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After a sith brought a cliffside down on his family's house, Larcen became a smuggler for lack of a home or moral upbringing. Because of the incident long ago, he became gun-shy around force users, for years blaming the force for his loss.

The Force

For years Larcen worked as a smuggler then he met Jedi Cobalt Ra'an, he found out that he himself was force-sensitive, and through her coaxing, learned to embrace it. For many years he still got fidgety around other Force users out of old habit. Because of uncontrollable events Larcen's first order was forced to disband leaving Lacren's training unfinished.

Joining Praxeum

One day while selling stolen goods in Coruscant Larcen noticed a Jedi wandering the streets. The Jedi must have sensed that he was hungry because he offered him something to eat. The two of them went inside the nearest establishment, it was a very questionable bar but they did serve blue milk. The Jedi introduced himself as Vinshu Blessed and they begin to talk. Larcen could tell that Vinshu was a Jedi by the way that he was dressed. "you have to be careful down here" said Larcen, "they don't care much for Jedi here". Vinshu found out that Larcen had started training to become a Jedi but his order disbanded. Before long Vinshu felt lightheaded, his vision became blurry and he was able to seat straight, "you alright?" Larcen asked. It was then that Larcen noticed a group of bounty hunters looking at them from across the room. He figured out that someone laced Vinshu's drink. He helped Vinshu out of the bar and walked him back to his ship. "I tell you Jedi may know the force but most of them don't know the streets." After that the two became friends, Larcen even helped Vinshu rescue Pontentium Knight Master Flint Mokeev from the sith planet of Thule. Larcen was soon accept into Praxeum and became VInshu's next padawan,

Confronting The Past

Larcen Blackadder progressed in his Jedi training, and had nearly forgotten the fear he had in his past life. However, his lack of fear has made him more open in the world, and news travels quickly, most often to the wrong ears. The crime syndicates who thought he had died a year or so ago after being shot down have found out that he is still alive, and want him dead. Larcen was training in Kashyyyk with Master Vinshu and his neophyte friend Shippou when they are ambushed by thugs. They fleed to Onderon, where Larcen has a few allies, but were tailed. With the help of his new friends, Larcen confronted and overcome his past once and for all.


After confronting his past the council decided that Larcen was ready for his trials. Larcen exceeded and was Knighted by the Jedi Council and allowed membership into The Jedi Order. Soon afterwards he took on his own padawan Abel Paulino, a fellow Amaran from Naboo.