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A well known criminal and psychopath, this Iridonian born Zabrak has had many affiliations within the criminal underworld, including the Exchange and the Black Suns.


Violent Beginnings[]

Kyvha has a long history of criminal involvement, first as a pirate in the Iron Hounds, where she was raised by a small crew of pirates from a young age up into adulthood. After an unfortunate event with a raid gone bad, she lost her jaw and had it replaced with the mandible of some old junk droid. This was the beginning of her spiral down into insanity and psychosis.

During another raid with the Hounds, the Zabrak lost herself and fell into such a rage that she not only slaughtered the opposing crew, but that of her own as well. When she finally regained her faculties, she was mortified, fleeing to Bakura to try and get away from what she had done and start anew

Joining the Exchange, Leading the Regulators[]

On Bakura, she quickly joined the Exchange where she proved herself an effective and skilled enforcer, helping eradicate the Black Vulkars along with other rival gangs. Rising up in the ranks, once the Exchange had moved their operations to the Undercity of Coruscant, she soon became a Lieutenant for the Exchange, and was given the ability to lead her own Swoop Gang, the Regulators.

The gang only lasted a very short time, with her own sanity rapidly dwindling after another incident where she lost nearly half of her body due to a magnetic thermal detonator being thrown at her during a street skirmish between the Exchange and a number of rival factions. With her spine, legs, and a number of her organs needing replaced, she was soon becoming more machine than Zabrak.

Betraying the Exchange[]

Unfortunately, these losses continued to rapidly break down her mind, causing her to become erratic and even more violent. So much so that she soon turned on her former boss, Arkaric Selona of the Exchange, threatening him and other Exchange members, along with the cornered boss of the Black Suns, Verne, with a homemade chemical frag grenade on a deadman switch. Though she claimed to be doing so to even the balance of the fight between the Exchange boss and Black Suns boss, no one was certain of her true intentions. The suicide attempt failed, only resulting in major damage to those in the surrounding area, and herself losing her entire right arm and acquiring chemical burns.

Joining the Black Sun as it Fell[]

Damaged further, and now wanted by the Exchange, Arkaric placed a bounty on her head. The Iridonia fled the Undercity, joining Verne in the Black Suns in their casino in the Uppercity, and being given the rank of Vigo. This of course, did not last long, as the Black Suns were already falling, with the Exchange's relentless assaults on all Black Sun's and their holdings, the criminal organization soon fell, leaving Kyvha once more alone.

Fleeing Coruscant[]

Unable to remain on Coruscant due to the threats on her life, and no protection, she purchased a ship with her remaining funds and fled to a far flung Outer Rim desert planet called Beheboth. There she took it upon herself to reign terror on a local populace, appointing herself as a Lawkeeper, and enforcing her own brand of corrupt, psycho-terror law.

The Return[]

Two years have passed since she left Coruscant for Beheboth. During a routine transport of 'prisoners' off-world, she intercepted a message from a well known, old pirate by the name of Jes'tula. The message asked that all pirates, smugglers, and their ilk meet on a certain day at a certain place. Curious as to the call, she has set off in her ship, the Renegade Reek, for Coruscant.

Personality and Traits[]

General Personality[]

Extremely violent and unhinged, Kyvha is considered by many to be a complete psychopath. Though she has lost more fights than she ever won, she is determined and unwilling to back down from a fight, regardless of the odds. Driven and focused, when she sets her mind to a task, she will see the task to completion at the expense of all other things.

Notable Traits[]

Has a penchant for cannibalism. Whether she is a full cannibal or does it more as a fear tactic to frighten her enemies, no one is sure. All that can be said is that she is often seen eating the index, middle, and ring fingers of the dominant hand of those she has bested.

Kyvha speaks in a mechanical, modulated tone due to the voice modulator installed in the droid mandible that serves as her jaw. This causes her to sound much like a droid.

The majority of her face and the right side of her body is covered in chemical burn scars due to the failed suicide attempt against the Exchange Boss, Arkaric Selona.

Her eyes seem to have become sickly, with the sclera becoming yellowed due to jaundice, as well as a thick webbing of hardened veins near the edges of the sockets. This is most likely due to her cannibalistic tendencies.

Though seen as psychotic and violent, Kyvha won't attack or harm innocents unless there is a reason for it, however loose the reasoning may actually be.


Known Skills[]

  • Mechanics - Skilled
  • Racing [Swoops] - Skilled
  • Piloting [Freighters] - Skilled
  • Melee [Heavy Weapons] - Skilled
  • Hand-to-hand [Brawling, Iridonian Martial Arts] -Expert
  • Ranged [Pistols - Blasters, Slugthrowers] - Skilled
  • Ranged [Rifles - Blasters, Slugthrowers] - Novice
  • Demolitions - Expert
  • Languages - Basic, Zabraki, Rodese, Huttese

Skills in Training []

Gear and Augments[]


-Scrapper's Heavy Blade - [A long blade made of scrap durasteel and duranium.]

-Impact Hammer - [Heavy Durasteel hammer with a pneumatic system that increases the impact force on contact. Collapsible.]

-Modified Shock-Gaunt - [A durasteel plated shock-gaunt modified with a larger power cell and higher voltage settings.]

-Blastech DLT-19 Light Repeating Blaster Rifle - [A long ranged, high powered blaster rifle.]

-Gundark Heavy Blaster Pistol - [High powered blaster rifle with short ranged.]

-Refurbished Sentinel Targeting Drone - [A small repulsor-drone with a built in targeting system and blaster.]

-Homemade Chemfrag Grenades - [Expels a highly corrosive gas [Plank Gas] in a 10m radius that eats normal armor, flesh, and cloth in about 10sec, along with shrapnel. Set for delay.]

-Modified Sonic Detonators - [Expels a shrill, high feequency, oscillating screech in a 10m radius that can incapacitate most organics and disable droids. Set to proximity.]

-Modified EMP Grenade - [Releases a 5m blast of electrical energy that can disable droids, turrets, as well as disrupting electrical equipment for a few seconds. It is also capable of stunning and electrocuting organic lifeforms with cybernetics.]

-Modified Flash Grenade - [Releases a strobing, blinding flash of light in a 5m radius, the effects lasting for about ten to fifteen seconds. Causes blindness and can trigger seizures for a short duration.]

-Modified CryoBan Grenade - [Releases a supercooled chemical in a 3m radius that can cause frostbite and temporarily freezes the target. Can also damage droids, electronics, and vehicles not adapted for cold-weather.]

-Modified Plasma Grenade - [Releases a superheated gas in a 3m radius that ignites on contact with the atmosphere, causing clinging flames and severe burns.]


-Durasteel Jaw [Retrofitted Droid Mandible, Voice Modulator, Acoustic Amplifier, Toxin Filter]

-Modified Replacement Legs [Gyro Stabilizers, Rocket Attachments, Bladed Toes, Duranium and Durasteel Plated]

-Scrap Replacement Arm [Right Arm, Enhanced Strength, Stabilizers, Duranium and Durasteel Plated]

-Spinal Replacement [External Attachment Sockets]

-Subdermal Armor Plating [Stomach, Sides, Pelvis, Thighs]

The Renegade Reek[]

The Renegade Reek vs. Attackers

  • Name: The Renegade Reek
  • Manufacturer: Corellien Engineering Corporation
  • Model: Heavily Modified YT-2400
  • Class: Light Freighter
  • Max Speed: 955 km/h
  • Crew: 3 [Min 1]
  • Passengers: 6
  • Max Cargo: 125 Metric Tons

-Hyperdrive: Isu-Sim SSP05 Hyperdrive Generator

-Shielding: Kuat Drive Yards Shield Generators [Fore/Aft], HU-OC Deflector Shield [Port/Starboard], Nordoxicon-38 Anti-Concussion Field Generator

-Hull: Titanium and Duralloy Reinforced Plating

-Armament: AG-2G Quad Laser Cannon Turrets x2, Stationary Quad EMP Cannon, CM-5 Concussion Missiles x3, Minelayer

-Countermeasures: Carbanti 29L Electromagnetic Countermeasures Package, Forbes CC-Y Antiradar Defense Unit Sensor Jammer

-Communications: Chedak Frequency Agile Subspace Transceiver

-Sensors: ANs-9.5w Wide Range Sensor System

-Other: Phylon C5 Tractor Beam Emitter, Escape Pod

OOC Notes[]

Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGmUsJvRv7U