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"A person who does not believe his instructor's teaching will never reach a depth of understanding; likewise, a person who believes every word of his instructor's teaching without question will never reach a depth of understanding."

— Krator Trill (In regards to Echani instructors.)


Life on Eshan[]

Trill family artist rendition of Krator, (Age 13)

Eshan governed by an overbearing matriarchal council, progressed onwards into the steady rhythmic movement that was any flourishing society. The Echani race as a whole kept to its customs and age old traditions.

When Echani children began military training at age seven, they would enter the education system. The education system for Echani was designed to encourage discipline and physical toughness and to emphasize the importance of the Echani Nation. Echani lived in communal messes and, according to law, the children were fed "just the right amount for them never to become sluggish through being too full, while also giving them a taste of what it is not to have enough." Besides physical and weapons training, children studied reading, writing, music and dancing. Special punishments were imposed if the children failed to answer questions sufficiently 'laconically'.

It was in this system that Krator stood above others, not in height, but in skill. His prowess in agility proved him the better against many a classmate and in a great number of sparring sessions. This ease and lack of true effort to best his classmates resulted in an inflated since of importance, entitlement, and arrogance. His personality turned cocky, and full of himself; up until the age of thirteen when he recived his first private instructor.

Training (On Eshan)[]

Bloody, scarred, and bruised at the hand's of Jaxus Trius, Krator's personal mentor and Martial artist instructor. Krator's golden gifted personality of importance turned to rusted durasteel within one session with the likes of Jaxus. The man would schedule Krator through regimented eating, living, sparring, and overall day to day activities. Life would be hard, brutal, but that’s what made for a decent Echani warrior; and as he came to find out in his teen years it was something far different to spar with full-fledged Echani Warrior’s than other growing classmates.

Krator, Wielding an Echani Foil, (Age 17)

During his tutelage under Jaxus Trius, he’d also fall under the instruction of three more notable mentors.

Barg Wen
A notable Echani firedancer.
Yusan Trius
Wife to Jaxus, a notable defense mentor.
Leveit Trill
Father to Krator, and renowed group tactician.

Under the guidance of these four, he’d progress into a well-known Echani dullest, and warrior of Eshan. Both his linage and unarmed fighting would be testament to his place within Echani society; this would lead into his short career as an Officer in the Echani military.

Military Life (On Eshan)[]

Upon his completion of his tutoring under those of his instructors, Krator was expected to enroll in the officer’s academy of Eshan. Both a result of his training, and lineage as a member of House Trill; he would wade through the academy with ease but would not out-perform other Officers, a lingering speculation that he did not want to be noticed. Be it humility, or slothfulness.

He graduated the academy with mediocre scores at the age of twenty one; before taking to some minor territorial dispute with a small pocket remnant of the Maktite. Command called for diplomatic discussion, and the use of moderate force.

Maktite Dispute

Krator, committed a massacre; his orders and fighting would lead to an immoral butchering of the Maktite mercenaries. He had discovered bloodlust, and came to enjoy the thrill of the fight; not because he had been fighting his entire life, not because his culture demanded it; but because he now enjoyed it.

This massacre would be the first of several, that would eventually lead to his discharging from the service. Dishonored, and stripped of his rank he persevered and progressed to crush any Echani that further questioned his ‘morals’.


Krator would continue some semblance of a life with purpose upon Eshan, but ultimately turn his attention back upon training and honing his martial skills. He soon grew obsessed with becoming someone or something greater than he was, he’d carve himself out a niche on Eshan in time…but in doing so he’d require more strength than he already possessed. His silver eyes now turned to worlds outside of Eshan, to something greater.