"Find the weak spot, then aim somewhere else in your mind so your opponent doesn't realize until too late. If you're quick and accurate enough, that is."

Valermit Mindseer's memory of a piece of advice his father gave him for fighting other Force-users.


Birth and trialsEdit

Kissai Hunter Kraqmol Mindseer's origins are largely shrouded in mystery.  It is believed, however, that he caught the eye of a senior Kissai-caste Hunter during his coming-of-age trials, likely for his innate ability to wrap light around himself, thus vanishing from sight.  He is known to have suffered from seemingly random headaches as a youngling and as an initiate.


In due course, Kraqmol was apprenticed to the senior Hunter whose eye he had previously caught, and he accompanied his master on a number of exploratory and pursue and destroy missions.  When not actively engaged in their work, the two would often spar with quarterstaves or practice the use of various Force powers.  Kraqmol learned to navigate safely through both true hyperspace and Kendalaran Hyperspace.  His master also managed to coax out his previously unrecognized talent for tracking using the Force, a powerful ability which despite several attempts to "breed" for it, coupled with several High Sorcerers' alchemical experiments, remained rare, even among the Hunters of the Enclave.

Disrupting the Dream-weaver RitualEdit

Apprentice Hunter Kraqmol and his master were returning from a several months'-long hunt when Kraqmol experienced what he described as "a nightmare of improperly-channeled passion...or it would have been a nightmare, if I had been asleep."  When they exited true hyperspace and docked with the orbital station above Kendalar V, they learned that yet another duel was underway on the surface.  Kraqmol noted in surprise that he had never heard of so many duels being fought in a single year.  Upon investigation, he discovered that more than 90% of the duels fought that year had the same challenger: the Dream-weaver.

When Kraqmol and his master reached the surface, Kraqmol felt another onslaught of the daymare he experienced in hyperspace, and, determined to put a stop to it, he grabbed his training blade and headed straight for the dueling grounds.  He arrived just in time to witness the all too short duel between the Dream-weaver and Massassi-caste Apprentice Warrior Udarmo. Kraqmol questioned some of the other apprentices as to the reason for the duel; it is said that, when he heard their answer, the expression on his face awakened fear in the pits of their stomachs.  When the Dream-weaver fell, and none other of her caste made any move to defend her, Kraqmol vaulted over the barrier and placed himself between Udarmo and his exhausted and wounded opponent.  The exultant Udarmo, irritated by the arrival of a new challenger, charged almost immediately - and so began one of the longest and hardest-fought duels in living memory.  In the end, Kraqmol won only because he wore his opponent out with his Form III defense, deflecting one power-strike after another so as to minimize his own injuries before launching an all-out Form VII assault with the last of his own strength, seriously wounding Udarmo with a savage power-thrust beneath the Massassi-caste apprentice's guard.

The initial price of the RitualEdit

Kraqmol publicly rebuked the Dream-weaver for her attempt to execute a ritual long lost to history in strong words: "You fool. Did you think the Ritual came at no cost? Did you really think you could destroy any man you laid eyes on, and not pay the price?"  Even though she had had a chance to recover, and had not sustained the wounds which Kraqmol sustained, the Dream-weaver did not dare stay on the dueling grounds, choosing instead to flee into hyperspace in her master's ship.

During the course of the ensuing weeks under the care of the healers, Kraqmol experienced recurring nightmares which even the prophets could not dispel. The nightmares only grew worse after his discharge from the Zuguruk-run hospital, culminating in Kissai-caste Prophet Notsmû's decision to pursue his wayward apprentice.  When he returned, the prophet brought not only the half-insane Dream-weaver, but also news of a thitherto unknown tear in Kendalaran Hyperspace, through which she had inadvertently slipped.

The Dream-weaver, upon seeing Kraqmol again, immediately drew her warblades and attacked him in a deadly flurry of Force-imbued steel.  He, having no other means to defend himself from her vicious and unprovoked assault, drew his warstaff and parried one attack after another until she attempted a dual-blade power-strike, at which point he sidestepped her overhead strike, killed the momentum of both blades with his warstaff, then dropped the weapon and grabbed her wrists, tightening his grip until the lack of bloodflow forced her to drop her weapons.  Loosening his grip just enough to prevent permanent damage, Kraqmol then engaged in an intense mental duel with the Dream-weaver, one which her master later said she would not have lost were she in her right mind.  After nearly breaking her will, Kraqmol turned her over to her master.

Kissai-caste Prophet Notsmû "the Fearbringer", who had paid especial attention to Kraqmol's nightmares over the past months, also investigated his apprentice's madness.  He came to an extremely disturbing conclusion, one which led him to change his own illusion-casting practices, at which point both apprentices began to show signs of recovery, Kraqmol from his nightmares, and the Dream-weaver from her partial insanity.  It seems that the Dream-weaver had attempted to lash out at Kraqmol through the Force on the dueling grounds when he turned back towards her after defeating Udarmo, and that attack directly influenced his words and actions.  That attack was, according to some, an advanced and highly-concentrated form of the Sith race's ancient ability to intimidate lesser beings around them, but Kraqmol had managed to deflect part of its effects back onto her, resulting in her flight.  When she entered Kendalaran Hyperspace, the residual effects were increased by an estimated factor of seven, causing her initial distress to develop into something approaching insanity.  The Dream-weaver had always had this ability, but she applied it in the same manner in which her master applied his fearsome illusions, and she had applied it to every male she challenged.  Only Kraqmol did not succumb, though the residual effects in the others were of much shorter duration, as they did not experience the magnified effect resulting from her entry into, and extended stay within, Kendalaran Hyperspace.


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