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"You are like a unicorn. You are pale, you are beautiful and you don't exist."

— Ran'ar Teeubo

Lyssa is a hybrid clone of the former Twi'lek Nan'ayee Teeubo suffering under some sort of personality dissociation. The two personalities that ever could be confirmed are Nana and Lyn. Knowing this please bear in mind that everything happening to her gets experienced in at least two different ways. Reading this might prove that this Sithlady crossed your way - whether you hate her or love her just keep in mind that this creature you are reading about right now might not give a damn about you in return. If you are one of those chosen few she surrounds herself with then congratulations! She might like you. Might. To reach what she considers to be her aim she is willed to do everything necessary and is determined to set a sign of revenge. Her goal is her gasoline allowing her to speed forward although she isn't linked to any of the common known Sith orders anymore.


"When thunder and terror finally fill the air I might consider relaxing in a rocking chair."

— Lady Lyssa

Birth is the beginning of death[]

Ran'ar Teeubo has been a lower class ryllfarmer on Ryloth for years. Allthough it was rumoured that he traded the valuable mineral illegally the Twi'lek never got caught by his employer. The company he was a miner for was one of the biggest but the incoming wasn't that great as the blackmarket boomed. Everyone knew that gliteryll, a synthetic mixture of ryll and glitterstim, found great purchasers. The Twi'lek's methods stayed a secret but still he got a reputation soon and turned into a highly appreciated trader.

Pek'unu was a young Twi'lek dancer of Leb'Reen on Ryloth. She belonged to a hutt that kept a dancing club running and soon got known for her extraordinary beauty and her nonstandart talent. When Ran'ar met Pek'unu he immediately fell for her. Her tiny appearance paired with unintended beauty and the sharpest tongue he ever heard speaking got him addicted. The way she danced put a spell on him he couldn't resist. He started to schmooze her and only had eyes for her. Each day he spent his evening in the club and watched her, desired her. Pek'unu made eyes at the good looking miner and soon they became lovers allthough it was a very bold venture for both of them. When Pek'unu got pregnant the first time she panicked. In total despair to be accused and executed for her disobedience with the baby still inside of her she tried what every mother would have tried at this point. She poisened her master. Due to a cybernetic heart he survived but fell into a coma for about fourteen months. During this time Pek'unu feared her fate already but because of the child underneath her heart she moved on. After a covert up pregnancy Ser'inee was born. To not loose her child to her master Pek'unu gave it to Ran'ar. And tho he haven't ever planned to get children he took the babytwi'lek. Every now and then her mother stopped by but it was hard for her to steal herself away. One day the visiting stopped. Time passed by and not long after Ser'inee's third birthday Ran'ar went to look for his beloved but he failed ever so badly as Pek'unu vanished from the surface of Ryloth. Instead of finding her he found out that the hutt she poisened woke up from his coma. Assuming he lost his true love to the hands of a hutt he nearly went crazy. Caring for his baby and trading the synthetic drug he somehow managed to scratch along. After another year a rich glitteryll-smuggler named "Nemesis" visited the Twi'lek father with two of his guards and offert him a deal. He would find Pek'unu - whom he knew would still be alive - and would buy her free in exchange for the beauty's first two daughters. After getting proof of life the desperated Ran'ar took the deal. This way he promised his own living aswell as his unborn flesh and blood to a hooded stranger and sealed their fate.

Childhood is a promise that is never kept[]

Nemesis kept his word. Pek'unu got home to lover and daughter. Happy about his gain Ran'ar forgot about the deal and married the young dancer. Near the small town Lohema they got a cheap accomodation and settled their life. Shortly before Ser'inee got five years old her little sister was born. Her mother only calling her Lyn, Nan'ayee was the middle sister. One year afterwards Ren'ee saw the light of day. Sheltered and secured the three girls grew up in the bosom of their family but with each year Ran'ar got reminded more and more of what he did to them. Ser'inee grew up to a beautiful delighted Twi'lek that wasn't lost for a smile. Becoming a teenager she pulled all the attention onto her while her sisters - who were about five and six years younger than her - still swayed around in childish spheres. Right after Ser'inee's thirteenth birthday the Teeubo family got message from Nemesis for the first time.

"The true meaning of time mostly is a meaning of course. But I shall tell you that time is as valuable as life itself because time without the valuable isn’t worth living."

— Nemesis

A heavy heart pulled the Twi'lek down more and more. The longer he saw Nan'ayee growing the more he started hating her for being born. He knew it was more than paradox. He knew it wasn't her fault but he couldn't start loving her as he knew he would loose her one day. Nana tried her best to please her father. She helper her mother doing the household, she cooked for her father when he got home late in the evening and she cared for her younger sister. When Ser'inee met a young Twi'lek guy she covert her up. Nan'ayee was a good girl and she never did anything wrong. She felt casted out and was jealous about the way her father treated Ren'ee but still she loved her more than her own life. At her thirteenth birthday Nana got her 'reward' by the appearal of Nemesis. With some guards he entered the beloved home of the little happy family. While Pek'unu was screaming and yelling at them they took away her eldest daughters. She cried and tried to stop them but the guards kept her under control. So the seventeen year old Seri and thirteen year old Nana got pulled out of home and family.

Pek'unu suffered several months and cried herself to sleep each night. Seeing her like that broke Ran'ars heart. He couldn't stand his fault, felt guilty for his wife's misery and for his daughters fate. He had to do something. After Pek'unu locked herself away for nearly a year Ran'ar decided to mix some glitteryll into hers and Ren'ee's food. The drug which had a medical effect on their capacity for remembering nearly erased all of their memories. He told them they had a serious accident when they wanted to pick him up near one of the mines. This way little Nana and Seri got wiped out of the family Teeubo and only now and then Pek'unu cried and didn't know why. Only Ran'ar took the burden to remember the worst thing he ever did in life.


A shuttle took the two girls to the remarkable estate of Lord Nemesis. Twenty hectare belonged to the man that destroyed the family Teeubo. Several great buildings decorated the rather planted and lush piece of land n Tatooine including a little library and a temple. Seri and Nana were given into an existing group of female dancers and slaves but at meantime they got a special status and weren't comparable to the other slaves of the mansion. Nemesis wanted them to always be near and watched them like valuable jewels so by night he locked them into cagelike chambers right next to his room. During the day they were forced to dance for him. Whatever he wanted and whatever he desired... he took it. The young Nana couldn't understand. From one day to another her life changed from being a pitiful entity to burning hell. She couln't bear the man touching her couln't stand him laughing about her unhandiness. He took away her virginity and all the dreams she ever had. Years passed by and the only hope the girls had was to have each other and not being seperated. Each day they met each other during one hour of praying in the temple. Six long years of slavery including physical and mental abuse made Nana die again day for day tho she nearly got terms with her fate.

The tide turned when one evening Lord Nemesis pulled the nineteen year old Nana out of her cage. He grapped her wrists and beated her up. Bruises and contusions were the order of business but this night it was different. Nemesis was angry about something and vented his wrath on her. This wasn't unusual but this particular night he didn't stop. Bleeding and only barely breathing she hanged to her wrists and thought she was about to die. Again and again he punched her that badly that she spit blood on the white marblefloor. Nemesis insulted her and when he decided it was enough he pulled up his sleeves, crossed his arms and stared at her. Heavy breathing he smiled. "You are much like your mother, you know." Nana didn't understand and he came closer letting his filthy fingers run down her beautiful body. "When she danced for me she was a lot like you. You can stand what I am doing to you, can you? Like she could. But she desired to betray me. ME! Her Master!" He spit on her. "You are her brood. The spawn of a whore." Nana felt dizzy and through the mist she looked at him finally understanding what he was saying. "He gave you away! He gave away what he should have loved for a whore like your mother." Six years she spent in hell and now finally she knew who got her family in such a misery, who planned all this from the beginning. Disgusted and overwhelmed Nana started crying so he pulled her off her chains and threw her into the room. She stumbled and fell into a table of glass that bursted into pieces. "You are a whore like your mother, aren't you? Aren't you?!" He pressed her into the shards but she couldn't even feel it anymore. There was only this numbing feeling of helplessness that captured her when he started abusing her.

The next moment she remembered is that he lied on the floor next to her. His throat slit open, his body fully pierced by shards. She screamed. He was still breathing and his sterterousness filled the heavy air. This was the first time Nana got in contact with the force allthough she can't remember it.


When Nemesis got incapable of reigning over his estate some of his slaves - including Nan'ayee and Ser'inee - got sold to a slave trader called Harras. Apparently this beasty creature worked for their mother's old Master. Still the two Twi'lekladies weren't kept to dance, no, they were used to make some more income by attempting to sell them on the black market on Tatooine. After a more or less successful auction Harras celebrated his own talent by drinking - too much. To have some fun he got Seri out of her cell to please him. Unable to prevent the upcoming event Harras was faced with a Twi'lek that took the one and only chance that got offert so galantly and tried to escape - successfully. Nan'ayee who got left behind by her sister remained in the hands of a being that blamed her for her family's incapability to simply serve. Wherever there was an opportunity he scolded and tortured her in public. Some weeks passed by and Nana nearly lost all hope to see her sister once again. On another auction the young one got presented like meat. Harras wanted to sell her. No matter what. He dressed her in clothings that showed too much to still be called clothings of any kind. Emberassed and tormented Nana came to terms with her fate when a cloaked stranger offert an incredible sum for her. Harras - blinded by the alluring price - pushed her off the wooden stage he built to present his slaves the most obvious way. But the stranger caught her and helped her getting onto her feet again. A gesture Nana didnt expect. The deal got sealed and the Twi'lek was sold.

Order of Triquetra[]

The stranger took Nana for a long ride through the deserts of Tatooine and for that covert her fragile body with a darkened blanket. After hours that seemed to have pulled on the Twi'leks strengthresources they finally arrived near an enormous lair. She followed her new Master inside... and got surprised. Very busy people heading from one corner to the next, laughing children, content looking women and some sort of pity in their eyes when they saw the peaked female. Wandering through some long corridors the two of them reached a great hall and suddenly Nana got jumped at so that she shrinked together immediately. Through her fear she nearly overheard the voice of Ser'inee. "Finally!" Well... the stranger that bought her from Harras turned out to be one of the heads of a group called Order of Triquetra that took it as high priority to free slaves by simply buying them or stealing them away. Still absolutely overwhelmed with the new occuring happenings Nana was forced to take a rest as for the next months she grew into the ranks of the OoT. Her sister already being pretty important in their rows as a fighter and defender Nana had trouble to find her way in all on her own. More and more her uneasy mind settled - but it wasn't meant to be. Four months after her arrival the tiny Twi'lek took part in a slavery auction to free another slave. The team she got sent with undercut the audience to keep the price low by critizising the offert teen. This way the other interested buyers stepped back being filled by doubts and the OoT had the chance to get the girl out by spending a low amount of money what keeps more for the next slave they would free. During the night they slept in a rundown tavern and the last thing Nana remembered was that she closed her eyes smiling...

Countess Corrino[]

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The force shall free me - NSO[]

Following an odd order coming from her Mistress Corrino Nana took the shuttle to end up on a planet being called 'Prakith'. She didn't know why she had to go there and she didn't know what the Countess had in mind but when she arrived and stepped through the deserts of this dry surface suddenly a sihlhouette appeared in the sandstorms. Another Twi'lek obviously awaiting her.

Chaos and Apparition

Getting interrogated by a so called 'Lady Luneris' Nana felt wrong placed and immediately tried to obey to not get into trouble. Whoever she was... this one was powerful and she knew it. Within the conversation Nana gets to know that Lady Luneris was Mistress and teacher of Countess Corrino in a bond of people calling themselves 'The new Sith Order' (NSO). In dreams and desires Nan'ayee did not dare imagining to be free but this Twi'lek offert her a chance to step into the lines of freedom and become something greater than a pitiful slave could ever become: A Sith.


Soon after arriving on Prakith Nana got dragged in front of the NSO's leader and head 'Apparition'. Asking what brought her there and getting an appropriate answer Apparition decided to take her into his order and set her into the rank of Initiate.

As an absolute beginner Nana had no idea how to react or how to behave so she went on acting obviously inferior and submissive. She had great respect for those being in upper ranks as titles dominated the new surroundings. Soon she talked to her former Mistress. More or less she was even happy for Nana to get the chance becoming a Sith and she supported her even. The relationship between them started to cool down when Elaine (Countess Corrino) got hold of the wrong end of the stick concerning Nana's inner development. More and more the little Twi'lek put up selfdefence and tried to put her back on what she called her 'forming past'. Elaine had been part of it so without knowing the young Twi'lek drew a line between the Countess and herself.

Lady Luneris took her Apprentice Elaine and Nana even to the library of Ossus. Nana had to learn about the force itself while Elaine studied the arts of building sabers. These were her first days in a library she would visit more often than her own bed. She nearly drowned in new information and hunger for wisdom.


Soon Nana got promoted to the rank of an Acolyte. This meant she was no longer a beginner but searching a future teacher to train her all the ways of Sith. She was told to ask a Lord or Lady to teach her but as she was more befriend with a library than with names she tingled between not knowing whom to take and picking wrong. Apparition got her unsure state and presented her to Lord Volken. He agreed to take Nana as an Apprentice the moment she was ready and allthough Nana troubled her own mind trusting someone that fast she jumped over her own shadow to learn what only Sith are honouring: Passion. Two more days she took to prepare herself before stepping forward becoming Apprentice and the following shadow of Lord Volken.


Lord Volken[]

As soon as Nana got promoted her training started. Lord Volken was a strict but very passionate teacher and he wanted her to learn as fast as possible. Every now and then she got thrown in at the deep end being confronted with what might kill her when she wasn't acting correctly. He learned her how to use the force, how to control it running through her veines ready to link up with everything surrounding her. Partwise just to prevent

Nana becoming Apprentice of Lord Volken

herself from dying and partwise wanting to make him see she's worthy all the effort she faught back absorbing every little hint he gave her. She discovert herself being very good with the force and even enjoyed handling things like that. Each night she went into the library of Ossus moving around books at first and later on even whole furniture. She had great fun making tiny candleflames dance to an unknown rythm, letting them collide and swirl up in some sort of mini-tornados. On the other hand she somehow failed to use sabers. The first saberfight Lord Volken came up with forced her to her knees and nearly allowed him to kill her. Due to the training she had with flames she was able to draw off his attention by setting his coat on fire. She received her just deserts by being smashed against a nearby rock nearly loosing conscience. Training was hard but it made her stand up each morning begging the day not to end that fast.

"You are no longer a slave! You belong to nobody! Be the pure embodiment of evil!"

— Lord Volken

Often the white Twi'lek spent time in the dungeons of the Prakith temple to train her saberabilities aswell as her forceflow as destruction wasn't that bad down here. Using the force she got grip of what happened in her life and she decided to take revenge. Revenge for everything. Getting more and more powerful she thought noone could ever stop her again - a typical thinking of someone gaining a little power. But she was oh so wrong and got it proven when one day Lord Volken entered the dungeons while Lady Luneris just talked to Nana. He stepped close to her and explained that he can not stay any longer using his physical shape and that he wants to leave to be one with the force. With widened eyes and a heart that was beating much too fast she got ordered to kill her own teacher. To stab him with his own saber right now. Nana being totally overwhelmed aswell as shocked couldnt believe what he just called her to do but when he gave point to his words she indeed granted him that wish. With a smile on his face and the wish for Luneris to teach his student he passed away and Nana lost his reputable Master. What she didnt know was that Lord Volkens decision aswell as her deed was covert by Sithlaw. It said that if a student kills his or her master he or she will inherit all that ever belonged to this former Master including titles and rank. And allthough Darth Chaos and sister of Lord Volken nearly ripped her head off, called his way of dying a waste and told her she first has to prove being worthy of the earned titles... Nana remained untouched.

Two days later the funeral got set up. Some members of the NSO gathered to wish Lord Volken his last farewell. Nana held a long and touchy speech and while doing so even took the last sympathy from Luneris and Elaine towards herself. But she didnt care. All she had on mind now was to prove herself. To prove herself being worthy of the gift Lord Volken decided to give her.

Darth Chaos[]

A few days after these happenings Darth Chaos herself, a well-known and highly appreciated force sorceress and wife of Apparition took Nana as an Apprentice to teach her the secrets of the force after Nana has beaten another Apprentice of hers: A Squib called Wrayge. Feeling honoured Nana didnt complain. She took the chance diving into the magic fields of the force. On top Chaos gave her a vial with flowing blood of Lord Volken. She wears it around her neck all day.

Soon there were not only two Apprentices under Chaos, there were three. Wrayge, Nana and a Hapan called Zepran who propably spent some time off and suddenly decided to come back again. Typical for a Hapan the boy started mocking Nana, annoying her with false pride and his incdredible belief he would be better than the rest. And unfortunately he defeated her even which -as a matter of fact - drove Nana more than crazy. Instead of being a union the three started hating each other, being jealous and sabotaging each others training and paths.

Things came to a head when Wrayge broke Nana's saber during a traininglesson - not knowing this was the one she inherited from her former Master. The Squib wanted to teach her a lesson and propably it would have been justified but the loss of her beloved saber... Lord Volken's saber got her loose all good manners. Uninhibited and driven by fury the pale girl attempted to kill Wrayge. The desire captured her so fast it was hard to react for others. Her Lady Master Chaos saw it coming when she saw the saber being sliced in pieces and so she didnt do anything to prevent Nana from attacking. Even using her lifeforce the Twi'lek did everything to drive Wrayge into a corner and bring him down. Because of Apparition stepping in in the right moment the Squib survived. This incident lead to even more unpleasantness between the Apprentices although Wrayge managed to repair the hilt...

Chaos taught Nana to withstand pain. Again and again she got pushed into incredible situations and when the training finshed she even programmed a fightingdrone called NemicG5-R to attack her sharply and keep the fire up. Nana having the right touch concerning superiors she got them angered nearly each day - which got her waking up in the lab more than once. Still all these happenings lead to at least one thing she relied on for some time. Her and the Hapan called Zepran got closer to each other and the hatred between the two disappeared although jealousy always stayed a big deal. The little Twi'lek started to have deeper feelings for someone for the first time...

Ser'inee Teeubo.JPG

One day Nana got contacted by her sister Ser'inee and her past life caught up with her. Her sister still being with the OoT (Order of Triquetra) she got message from an informant that figured out their former Master Nemesis was still alive and survived the attack of Nan'ayee. Ser'inee Teeubo. He would be now out hunting the Twi'lek down. Ser'inee adviced her sister to stay on Prakith but the younger one got nervous, stressed and got herself in a few very unpleasant situations with Apparition and Lady Luneris til she asked for permission to go and catch Nemesis before he was going to find her.

Luneris granted her permission. So a few days later Nana took the shuttle to find Nemesis ship. The 'Nebula Illunis'. Relying on her abilities more than ever and overestimating herself completely she faced him not being prepared for two Sithlords protecting him like weird fanatic zealots. But that was it. Nan'ayee wasn't able to defeat two of higher rank so she actually died trying.

Dead but no end in sight yet[]

The torn corpse of little Nana got dumped onto the surface of Prakith for her sister to eventually find her and get the warning if she returns to the desertplanet. Fortunately - or unfortunately? - Nana got found by Lady Luneris instead. The Sithmaster gathered her up and took the rest of what has been Nana to a secret lab. Hidden away from curious eyes Luneris tried the impossible. To clone Nana piece by piece using what had remained. To rip her off of certain memories she took her lekku away and connected her DNA so that in the end she had a hybrid mixture. To avoid having back the deceitful Twi'lek she once was Luneris linked her core to the dark side to grant her more potential on the one hand and make her loyal on the other hand by implanting certain new memories. After nearly two months of working day and night Luneris was proud looking at the result: LYN.

The Sithmaster took Lyn under her wing and taught her as her own apprentice. Great lessons and incredible potential helped the clone to gather more and more experience. She planted respect into the young Hapan even whom's heart she delicately broke enjoying the cracking sound. Focussed on her work Lyn learnt a lot in a short period of time. The only disadvantage was her own order stepping on her toes and treating her like an alien. They started being rude and Lyn's struggle to promote was all in vain as they turned her down over and over again. Instead of being desperated Lyn got angry. This sort of anger that got fed each day finally lead her out of the NSO's rows. Lady Luneris and her acted out her second and final death. Luneris being disappointed by her creation was the most logical explanation. So they decided on it and Lyn stealed herself away leaving everyone in the belief she died. The only one she picked up contact with again was Zepran, the Hapan her old self fell for. This was exactly when Nana started trying to break through. Lyn getting distracted by thoughts she would never call her own wasn't easy for her and a twist between the two personalities started to pop onto surface. Nana trying to see the bigger picture, being nice in many ways and loyal to whom she is close to and Lyn who is only working if it brings advantage. Anyways... Lyn searched for a good hideout and pulled herself out of reach. Behind everyone's back Lady Luneris caught up with her and went on training her creation. The more effort she put into this project the faster Lyn was able to gain power.

Humbling Luneris Lyn went out and tried finding people to support the Sithmasters power. That was when she crossed paths with a woman called Renatta Luxar. The girl was fascinated by Lyn's abilities and hungered for more power. For the power the tiny clone indeed inherited. Sealing her fate with blood Renatta dedicated her further life to Lyn.

Lady Lyssa[]

Due to her greatly fullfilled tasks Lyn finally got promoted and from this moment on got called Lady Lyssa. Abandoning her past she moved on and stepped out of the shadow of her Master. Settling herself on Korriban for a while she lured Renatta there by spreading rumors that she is of higher rank now. The girl didn't hezitate and stepped into apprenticeship under Lyssa whom she swore absolute loyalty.

Still Lyssa didn't start teaching her new apprentice immediately. There was something she carried with her like an obsession. The death of her first master was something that didn't leave her alone so she started preparations to somehow be able to call his soul back from the force by using his flowing blood.

In the tombs of Korriban she did a ritual that nearly sucked out all of her own lifeforce even. She prepared a lone for Lord Volken to possess and called him back successfully!

Now having him by her side and her new apprentice under her wing her new life seems to have started!