Lady Leysha is a Council Master of the Potentium Followers, and Zonama Sekot's head Healer. Her species, which is believed to descend from the Duinuogwuin Star Dragons, is known as Adamants, and is rarely seen at best. She was trained by Master Salene Lusch.


Departure from homeEdit

Leysha was born on Kvo'shh, the Adamants' home planet, an eccentric world of the unknown regions that remains little more than a myth, at least far too isolated from the rest of the galaxy to be charted on common maps. Adamants themselves are thought to descend indirectly from the legendary Duinuogwuin, a species of vertuous giant dragon-like creatures renowned for their unique characteristics, as well as a strong affinity with the Force and a highly diversified genetical code.

All this to say, that, like their Duinuogwuin ancestors, Adamants early declared neutrality after the rise of the Empire , denying all previous involvement with the Jedi Order and Force users in general. There is, as a result, a strong separatist streak in their culture, driving them to remain in isolation from the rest of the galaxy, and most Adamants only wish the "Foreign Devils" would leave them in peace and keep their problems with them, away from Kvo'shh.

Leysha, however, always had a different point of view. She was strongly opinionated and somewhat disgusted at her kin's taste for passivity, and was also naturally curious about foreign cultures. Additionally, she was also a confirmed Force sensitive at an early age, on a planet where such individuals were somewhat unwelcomed and looked upon with distrust.

At the dawn of her 27th birthday, a major argument with her family caused the Adamant to leave Kvo'shh, and never return.

Dromund Kaas and the Dark SideEdit

Her trips took Leysha to several worlds, including Yavin 4 and Thule, where she learned more about both aspects of the Force. While she found Jedi philosophy "interesting", she was also repulsed by their own passivity as an Order. On the contrary, the Sith's taste for action and radicalistic concepts somewhat seduced her, as she thought such people could help the galaxy evolve after decades of stagnation...

Later, she finally arrived on Dromund Kaas, home of the Massassi Order, that would become her new home for a time. There she started as a Dark Adept, and was soon taken as an Apprentice by Darth Massius, Dark Lord of that Order. Her seriousness and dedication allowed her to rise in rank quickly, till the time she reached the rank of Master and was experienced enough to begin teaching her own apprentices. At the same time, however, Leysha began to feel a certain hostility coming from the rest of the Massassi Order: her own conception of the Dark Side was indeed peculiar for a Sith, and she was sometimes reasoning more like a Grey Jedi, treasuring concepts of knowledge, equity and balance in the Force. Among an order of people that were more interested in backstabbing, easy power, and holding the lack of knowledge as a viable solution to their problems, the Adamant felt gradually more and more uneasy, starting to refuse teaching "unpromising apprentices" who were little more than dumb kids, looking for a thrill and thinking wielding a lightsaber would render them invincible.

The event that achieved to break her was Vjun self-proclaiming itself as the one and only Sith Empire, and declaring a purge among lesser orders. Realizing that she had been totally wrong about Sith, Leysha left the Massassi Order, completely cutting herself from the Dark Side.

Zonama Sekot and the PotentiumEdit

Back on the road again, the Adamant left for the unknown regions with little destination in mind, till the time she came to land on Zonama Sekot. There she made acquaintance with the Potentium followers, an independent order of Force users who believed in Balance and one single, unsided Force. She was surprised to be welcome there amicably, in spite of her past as a Sith, and soon grew fond of Zonama and its people. She was soon accepted as an apprentice by Council Master Salene Lusch, and began to follow the path of the Healer. Her first apprentice upon reaching Knighthood was an Amaran from Naboo named Nina, who Leysha came to adore like a daughter.

Time has passed since then, and the Adamant slowly rised from a Knight to a Master, before eventually being accepted in the Council itself. For now, she goes on managing the medical bay with Nina (who is now a confirmed knight and her assistant).

Meditation circle

Leysha enjoys a moment of peace at Zonama's meditation circle. (2008)

Leysha (mature appearance)

Leysha under her mature appearance, after emerging from the chrysalis. (2008)

Very recently, Leysha also underwent a growth condition relative to her species : it all started with a series of metabolic disorders, including depression, sensations of intense coldness, muscular pains and hormonal imbalance. Days later, her tail and wings suddently became unsensibilized, and the Adamant ended up shedding them ; soon, Leysha entered a chrysalis state and remained under that form for 24 standard hours, before emerging as a now mature Adamant, under a new appearance. She later learned that Nina had taken care of her during all that time, which reinforced their bond even more.

Personality traitsEdit

The first thing that is striking about Leysha is her easy access. She is in no way a protocol adept, and enjoys speaking freely with Masters and apprentices alike. However, she is also highly opinionated and speaks her heart out without warning, which can sometimes causes her to be perceived as harsh and severe.

As far as the Dark Side goes, and while she has now found peace of mind, Leysha has kept a part of her former personality, and sometimes appear cranky and prone to exploding in anger without warning. As a result, she has a tendency to get either very angry or very depressed all of a sudden, and (seemingly) for no apparent reason. Nonetheless, she also know how to be kind and understanding when needed, and her patients have always appreciated her skill and gentleness as a medic.

As a side note, Leysha also has a peculiar hatred for droids in general; this is due to a past disastrous experience with an old malfunctioning Battle Droid, that self-destructed in her nose, leaving her badly wounded.

Skills and LightsabersEdit

Leysha is above all a confirmed Healer, being skilled with classic surgical tools and the Force alike to cure injured people. She, along with Nina, already saved the lives of several members of the Potentium. She also learned the technic of healing meditation from Master Han, and once even mentally travelled to the Netherworld of the Force to seek the lost soul of a former apprentice.

She is also a decent fighter with a lightsaber; the first saber hilt she ever built was notably adapted to her built and strenght: named the Hybrid Saber, it was a compromise between a classic, purple-bladed lightsaber and a vibroblade, coupled together to form a long, double-bladed weapon.

Hybrid Lightsaber

Leysha's hybrid lightsaber hilt

After she underwent her physical change, Leysha however fashioned a whole new lightsaber hilt, not only to have a weapon adapted to her new anatomy, but also as a way to symbolically mark her entrance into adulthood. Endowed with a slight curve, this new hilt is by far her best achievement in terms of craftmanship, and as a note, it is also Electrum-finished.

Leysha's Electrum-finished lightsaber

Leysha's Electrum-finished lightsaber hilt (2008).

Behind the sceneEdit

Leysha is played by Leysha Jehangir. I also have an alternate character on this account, who is a Skakoan known as Qarlo Tek.

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