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Kyanduso Taurus, was a Force Sensitive Chiss Female born to Sith Lord parents and once attended the New Jedi Order Praxeum on Chandrila before her death.


Kyanduso in her early days as a Sith Apprentice

Kynaduso's bloodline can be traced back more than four centuries to a Chiss noble family originating on Csilla, the Vanaecious family moved to Korriban eighty three years before Kyanduso; where they remained, until they were all wiped out from family feuds. In the months after Candlyn travelled to Korriban to avenge her family's deaths, it was later revealed that her father Lucrezio and aunt Lucretia tried to have Kyanduso killed, when she discovered the truth of Candlyn's staged kidnapping. Shortly after her death, Kai, Lauraina and Kori dug into Kyanduso's death and also discovered the truth behind Candlyn's kidnapping, they were all killed by Darth Vexious on Korriban, before laying eyes on Candlyn. Both Kyanduso and Candlyn were very close and regarded each other as sisters than cousins. When they were children, they secretly plotted to run away from home and join the Jedi. However, this never came to be since Kyanduso died halfway into her Jedi training.

Joining the NJO[]

Kyanduso on Byss in 247 ABY

Kyanduso started off as a Sith Adept and training for a few months with the Crimson Blade's Sith Order, and during a mission in which she was forced to kill a Jedi Padawan by the name of Mara. Kyanduso couldn't bring herself to do so, and Mara sensing good in Kyanduso convinced Kyanduso to join the Jedi.Remembering all the lies, hate and deciets from her family and mentors, Kyanduso helped Mara escape and she defected from the sith, joining the NJO on Chandrila. Kyanduso was treated with such kindness that she vowed to never let the darkness consume her again, and became a great help to the Jedi, planning to choose the Sentinel path and become a Shadow. A few months later Mara was exiled from the NJO, for siding with the Mandalorians, helping them spread terror and becoming the Pink Mando, while Kyanduso moved up in Padawan ranks. Needing to chat with Kyanduso, in order to get her to join the Mandalorians, Mara led Kyanduso into an abandoned warehouse, unknowing there was a bomb waiting for Kyanduso, planted by Kyanduso's aunt Lucretia. Kyanduso entered the warehouse first and the door was shut before Mara could enter, Mara was forced to report that Kyanduso was dead and Mara never returned to Chandrila again.

Vashara Riaxik posing as Kyanduso[]

Five years later a force sensitve by the name of Vashara Riaxik took on the persona of Kyanduso Taurus and made up a fake biography that she avoided death after a vision came to her. Vashara then made her presence known and sought out various Sith master that would train her, eventually stumbling across Darth Vyrassu.