Ku'gans Early Life[edit | edit source]

Born on Nal Hutta as a direct decendant of Beldorian the young hutt was very cunning and learned from his father "that it is always profitible to control"..He was always a quick learner so he was soon to make his first group of mercs that was mostly made of bums but would take over small cites just for spice..As his father got weaker Beldorian tought the huttling the ways of the force and tought him how to form his body and how to use it..He did not unlock what his father tought him till much later.He later grew of age and moved to nar shadda and met a hutt named Huttila the Hutt which welcomed him with open arms and gave him a place to stay in his hutt palace.After being on the hutt council for quite some time and a trusted colige Huttile the hutt was rendered headless.The hutt council was his.After he ran the council for a year he became very "bored" and decided this life style was not for him.He wanted action so he seaked it.After crash landing his ship in dagobah he met a member of the sith and founder of the "DOR"..they tought him the ways of the force and unlocked his fathers special power of forming his body to supply him with much power. He was soon to become a very physically strong hutt unlike all the hutts that rule now.He would then seek out for more power as he landed in tattoine and started a new. He decided to found a new hutt clan...the "Shell Clan" was picking members up very fast his palace grew as this happened forming one of the biggest in the galaxy.This still did not please him as not everyone knew his name.

Ku'gans Current Life[edit | edit source]

He is located on Kuat awaiting for his soon to be casino to be built....he has chosen to run it and with the help of his allies from the crimson skulls and his trusted droids secruity there will be tight.

Ku'gan's Qualitys[edit | edit source]

Ku'gan is a firm person if he say's something it will be done.He has always been on the frontlines beside his man unlike any hutt.Many people favor him because of this.He is a true general.

Ku'gans Latest Missions[edit | edit source]

To make his name known in the slums of kuat.Build his newly founded Gejalli clan.Run wohat will be the most successful casino ever to be built in the galaxy!

Ku'gans Equipment[edit | edit source]

Hutt Armor,Shoulder Mounted E Web,Helmet,2 Arm Blasters,Vibro axe,Vibro shield.

Current Bountys Against Ku'gan[edit | edit source]

LME-100,000 dcs credits


Bountys Placed By Ku'gan[edit | edit source]

100,000 credits for any CO of Gar(captured)

50,000 credits for any tetan's (hand)

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