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Skyler's personality shifts based on circumstance - ranging anywhere from calm and passively observant, to stern and outspoken, to rash and violently aggressive. While once before to have been ever seeking to find a peaceful medium in the circumstances occurring around her, she now maintains a resilient intent to play a situation to whichever direction serves her best in the task she has been assigned. Known for interjecting herself into a discussion or situation depending on what she visually or audibly plays witness to, whether it is to express a view or to take up arms in defense of another. Although she may at times seem more eager to listen than to speak, the limits of her creativity of mind should not be underestimated.


Skyler's family lived on a war torn world, and their home near a deep canyon. She was born sensitive to the Force, and it frightened her parents. From a very young age, she showed an exceptional gift with her being attuned to everything around her.. it started small, as a baby.. her wails of unhappiness would be followed with things breaking, flying across the room.

As she got older, and became more aware of her ability to control her focus, things got progressively worse.. She could alter the perception of others with the slightest effort, and was able to easily manipulate others to her every whim, and she enjoyed it.. But when she didnt get her way, or someone broke the allure she held over another, she became rebellious, and easily enraged.

One day, when she was home playing in the yard with a young child from their community, her parents returned from a trip to the market to find her hovering the child near the edge of the cliff.. In a dash, her father dove for the other child, and her mother rushed beside him to help. Skyler went into a rage, and let out a scream that in turn released a blast of Force Energy that sent them both and the child over the edge of the canyon to their deaths. She herself seemed un-compassionate about the occurrence, and went into an unsettling calm state immediately after.

At first the people of her village thought it was an accident, having come to learn of the tragedy because of her scream. The Jedi Orders near and far of her home world were of better mind than to pass it off as such, as they had been monitoring her for most of her life, as well as her parents.. Soon after the "accident" she was taken from her home planet by the Order, and her connection to the Force along with her memories of her past suppressed, rendering her complacent and unaware of her day to day life in which she fell into a quiet state, not speaking a word.

She was kept under watch from that time on, moved from place to place anytime her abilities started to resurface.. During those times she lived the life of a servant within the Galaxy, unaware of her gifted nature until the day that a Rogue Jedi Master found her and felt the Force within her. She was told of a great destiny that would await her, if she was willing to leave her life of servitude behind and train in the ways of the Jedi..

Reawakening in the Force

It would not be long after beginning her new life as an Apprentice that her Master found themselves called to action across the Galaxy, forced to leave the Padawan behind. Ten years passed, during which Skyler studied the lessons that had been taught to her and practiced her control of the energies of the Force, waiting for their return, but the reunion never came to be. Following what she believed to be a gut instinct, Skyler took possession of a personal transport ship left behind by her Master, and departed to seek out the whereabouts of her mentor for continuation of her training. Unknown to her at that time, the Will of the Force was leading her to what would become her new home on the surface of Yavin IV, and the guidance of a new teacher, known as Jedi Knight Tyrron Archria.

With her training under Sir Tyrron, and the support of the Kalway Order of Jedi, Skyler learned much more to the ways of the Jedi, facing difficult trials that pushed her to and beyond her limitations on many levels of physical, mental, and emotional extents. During the course of her apprenticeship, from battles with the Sith and events that would test her devotion to the Jedi ways, near-death experiences that would leave her forever changed, and the eventual recovery of her suppressed forgotten childhood memories, she would grow to deeply admire and develop strong feelings of love for her Master, for which she too found herself tested and made stronger by. Through it all, the girl who began her life born to Sith parents, with a natural disposition to the allure of the Darkside, reached a monumental height in her life the day she was honorably and ceremoniously bestowed the title of "Lady Skyler", Jedi Knight of the Kalway Order.

A New Path

The times would not be so good to the new Sentinel, as the disappearance of her present Master, and soon after the broken and encrypted distress message that would come her way, would send her off on an adventure of truth seeking and result in a change within the Jedi. Her understandings of the Code she upheld had shifted, as her growing use of abilities often recognized as those of the Darkside became noticed frequently in her return to the Enclave she called home. Eventually she would be called to make a choice before the Council, to convert back to the recognized teachings of the Order, or to leave it. Little time would pass before Skyler had packed her belongings and left the surface of Yavin IV, and begun her new life as a rogue jedi. Her destiny would take her to pay a visit to the Hutt Cartel's highest regarded leader, Lady Anda of the Anjiliac Kajidiic, in search of housing and purpose.. With her general fluidity and trained efficiency in both Basic and Ancient Huttese, she found herself tasked to serving as Hutt Security at Cartel meetings with the public and a fill-in Majordomo, as well as serving as an unofficial advisor and secret weapon for the Hutt Cartel.

Lady Skyler, Dark Jedi

Even this would present itself with difficult at times, as Skyler still struggled with understanding her past and what her destiny might have been without the interference of the Jedi. Too often since her separation from the Kalway Order of Jedi had she been presumed to have fallen to the darkside, and on occasion challenged as to her affiliations with the Sith. Following the instinctual nature she once relied on to survive, her path lead her back to Yavin IV where she sought out the knowledge held behind the sealed door of their Sith Archive, to which access and revelation was granted by the Archivist that guarded them. It would prove to be more of a defining discovery than she could ever have anticipated.

Force Profile

Lightsaber Combat Forms: I. Shii-Cho, III. Soresu, IV. Ataru, V. Djem So, VI. Niman, X. Jar'Kai

Current Alignment: Rogue Dark Jedi

Force Abilities


-Force Push

-Force Pull

-Force Throw

-Force Grip/Choke

-Force Lightning

-Force Persuasion/Suggestion

-Force Field

-Absorb Energy

-Force Jump/Leap


-Force Levitation

-Force Rage

-Force Blast

-Force Scream

-Force Seeing

-Force Repulse

-Force Wave