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The Lightsaber Construction Kit (LCK) is a tool for Second Life user build lightsabers for their avatar.

The player has first to get a hilt, building it or buying it, then follow the instructions in the kit to assemble



The Orginal LCK (versions up to the very popular and longlasting 1.5) was created by Jora Welesa and Aphex Graff, and was not free or opensourced. These contained push & Linden damage scripts and fixed blur as this was before the era of combat systems. Versions 1.6 and 1.7 were not released by Jora Welesa but by a competitor who it was alleged hacked the LCK 1.5 to create and then sell these. For this reason, Jora Welesa took the step of creating LCK 2.0 and releasing it free (for the first time) and opensource, before leaving the market entirely. For this reason, LCK 2.0 is no longer maintained, although it is still functional at the date of writing.

LCK 2.1

Maintained by Gistya Eusebio

Current version 2.1b20

LCK 2.1 has a lot of options to make easier the building of a saber, and also changes to speed up loading times and lower lag.

  • New type blade with a flexy type blur for easy edit and less prims.
  • Removing channel 0, which lowers down a massive amount of lag. All changed to channel 99.
  • Menu driven commands.
  • Auto aligning and auto linking blades make easy the process of building a lightsaber.
  • Mode to show the hilt on hand or on hip without turning it on. Great for Jedi/Sith roleplay.

LCK Turbo

No longer maintained. Creator: Hanumi Takakura

Last version fix 0.07

LCK Turbo front end is a fix of the original LCK Opensource that implements some fixes for less lag and more functionality. It was not meant as a competitor to other products. it's main job was as en experience for scripting which helped with the creation of other products.

Extra contents. Turbo had the following changes since LCK 2.0 Opensource:

  • Support for double saber or twin sabers. (one on each hand) Before, people made use of two or more full LCKs in their sabers(one per blade with full anims and scripts), adding unnecessary lag.
  • Fixed the defender mode to make it a bit more usable against faster bullets.
  • Compressed and small HUD for more field visibility and less clutter.
  • HUD can manage colors for both sabers, either be double or twin.
  • Expanded number of styles from original 8 to 10.
  • Some fixed prims and script calls inside the style selector prim.

LCK Twin Turbo

Main article: LCK Twin Turbo

Maintained by Salene Lusch (formerly by Hanumi Takakura )

An evolution of LCK Turbo, it fixes and modifies most of the coding, making it faster, while still adding features like saber throw. Most of the code was fixed or completely redone by Salene Lusch. Conceptualized by Hanumi Takakura.


Main article: LCK_TT+LGG

Maintained by LGG

A modification of the LCK Twin Turbo to add

  • Pulse Effect
  • Glow
  • Exaggerated Blur Effect on Swing

LCK Advanced

No more maintained, this LCK appears to be no more functional, maybe after a DMCA procedure.


P/LCK is a free lightsaber kit maintained by Halcali Hardware. It's provided in two versions:

  • P/LCK Optimized, a rewrite of the LCK keeping only the minimal features and commands. No longer widely available.
  • P/LCK Advanced, an evolution of the former, re-adding classic LCK editing functionalities (size/colour), unique HUD, unignited hand hilt and "saber flip" utility. Available at the Wandering Jedi temple on Falang Minor.


Main article: F/LCK

Non free LCK version maintained by Furia Freeloader.

Current version v4.4. F/LCK users are automatically sent new updates as they become available.

This version is not open source (scripts are all new and no-mod). Scripts are compiled in Mono for faster response / reduced lag. It is available at Furious Star Wars Avatars in Taris.


Pressing the mouse button down, and keeping it pressed makes the avatar enguard and ready to attack.

Then pressing one of the following keys to make a simple swing:

  • Left or A key, do a left swing
  • Right or D key, do a right swing
  • Up or W key, do a up swing
  • Down or S key,, do a down swing

Or realizing one of the following combo for a more spectacular effect:

  • Left + Right (or A + D) keys, do a power attack
  • Up + Down (or W +S) keys, do an strong attack
  • Up + Left (or W + A) keys, do an strong attack
  • Up + Right (or W + D) keys, do an strong attack

The meaning of the attack depends upon the Combat System in use, which can even ignore the differences. The LCK is only in charge to make the animation.


The first LCK adds many optional modes, like Linden damages, push or shield. This modes are now obsolete since the appearance of the Combat systems.

Thus, some people still carry sabers with such options, purposely or not, and the sim owners turn off the sim options to prevent undesirable long range pushing.

Modern LCK are now only animators.