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Lenny Celt is a Human male and a Council Master of the New Order of the Jedi.


Early life


(Written by Cherek Elswitt)

Lenny is the only son of Jaina, and Zekk Celt. Lenny’s mother Jaina had been trained at he most prestigious Jedi training facility. The training had been exacting and difficult. Her sharp mind had seen her promoted far above her fellow students.

Zekk, Lenny’s father was a soldier. He also had excelled in his work, and had become the Governors watchman. It was in his commission as watchman the Zekk met Jaina. The Governor had been invited to review the training facility, and a small party had ensued.

Jaina had been irritated that she had been taken away from her studies to host such a personage. However, she saw how it could be a blessing to the school. With this in mind, she entered the banquet hall. The Governor sat in the chair reserved for the headmaster, Jacen stood alert and to the rear of his charge. Seated on his right was the headmaster, and on his left the monk assigned to the school.

There seemed to be easiness about the three, and only Zekk looked alert. Jaina noticed the two empty bottles on the table, and saw one of her fellow students bringing a third. She rolled her eyes, and as the student went to leave, she took the girl aside. She gave instructions to the girl that should another bottle be ordered, she was to bring the spring wine. This at least would not be as strong as the drink they had been imbibing.

Jaina ordered food to be brought, and this seemed to settle the threesome a bit. However, as the table was cleared, more wine was ordered. With a quick nod to the girl, Jaina quickly set up a small play to distract the three from their drinks. It did not work.

The three consumed the fourth bottle, and another ordered. Jaina noticed the watchman, and realized he had not eaten, only tasted each dish on his master’s plate. At once she sent the serving girl to fetch a large helping of food for him, and a tankard of ale. It was obvious to everyone the three would soon be senselessly drunk.

Jaina arranged sleeping quarters for each of them, and delegated a student to accompany each of them to the assigned rooms. Having seen quite enough from the three, Jaina had been relieved to stay in the banquet hall.

The Governors watchman accompanied his master to his room, saw him into bed, and had returned to the hall for the promised meal. Jaina sat and chatted with the soldier. She found him refreshing, and he found her to be charming, smart, and unforgiving of bad behavior.

The Governors tour had been scheduled for only one day, but lasted four. There had been two more days of drunken stupidity, much like the first had been. Jaina was close to the point of exploding. The wine cellar had been almost emptied. Still the Governor had not yet said they would receive their funding for the new project. This is what Jaina had wanted most of all.

Early on the fourth day, the Governor announced that indeed he did intent to fund the new project, and that he would be departing on the morrow. Jaina was so excited about the funding for the new project so much that she barely noticed how much wine had been drunk, and what meal had been served.

As had happened on each of the days after the first, she shared a meal with Jacen after his master had been escorted to his rooms. This was a fateful night, as it’s the night that Zekk fell in love with her. Her infectious happiness, and relief, had him mesmerized. Her eyes twinkled as she looked at him, and he found himself hopelessly lost in them.

Zekk took every opportunity to visit her over the next several months. She made him feel needed and manly, and he liked that about her. She felt protected, and cherished, and was amazed at his willingness to listen to her ramblings about midi-chlorines. Their attraction grew, and love bloomed heavy for the pair.

The pair wed in a quiet ceremony, and established a household not far from the school. Zekk was away most of the time, his duties as watchman being a very high priority. Soon Zekk was promoted to Overwatch. The most elite of the watchmen. They were to establish the rules of conduct, and defense of their charges.

This promotion allowed Zekk to be home more, as he was only required to teach one week per month, the rest of his time to be spent researching and perfecting the things he would teach. Soon the pair found they were to have a child.

Jaina produced a fine healthy son, whom they named Lenny. When Lenny was only a year old, strange things began to happen. Jaina discovered the occurrences had to do with her son, quite by accident. She had been trying to figure out how to formulate the force strength of the midi-chlorines, to blood ratio, when suddenly a pencil rose from her desk, and started to write.

She watched in fascination as the pencil moved unaided, then almost as suddenly the pencil dropped. She picked up the paper, and stared. There on the previously empty paper was a very complex equation. Beside the desk stood baby Lenny, smiling and clapping.

Path to the Jedi

Jaina was a Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order. Bornon Coruscant, she inherited her father's mechanical adeptness and her mother's Force sensitivity, resulting in her eventual training at the Jedi Praxeum. She met Zekk Celt as early as a child in the streets of her home planet. They always were friends and fought together.

Sometime in the Confederation-Galactic Alliance War they had a child called Lenny Celt.

As he was a descendent of a Jedi Knight he was watched on his mid-chlorian count. As soon as they were sure he was strong in the force he began his trainings on the New Jedi Temple on Coruscant with his mother. As the years passed by, Jaina and Zekk were unsure if being a Jedi was the best for his son at this time, and decided to stop his force learning and put him in communication and politics training.

As years passed by, Lenny still as a young person, started to gain political strenght in Coruscant.

In the meantime, Jaina and Zekk after discovering a secret corellian fleet had to go on a hunt and had to leave his child behind. His mother´s last words always echoed in his mind: "You are great on what you do now, but we both know the will of the force. You will be a great Jedi Knight. Take care my son."

After some meditation on that words and as the Confederation-Galactic Alliance War got heavier, being on Coruscant was no longer helpful for Lenny Celt anymore. He then went on a journey through the galaxy.

One day he ended up in Yavin, he always heard people in Coruscant talking about the great Yavin temple and the New Order of the Jedi and was fascinated to finally meet it. Talking with the locals, Knights and Masters, Lenny realized the New Order of The Jedi had the same philosophy that he had on learning. So he decided to stay there and continue his solo studies.

After some time in Yavin, Lenny met Master Abbra Erato who decided to take Lenny as his Padawan and finally have his proper training in the force and the jedi path.

As he always had diplomatic skills he hopes to be a Jedi Knight Consular one day and help civilization build up and become in peace.

On his fifth day of training, while meditating he had a vision. His mother and father came to him and said they were in a safe place and with a soft smile on her face, his mother said: "You belong there. Always keep yourself in the path of the light."

And so, Lenny Celt know he found his place in Yavin and will always serve the force.

Personality and traits

Lightsaber Training

Force Abilities




Accomplishments and Positions Held

-Former Padawan to Master Abbra Erato

-Council Master of the New Order of the Jedi

-Trained 4 Padawans to Knighthood