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Little Mos Eisley, nicknamed LME, is a role-playing estate on Second Life, featuring the Mos Eisley spaceport and town on the Tatooine planet. The sims also provide a large amount of shops in both the town and inside the spaceport.

Second Life Information

Currently made of 2 regions, or Sim].

  1. The primary region, Skylar, contains the city of Mos Eisley. Points of interest include the Space Port, the Cantina, the Gardulla Oola Hotel & Casino, various shops and vending tents, an Imperial Garrison, Medical Facility and several group establishments.
  2. The secondary region, Skylar III, includes the dreaded Dune Sea on the outskirts of Mos Eisley, a Hutt Palace, several cave dwellings and sporadic dwellings, a Tusken camp (or two), several group establishments, a Jawa Sandcrawler, the renovated Lars Homestead; and above, the new Tatooine Orbital Space Station serving commercial transport and shipping activities. The New Galactic Imperial Navy has a presence on the Space Station as well as several detachments patrolling Mos Eisley to support the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps.

Little Mos Eisley is owned and operated by Helga Eusebio.


About 249 years ABY (After the Battle of Yavin) - follows the timeline of the Post-Legacy era.


LME 001.jpg

By the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, the "Galactic" Empire had actually become a member state of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. This also eventually allowed Gilad Pellaeon to succeed Sien Sovv as Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force, signifying the level of cooperation and integration of the former galactic government with the new one, at least at that time period. The appointment of former Imperial General Turr Phennir, however, as the Supreme Commander of the combined Confederation military may indicate the existence of secessionist sympathizers within the semi-autonomous Empire.

At some point, following the Second Galactic Civil War, the Imperial Remnant once again began to gain strength. Under Fel I, who retook the title of Emperor, the Imperial Remnant started the Victory Without War program. The capital, Bastion, became one of the most fortified planets in the galaxy.

The Sith-Imperial War

At some point, the new Sith Order sabotaged reconstruction efforts on Yuuzhan Vong-terraformed worlds, to the detriment of the planets' inhabitants and killing millions in the process. The Galactic Alliance soon found itself facing a secession movement mirroring that of the Separatists during the Clone Wars. The Empire used this situation to entice Alliance member worlds to secede and become part of Imperial space. But the Empire wanted all of the Alliance worlds, including its capital.

Eventually, the Moff Council invoked the Treaty of Anaxes against the will of Emperor Roan Fel, and in 127 ABY, the Sith-Imperial War broke out, and the new Sith Order allied with the Empire. The war resulted in the fall of the Alliance and the reestablishment of the Empire as the primary galactic government. The remnants of the Alliance were absorbed into the Empire, but the Galactic Alliance Core Forces remained, and continued to fight the resurgent Empire. Shortly after the fall of the Alliance the Emperor called upon the entire New Jedi Order to surrender and subject their will to the Empire. Some of them did becoming Imperial Knights, while the others held to the will of the Force and retreated to Ossus.


The Tatooine Government supports Emperor Fel's Empire; Bastion has deployed an Imperial Stormtrooper Corps to the Mos Eisley Garrison and a fleet to protect the newly constructed Space Station in orbit around Tatooine as well as patrolling the sectors along the Corellian Trade route. Representatives of The Galactic Alliance, and the Jedi Order of Refuge have made very loose treaties with the Imperial Forces, at least for the time being, in order to deal with the Sith and the Sith controlled Empire. The political atmosphere in the Mos Eisley Council of Ambassador's is heating up to say the least, with further suspicions forming on the Bastion Imperial side as to the Sith Empire's involvement in a string of recent events...


The following groups and/or factions are represented on Little Mos Eisley, alphabetically ordered:

Black Sun Crime Syndicate
Primary Contact: C4P9 (aka Klugga Kultus)
Galactic Alliance Remnant (Brigade)
Primary Contact: Kayleigh Wuyts
Imperial Embassy/Bastion Imperial Government
Primary Contact: Taurik Xaris (Ambassador V. Jarnis) and Sondigh Mureaux (Master Dorren Har)
Imperial Stormtrooper Corps/Command
Primary Contact: XS Enzyme
Little Mos Eisley/Little Mos Eisley *RP Group*
Primary Contact: Helga Eusebio
LME Gardulla Oola Hotel & Casino/Obsidian Shadow
Primary Contact: Sondigh Mureaux
LME New Galactic Imperial Navy/Cmd
Primary Contact: Sondigh Mureaux
Jedi Order of Light
Primary Contact: Sir Xolarin (xolarin.resident)
Mandalorian Clan Shysa
Primary Contact: Garinovitch Raviprakash
Mandalorian Clan Tal'galar
Primary Contact: Semyaza Enoch
Spice Smugglers Mercantile Association
Primary Contact: "Creepo" (Creepo Kelberwitz)
Tatooine Government
Primary Contact: Helga Eusebio
The Formation Of The Dark
Primary Contact: Orko Blanchard
The Galactic Trade Fleet
Primary Contact: Captain Tesserian (Tesserian Shostakovich)
Tusken Raiders of the Dune Sea
Primary Contact: Sondigh Mureaux


OOC: The sim is operated by the sim owner, Helga Eusebio, with the support of several administrative personnel.

Estate Managers (SL Usernames):

  • Jessica Fromund
  • Sondigh Mureaux

Mos Eisley Administrators (SL Usernames):

  • Ramius Easterwood
  • Otacons Resident
  • Gryff McCallen
  • Taurik Xaris
  • Candy Portal
  • Skippabrazi Kungfu
  • Koreeah Resident
  • Mariasub Resident

RP: Little Mos Eisley is controlled and governed by the Hutts along with the local government.

Tatooine Government
Primary Contact: Helga Eusebio

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