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Legions of Lettow was the name given to one of the earliest dark-side organizations. They were founded and led by Xendor, and then after his death by Arden Lyn. These Legions adopted the ancient Jar'Kai fighting art, Jar'Kai permitted a Jedi to fight with two lightsabers, one in each hand and called it Niman after the triumvirate of Kashi gods. The SWRP group which bears the same name was founded by Maslo Bade while living on Mos Eisley. The group was one of a few Dark Jedi groups at that time. Since most people wanted to be either Jedi or Sith the Dark Jedi groups did not last long. Shortly after the creation of the group Maslo Bade took them to a new home. The Planet known as Kashi, home of Xendor, had been destroyed when it’s sun went super nova. The Legions of Lettow had a secret home that was hidden during the first great schism. It was believed lost forever until one of the Lettow, Magus Winx, had a vision from Xendor telling her where the lost planet was and where to locate the Kashi Mer Talisman. They discovered the planet and renamed it New Kashi after the home world of Xendor. The Legions of Lettow also became custodians of the Kashi Mer Talisman. The talisman is a prism shaped piece of unknown rock. The artifact is endowed with dark side powers and radiates an aura of evil. The rock is cool to the touch, and conveys a sense of power to its holder, endowing them with the knowledge of the relic's full potential. This is believed to be the ability to tap directly into the dark side. After the destruction of New Kashi the Lettow spread across the galaxy once again. They are still the custodians of the Kashi Mer Talisman and plan to retake New Kashi when the opportunity arises.

Leading members of the Legions of Lettow

  • Maslo Bade
  • Magus Winx
  • Aegelia Bade
  • Minx Bade
  • Glendon Bade
  • Crim Shepherd
  • Zandross Lanzius
  • Scar Morigi
  • Savage Sewell