Amaia Kreela is somewhat elusive due to her OOC presence as Leanne Karas being involved in many activities.

In-character informationEdit

Amaia, a Mirialan with a wealthy family background, has travelled extensively in her 29 years of life. She, as is the case with her race, practised a primitive form of The Force from an early age. Little is known of her training as a padawan in The Jedi Order or who her Jedi Master was. It is clear she is no longer a member of The Jedi Order although she still retains and practices her Jedi skills.

Not much is known of her affiliations and much of her past is, for the moment, shrouded in mystery.

Out-of-character informationEdit

Leanne Karas is the owner of The Forest Moon of Endor SWRP sim. She is also the owner and designer of Binary Star Designs Star Wars Avatars, where you can find avatars, outfits and accessories of exceptional quality, and the owner of The Binary Star Cantina where she DJ's regularly at events held for the Star Wars community in Second Life.

Leanne also DJ's regularly at the Taris Upper City Cantina and has worked on collaborative projects with Furia Freeloader.