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Lanya Windlow is a roleplayed character of SWRP. She is a Ferroan born in the mountain regions of Zonama Sekot.


Lanya Windlow was born in a Ferroan family in the mountains of Zonama Sekot.

At almost 9, she decided to build a small raft to go down the rapids of the nearby river, despite the parental interdiction. If the raft held out, Lanya, after few instants of fun, passed out on a stronger jolt. She awakened later on the night, terrified to notice she was drifting on the larger river unable to see the bank or to regain it. Her situation didn't improve when the raft came to the equatorial sea. She floated one day along, losing gradually her strength, crying about her misfortune.

Lanya by the streams

Far away

Bore by the streams, Lanya's raft and her fainted passenger drifted near a small island of the coast. An inhabitant of this island, Qarlo, noticed them and was looking for support. Soon a group of people ran up, pulled the raft on the bank and bore the little castaway to a nearby building for ministering her the first aid. They healed, conforted and feed her while she was telling her desultory journey.

She already had seen in her village some Langhesi in passing, some humans or even few Yuuzhan Vong they were few amongst the Ferroan villagers. In her present situation, she was alone of her species, with many of adults of many new species for her, with hairs, scales, armour and many of them had weapons. She was both fascinated and terrified by this new world, however, her fears faded out after she figured this people wouldn't harm her.

Some of them started to talked her about different planets of the galaxy, their people, their species, their culture. She tried to compare in her mind with those of Zonama Sekot, which was for her, the most beautiful world, especially its mountains but felt in the heart of her heat it was something different. Diverted by this new knowledges, she dozed on the sofa, dreaming of blue banthas living in bubbles under the lakes.

Meeting new people

"She was born in a family of Jawas and Zeltrons in the bubble city of Amara but her family was murdered by thugs when she was baby but she was saved by her aunt Bantha which board her on a Vavactyl to Zonama Sekot where she learnt the necklace weaving and the river boating"

— Lanya, dreaming

Lanya wearing her handmade flower necklace and bracelets

Hosted at the Potentium order, Lanya didn't wanted to be just a mouth to feed and searched to be pleasant with the people having helped her. She first proposed to Nina, which hosted her the first day and taught her rudiments of alchemy to sweep out her house, then promised her a necklace made with the little flowers of Zonama Sekot. Building necklaces was one of her most liked activity at her village and she ran from people to people asking them their favourite colour, unless it was green or black.

She also was hired as nurse at the medical lab and she helped the staff on simple tasks.

On the other hand, people proposed her new activities, like fishing in the sea of Zonama with Lady Susallia. She discovered many new marine species and became more reassured to live near such a large spot of water.

To prevent she feels alone, Gale trusted her a baby Varactyl to take care and Valtiel presented her to a young light purple Yorik from his Yuuzhan Vong village. When playing with them, she jumped on the Yoriklet back, The over-excited animal flew off to the sky carrying her young passenger so hight she panicked and felt off and had her life saved splashing down in the sea, however with many pain and bruises.

Chat with a ship

One day she was alone with Gale, an woman apprentice of the order which helped to rescue her. As Gale was speaking to Lanya about her travels, the topic drifted on ship and Gale proposed to Lanya to lookup at hers. It was a small freighter of a model unknown of her. After having visited the hold, Gale presented her the passenger seat and started up the engine to make a small tour above the island. Even if gripping her seat and closing her eyes half of the time, Lanya was amazed by this trip, seeing things from above and how small can be the buildings yet so large from the ground.

However she felt better after the landing and started to explore the ship. Hadn't she listened it speaking? It was obviously not a living ship as she had seen in her village, but it trembled when she touched it. She tried to feel it better and jumped when it spoke directly to her. This ship had an intelligence, even artificial as she'll learn during the chat. They talked for a while, trying to understand each other, with some difficulties as they leaved in very different worlds. When he had to return in orbit, the ship gave her a crystal shard she can use if she wanted to contact it.

She pockets the crystal in her dress, expecting to have meet the ship again soon, which happened in an unexpected way.

Few days later, when she was bringing flowers to a sick woman, she suddenly noticed a man in armour, a Nautolan, in the sick bay. She promptly hid behind a bed, but too late, the man was talking to her, saying his friend needs care. Despite her fright, Lanya recalled of her newly role of nurse and follower him to the sterile room. But things didn't happened as planed, once bellow, the man grabbed her by surprise, carried and bound on the bed to threaten her with his blaster on her face, asking her where was Gale and how the place was defended.

She possibly may have replied if she knew, but the reason the Nautolan didn't get his answer was her victim was paralysed by fear, only able to cry. Piqued his plan hadn't worked, he shot the little girl in the leg and arm then knocked her to stop her cries. Then he left the room.

The second step of his plan was to call rescue, he would have found the little corpse floating and would have bring her on a bed. Qarlo, Salene and Con came down to help, but the Nautolan forget to untie his prey and, when he started to move away, Con followed him, then Salene when she listened a blaster shot. She found Con lightly wounded and ran after the fleeing Nautolan across the jungle. She eventually neutralized him, despite the traps he had spread then she brought him back for questioning. However, despite aggressive questioning, she didn't learnt anything she knew already. The questioning ended under a loud noise of an explosion, which awakened Lanya.

Qarlo healed her the best he can, but she was harmed a lot. When she was able to move, on a hover chair, the adults proposed her to communicate with the ship. Pressing the crystal in her hands, she called the ship which appeared from the sky and hovered above the lake. She was glad to talk again with him, even she her conversation was causal. The group explained Ship situation and convinced her to help to stop the hunters, which Gale suspected to be sent by her uncle.


However, Gale was their primary target. A commando tried to neutralize her with an entrapped space ship. Ship attempted to warn Lanya about the attack, but she was too slow to call the adult and Gale was wounded by the bomb, even if the assailants were not able to capture her. Both Gale and Lanya eventually find themselves on medical hover chairs, which they used to make races to stay in good mood.

Another Ferroan

After her recovery, Lanya was even more worried than ever. Even if she liked to be in company, she hide even more from the unknown people. Once, an black and armoured guy even attempted to catch her and she was saved by the people living on the island.

To divert her, Gale changed in the many form a Clawdite can do, and also, she fixed a little swoop for her. Lanya started slowy, as she was worried to drive vehicle she imagined fast, but in fact with a limited engine, the progressively speeded up. She was laughing on her swoop when it butted against a talus, riding down the little girl. After having cried a lot, she figured she only had some bruises she calmed down and returned on a safe chair on the cantina for the moment.

She was drinking a fruit juice when a ferroan entered in the room, telling her he was sent by her parents to retrieve him. She was cautious, as she never had meet him before, but he find an answer to all the questions she was asking. She had some doubt, but also wanted to stay here at the island a little more. The visitor feeling it would be endless throw her a soporific dart and. Once she fell asleep he tied her up with shock cuffs and pulled her up bluntly to his ship which was landing near the entrance.

The kidnapper removed his disguise and flew over the Tampasi, his ship hovering when he was asking for instructions. Lanya, still dozing just heart a voice without understand it. Meanwhile, on the ground, Gale came back from her errant and found Lanya's sandal on the floor and felt the struggle and traces from the ship. After having scanned the area, she reached the unknown ship and fought the armoured outsider. She successfully routed him. After she controlled the spaceship, she triggered its own explosive charges and parachuted with Lanya on her back.

A step back home

During her stay, Lanya made new little friends, Aris, a young Zeltron girl, Sandra and Albus, apparently humans. She had a lot of fun playing with them and with the other visitors. She unfortunately was also the target of many thugs, feeling themselves greater attacking smaller people. However she had a good experience, learning many things new for her she wouldn't have thought existing at her village.

A Gand having come to help Lanya

One day, a young Gand came at the cantina, pretending he was sent by the Gods to get a quest and accomplish it, as part of his formation. The followers were thinking about all sort of missions, but the most important for them at this moment was to find Lanya's parents to return her back, or at least, comfort them she was all right. The little Ferroan was unable to locate precisely her mountain village and nobody knew her in the close vicinity. They presented Lanya to the Gand which then accepted to ask his Gods if this quest was worthy enough. After an ceremony under a fire emitting an ammoniac smoke, the Gand accepted this mission and asked to Lanya an item from her village. She though a moment and rid herself of her sandals, which had come with her on her raft adventure. The Gand took them and went away, attempting to feel how to solve his quests from this little shoes.

Susallia, Valtiel, Lanya and the plushes

Several days later, the Gand came back, announcing he finally found her village, and bringing one of her plush as evidence. Her parents were comforted to know her alive, and her to have news of them. The Gand told the location to Flint and retired further for a ceremony where he choose his name, Galdos, meaning "Spirit of the Nest" in his language, under the inquisitive stare of Lanya.

The next day, she packed her things, having hard time to squeeze the plushes she collected along her stay. However, events delayed her leave...


Some people don't have any inhibition for attacking weaker than them. Unfortunately, Lanya meet several of such people[1]. She was usually very careful, and attempts to hide when she saw outsiders, but this wariness did not always protect her.

Insane visitor

One time she was warding the captain Ashram, recovering from a disease, a man, visibly perturbed entered in the sickbay restroom. As this attitude was very unwelcome and the sick person was weakened, Lanya, to bend the rules, interposed asking the man to leave. He retorted knocking the little girl violently against the nearby wall using the hilt of her weapon to harm her more. This awakened Ashram which gathered all his strengths and propelled the aggressor so powerfully his body was dismembered when he landed on the ground. Lanya had to be healed and comforted long time to be recover from this hurt.

Child molester

Lanya recovering in a bacta tank

Several days later, when she was daydreaming looking at the inner sea, a man came behind her, and without any known reason, stunned her with the butt of his blaster, then pulled her bluntly to the jail, closing the force field behind her and leaving a message impersonating an apprentice. Susalia found Lanya later and bring her to the sick bay to heal her, then when she was able to move again prepared her a meal with her favourite cookies. A patrol later found the man, attempting to commit another misfit and he was executed after a warning shot.

Rogue attack

Another time the adult were travelling outside, she noticed lights and noise at the cantina. She came close and noticed, by the window, a small sized man breaking things and stealing the counter. She was scared and popped her head out, but too late, the man noticed the little presence and broke the window to attempt to catch her. She ran away around the cantina, and hiding in the Nalargon but the man found her anyway. She rushed to her room over the cantina, and hide in a little tent under a large Ewok plush. But the rogue noticed the door closure and followed her in the room.

Meanwhile, Kethina, one of the rangers, came at the cantina. The man, maybe because he listened her, ignited his saber. Kethina heard the noise that she located in the upper level and more specifically at Lanya's room. The man, attempted to seal the door melting the lock with her blade, but the room was so narrow his swings eventually touched the little ferroan which fainted, bleeding at many points. Coming at the place, Flint smashed in the door and defeated the villain. They carried Lanya in emergency at sickbay where Salene ministered her. The aggressor was roughly questioned and his attempts to escape failed. He didn't confessed anything useful and succumbed to his wounds.

"I wanna be Jedi"

Many time later, while she was playing at the Cantina alone with her plushes, someone with a teal robe sneakily walked in her back and draw a light blue sabre and attempted to stab her in the back. The noise and the light made her feeling the danger, she ran away, panicked, the assassin on her heels, trying to find an adult to rescue her. She went through the island when, out of breath, she noticed a silhouette on the pier. It was Muzu. She had the time to call him for help before her chaser came, but his sabre now off. When he was asked what was the reason of her presence and behaviour, he just replied he was wanting to be Jedi...

The traumatized little girl needed several days to not see the Jedi as a gang of thugs anymore.

Piloting lessons

Susallia bringing Lanya watching fishes in her Bongo

Living near a space port couldn't leave Lanya indifferent. She already had seen ships at her village, but not that kind and not so many. She fist saw this ships as an aberration. How a so heavy, noisy, smelly thing can fly and who would like of that in their backyard? However, as she was hosted amongst spaceship enthusiasts, they eventually conveyed her a part of their passion.

The first having bring her in a ship was Gale, Lanya was amazed to see the island so small from the sky. The first serious lesson came from the Captain Ashram. He bring her in a two-seater Naboo training ship and leave her the commands once took off, after having her explained how to steer the ship. She flew vaguely in the right direction, although she made many up and down and the ship didn't crashed, thanks to Ashram with took the control back just in time. At landing, she had her head spinning, wondered if she would even be able to pilot such machine.

Ashram showing Lanya the controls of his training ship

Several days after, when the flyers were training under the order of Susallia, Ashram boarded her back in his ship and their supervised the training, consisting to guide the ship through several thing passages with a X-Wing. After everyone passed, Ashram, feeling Lanya confident enough, piloted the ship al low speed to the track and proposed her to take the commands. She took a deep breath and held the handle firmly, focusing on avoiding the obstacles. Even for a smaller ship at low speed the trial was not so easy, but she succeed with a low number of bumps.

Learning she passed the trial brilliantly, Susallia made a little speech congratulating the little pilot, then she attached on her dress a badge of the Potentium Flyers Squadron, and named her at the title of "Rookie Pilot", at the great satisfaction of the new recruit, jumping everywhere to display her badge.


Lanya's 9th birthday cake

When she was about nine in what she called the "Human Calendar", Lanya made it known with more and more insistence, facing a apparent disinterest of the people around her. She was very excited when this day came, turning around people, which, at her great disappointment, looked busy at their usual tasks.

However Salene called her in a small house of the island and presented her a package, wishing her an happy birthday. The little ferroan jumped for joy and quickly undid the wrapping, to discover a fancy, but covering ferroan dress. If Lanya liked the colours, she wondered how she could wear a so warm outfit in the equatorial island. Smiling at her, Salene asked she try the dress to ensure it fits, leaving her alone in the house with the wrapping all over the place.

Exiting the room, Salene made a sign for the people come near in silence, while Nina was approaching with a big creamy cake she prepared since the morning. Eventually, Lanya popped out, happy of her new dress, agreeably surprised to see everyone as well as the cake, she ingenuously asked for what it was for. The guests congratulated her for her birthday and offered her many gift, and when she was cutting the cake, Flint announced her she was invited at a hyperspace trip, her first one, to Tatooine where she will be able to see real banthas.

The trip was exiting for the little girl, she already has seen space ship from inside but never made a hyperspace jump, when they were about to enter, the pilot invited her in the cockpit for looking up to the tunnel. Even if she was scared by this new thing for her, she almost not closed her eyes at the jump.

Lanya on a Bantha at Mos Eisley

The group landed on the spaceport of Most Eisley, when both of the sun were downing. Lanya was very surprised to see the world of sand, so different of Zonama Sekot. She wanted to visit everything, but few words took her focusing on the bantha. Looking for informations about the them, Master Gram stated, after a short glimpse, Lanya didn't need to visit at the hotel depsite she was thirsty. Luckily they found one of this animals attached on a pole, near the port.

Even if impressed by its size, Lanya ran to the bantha, starting to talk him in ferroan, then in basic, then trying to imitate his sounds, rubbing its long hair, attempting to make it her friend, even offering it some of the flower of her own necklace. She was at the height of excitement when Senselle helped her to climb on the bantha's back. She was playing a long time with her new, but impassive, friend, then the group proposed to make a full tour of the town and the neighbourhood. Lanya jumped down the mount and followed them, holding Flint's hand.

As a nurse

Lanya helping at the medlab, under the supervision of the droid Freemont

Lanya didn't understand, or at least support, living beings suffering. As The nearby medical lab had periodically a lot of activity and her education wouldn't leave her doing nothing, she proposed herself as nurse. She was accepted, and even if some of the staff doubted she could be of great help.

Her daily activity was to take care of the flowers, watering and talking them, and when patients where resting in the sickbay trying to keep them in a good mood, as possible it could be. She was also very useful, and proud to be, when she did simple tasks, like bandaging the wounds, or searching items for the healers.

Meanwhile, under the advice of the healer staff, she started to read the voluminous medical encyclopaedia, but all this texts full of complicated words bored her. She spent more time staring at the pictures, slightly disappointed however, to be unable to colour them.


Lanya "greeting" Yoda on the Great Library of Ossus

After her first visit on Tatooine, Lanya understood better what are outsider planet. Even if she still though Zonama Sekot was the most wonderful planet ever, her planet, she likely came along people.

She was for instance on Ossus and where amazed to find a well placed portrait of Yoda, while, according her history lessons, he exiled the first Magister.

Along with Cayce, leader of the Kata Mandalorian Clan, she visited Byss up to the crypt where the Emperor kept safely his heart, and Ruusan's museum and was impressed by the representation of eyes, held in a pyramid. This lead her the idea outsiders have strange places to put their limbs in.

Lanya's journal

Lanya writting in her datapad

Main article: Lanya's journal

As the little girl fell alone, with few other child of her age, Flint gave her a datapad in a pouch for she recorded her experiences. She opened the bag with enthusiasm and ran to a chair to discovers all its functions, with the help of Flint. She though about what she could record, which flower to start with and list the people she'll like to keep a picture of.

She also isolated herself and started to write a journal, in basic, trying to improve her written knowledge in this language.

Traits and Personality

Lanya was easily scared by strangers. Once her fear surpassed, she can become friendly.

She was curious about outsider technology, but she had a low knowledge about it and is scared by big, smelly or noisy technological devices. She was more used to the organic technology on Zonama Sekot.

She wanted to know about the outside worlds and she often compared it to her home world, thinking it was the greatest place of the universe.

When child, she was a educated with the Potentium ideology, as most of the Ferroans of Zonama Sekot, thinking the Force is good per se and everything ends up the good way. However, she was not force sensitive.

She liked animals, plants and the wildlife in general.

Her mother language being the ferroan, she often did grammar mistakes speaking the Basic being young. She had also trouble to pronounce foreign words correctly.

Skills and Equipments

Lanya playing her Alluta

Lanya usually wore a coloured dress and a pair of sandals, she tended to lose. She enjoyed to wear self made flower necklace and bracelets.

She was often carrying a doll or a plush, especially a Bantha plush offered by Leysha, she liked to cuddle.

She learnt to play Alluta, and spent long rehearse sessions, improving her skills with a short sized version of this instrument.

She attempted to learn the medicine when young, but it required too many knowledge for the youngling she was, so she only was able to assist the medical staff or heal the light wounds.


  1. The events related in the Thugs section are unrelated from each others. In some of the cases, a guy just came in and find nothing smarter to do than smashing a defenceless little girl. Sigh. Their lack of sociability explains greatly their fate.