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There is not much known of her speices other than they seem to dwell on the far reaches of the Outer Rim. Some even believe they are not originally of this galaxy. While the midi-chlorians in thier body is not substantially higher than the main stream force user, it is more readily visible as thier eyes pulse with an inner glow of the force. It is known that mood or demeanor does change them physically, when she is alert or troubled her skin changes from a fair complection to a monotone greyish color. Which is believed to be her species true form.

Koraa, herself was orphaned on Coruscant at a very young age, being taken from orphanage to orphanage, but eventually becoming a Bounty Hunter. It was in their line of work her attributes as a fighter and predator became most apparent, her senses are keen and reflexes, lightning fast. It is thought by some watching her speed and grace that time for her species is perceived far slower and much more calculation and planning of movement and action can be made.

Early life

During her early years she enjoyed the traits of a high midichlorian count, she was more skilled in games given her basic natural usage of perception and seeing things just before they happen. But she always set her self apart from having many close friends, some even thought that she had imaginary friends that kept her company and offered companionship. later this would turn out to be a form of communication with the other side, or force ghosts of her people who would teach her and keep her safe and as happy as could be expected.



"It can be said that the closest Master/Apprentice relationships for Guardians do not spring up from a desire to have each other. Most often the Master is content in their freedom, and do not truely want to be hindered by a young padawan wet behind the ears. In turn The Guardian ways are often frightening for a youngling, to be so bound to honor and discipline, to know ahead the road of pain, they sooner not even try. Serg was an unready mother for an unwanted daughter...and neither of us could have been happier to have each other." -Koraa Aya

Not long after her arrival on Yavin, she was approached by Master Luvbutton Moonsoo, and after inspection and deemed a force adept was assigned to Lady Serg Oconnell, assign is really the best word, but the first lessons was the test, and Koraa did meet the raw material to become a Guardian, and Kalway's first pure blood Guardian Padawan. While her training was not that of a traditional Jedi it did give her greater insight and allow her to grow and develope into her role, and often accompanied masters and knights on missions, not a usual occurance.

The young padawan in steady time became a knight with her, at the time, spouse Taellinu Aichi.


It was after knighthood Koraa began the path of self discovery and establishment into the order. As many knights around her to include her wife Taellinu Aichi took apprentices, Koraa remained more focused on the perfection of her arts. As the now Master Serg Oconnell took a young man named Cloudwalker Naiboo as an apprentice, Koraa reluctantly took one as well. As held true to her saying, Koraa was not completely ready for her Master role, but she took young Mihai Inshan and quickly began finding ways to perfect and appropriately train. As Koraa become the care taker for the two apprentices as Master Oconnell had vital matters to attend she developed a unique dynamic means of training Guardians, she eventually took on an additional apprentice of her own, Andy Swashbuckler. As there training grew to a close what had become apparent is that her methods while capable of producing a higher quality of Guardian knights, the other jedi did not recieve them as well, and quickly criticized Koraa of wrong doing as they felt the Guardians were being treated differantly. This wasnt the case simply Koraa put full time into them. Regardless she held her ground on thier quality and ignored the criticism of her peers.

Koraa now works to complete her apprentices training and create a unique form of training for the sub-paths and the developement of Yavin IV into a larger more developed and stronger community and order.


Koraa traces her Jedi Lineage from Grand Master of the KOJ Luvbutton Moonsoo, and Council Master Serg Oconnell.

    Master Daneus Tran
    Cindy Kellner
    Luvbutton Moonsoo
    Serg Oconnell
    Koraa Aya
    Andy Swashbuckler and Mihai Inshan
    Camy Carter, Francois, Mizzy Sideways

Personality and Traits

Koraa tends to be extremely dedicated to her order and the creation of the internal family of guadians. Her beleifs regarding the Guardian caste are extremely Authorian, with the belief that once the mantle of Guardian is take all are considered in a family and equal, and many instances teachs the belief that all from the lowest apprentice to the Council Masters have great knowledge and council to impart upon not only the order, but the caste as well.

Outward she is fair but does not believe in allowing wrong doers the opportunity to take advantage of the Jedi, and often will support the doctrine of striking pre-emptively when it is certain that there will be combat. She does not automatically judge sith as evil or out to do harm, but like wise watches them and treats them as prey as in her preadatory nature.

She is calm and patient and always willing to dedicate what resources she has to the community as a whole and her time to anyone who seeks it.

Powers and Abilities

Her apprentices who train as guardians at times develope a bond with her, and develope an understanding of a obscure dialect, and tend to use it frequently in the presence of other KOJ Guardians who have gained this knowledge and ability from Koraa.

Lightsaber Training

Koraa was initially trained by her master Serg Oconnell, but Grand Master Luvbutton Moonsoo, also spent large amoutns of time training her. Koraa also has a tendancie to learn from anyone she fights, though appals the use of training sabers and after a point forbids her apprentices from using such training tools. This is because it insufficently represents a real fight and developes a flase comfort zone. Many times in the Dojo's Koraa's rule refers to health, when it health hits 65% the match is considered over in FCRS standards.

Force Abilities

Koraa generally uses force pull and push to accent her saber mastery, though at times she will use the force to mindtrick slightly to further paralyze her enemies with fear, but this is a rarity as she sees no great need to use the force in battle. Instead she uses its harmony and peace to apply to her muscles and remain calm, relaxed, and exceedingly fast.


Koraa may carry various sabers and force enhanced swords, but one thing she will always carry is a grapple launcher mounted usually on her left forearm or left upper arm. It is rumored that the Guardian Apprentices and Guardian Knights that serve under her are required to do the same, and are trained to use them effectivelly in many situations and standards.


While she does have typical jedi robes, she does prefer the comfort of the finest silks and attire from Theed, like wise she can sometimes be seen in various forms of armor, all of which accent her beauty. For more official occasions she can be seen in the KOJ Guardian uniform of white dragon robes, though mainly she will be seen in Miyukii Province in her usual flowing gowns, and fine silks.

Light Sabers

Apprentice Saber



With the assistance and guidance of Master Serg Oconnell and Master Luvbutton Moonsoo Koraa helped develope and establish the foundations for mainstream Guardian training, and the placement and training to establish a high standard of quality and code of honor based on similar principles to that of the Bushido code, which stresses: Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honour, Loyalty, Filial Piety, and Wisdom.

The best examples of these products are the Jedi Knights Mihai Inshan and Andy Swashbuckler, both the newest Guardian Knights of Kalway.

FCRS Cross Rp Representative

Share Holder and Proprieter of the FCRS/SWRP Community Center

Primary Land Owner / Developer of Yavin IV Miyukii Province

Appointed by Council Acting Senior Guardian - 11/23/08 - Current

Promoted to KOJ Weapons Master - 11/27/08