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The Legion of Yulan, often abbreviated as LoY, was an independent faction aimed at eradicating the existence of the Jedi.  Lead by those who practiced the dark side of the force, their presence was only recently revealed, however their existence reached back quite the amount of time.

"You have joined an order that is corrupt and nothing more than a burden in the galaxy.  Your blind faith has you trapped in a life with no personal gain ... no promise.  In turn, you are facing the consequences for your actions and decisions."
- Overseer Cortaan Yulan's message to the Jedi


How it began

Before the legion's creation, there was only a man and his droid.  Nothing more, nothing less.  The identity of the man at this moment in time was only known by his family and friends, all of which had been out of his life for many years.  The only others who caught his glimpse were those unfortunate enough to be in his presence, all of which never saw the light of day again, unable to share what they saw.  He was a master of stealth and an assassin under the instruction of his master, his re-purposed B1 Battle droid assisting him throughout many missions.  However, his days of remaining hidden were soon to end as he longed to finally make his presence known, and thus, after assassinating his own master, Cortaan Yulan created what is now known today as the Legion of Yulan.

"Let it be known that on this day, the fall of the Jedi truly begins."
- Cortaan Yulan

The Settlement

It was not long after that Cortaan had a run-in with a Kaleesh during a mission on the planet of Kalee.  The individual identified himself as Mathazar Signas , a guardian and leader of the local tribe.  After multiple warnings to leave the planet, the Kaleesh engaged in combat.  Mathazar displayed a high-level of skill in defending and countering Cortaan's attacks, however it was not enough to best the intruder.  He pleaded that his tribe's people be left alone as they could no longer take any more lethal encounters.  It was then that Cortaan stated his intentions of peace and said that he could offer his assistance under the condition that he was provided a permanent settlement for his newly formed legion.  Hesitant, Signas finally agreed, but only under a condition of his own, that he be allowed to join Cortaan at his side.  Knowledgeable of his skills, Cortaan made the agreement final.  His legion now had a new home.

Development of an Army

Though it was not originally Cortaan's intention to act as a protector, he was keen to prove his worth.  Using his personal B1 battle droid as inspiration, he set about creating an armed division for his legion.  His pursuasive tactics allowed him to strike a deal with a manufacturer to begin mass production, Mathazar being assigned as commander, a role he took with great pride.

It was during this time that Cortaan began experimentation with his own prototype configuration using the B1 battle droid design.  Equipped with extra armor, a higher intelligence and a pair of tusks to add a menacing look but also double as transmitters, he intended to use them as a means of secondary defense.  It was quickly discovered, however, that they were useful for more than just battle.  Because of their increased intelligence, they could better strategize their actions which made them rather stealthy.  This resulted in their main assignments being spy missions.  At first, they were armed with nothing more than typical blasters, but Cortaan wanted these droids to be able to properly defend themselves if spotted.  Thanks to a reserve of red crystals he had found on a previous mission, he began producing cheaply made lightsabers for each droid to carry, leading him to finally give them the title of Saber Droid.