo is to be considered a refuge from all the suffering and unrest the rest of the galaxy is currently going through.

The Queen and Entourage being interviewed by Galactic News

Naboo wishes to assert its independence, establish relations with other powers, and make its presence known as a positive force in the universe. As for the future of the queen, hopefully, she will guide her city well, continue to grow and learn as she is very young and has a lot of responsibilities.

With a new year, at the ripe age of 15, Liza then Naboo Theed's Director of the Arts and loyal Ambassador. She traveled the galaxy constantly seeking communication and peace between various factions and her home world. Naboo is now currently ruled by Queen Neurion Podlum, their previous and most dedicated Senator in history. With the new queen also comes new challenges, one being the unique moon of Rori and their unusual and tasteless work habits, she hopes to help the queen in seeking peace with those that reside there. Also, it has been rumored that young Liza is being courted by the RSF's Corp, Artemis Aiwass. Little is known about the twos relationship thus far, but they seem quite close.

After several years of severing Queen Podlum and then Naboo's FIRST King, following Podlum, Liza traveled to Bakura and Kathlon to grow outside of her own planet, in her visits she met the Tetan Empress and was asked was selected as Tetan Ambassador, shortly after the Empress was married to retire GAR Lt Fox Brawlor. Liza is now in her early 20s.