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Koona Ansar was a female, Lannik Jedi Master and watchperson for the Taris Sector. She was associated with the Ac'Trayth Jedi, the Jedi Covenant, as well as The Jedi Order and was operating undercover during the Revenant-Occupation of Coruscant. She was trained by venerable Jedi Masters Rykiana Hykova, Lucas Atlantis and Mulder Watts. Among her students was the Ithorian Jedi Knight Ralon Fendor.


Young of age but already experienced in the use of the force, Koona's training in the Jedi-ways suffered from a terrible loss when she found out her whole family on Lannik got killed by members of the still feared terroristic group Red Iaro. Leaving the Jedi Academy on Coruscant on her own and against the will and advice of her teachers she travelled to Lannik to investigate the murder of her family, who held an honour seat on the Lannik High Court for ages. As she arrived on Lannik it appeared that most of the killers were arrested yet the leaders vanished mysteriously. Since then Koona continued her Jedi-Training but also went on to search for evidence of the survival of those who killed her family with the intention to bring them to justice - by all means necessary. After an odyssey like search throughout the Galaxy, Koona still remained unclear about the whereabouts of the Red Iaro Leaders, but managed to find an old Lannik who might have been a keyfigure in the killing of her parents, a Dark Jedi Master who named himself Darth Nagual. At first willing to confront him openly she more and more witnessed a change of views or what she interpreted as such with the old Lannik over time. She decided to leave him be, in an understanding that he wont be a threat anymore and that revenge was not a part of the Jedi Code. Therefor embracing the Jedi-Philosophy finally she became Jedi Knight at the age of 25 under venerable Jedi Master Lucas Atlantis. Shortly after she was assigned for the position of watchperson for the taris sector by the Jedi Council on coruscant. After accepting a young and highly gifted Ithorian as her first Padawan learner she seemed to be more than willing to fulfill her destiny as a Jedi.

Personality and traits[]

Jedi Master Koona Ansar training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Koona Ansar was a calm and reflective Person, but would not hesitate to use the Force in defense when she saw fit. Due to her personal fate she was slow in forming close bonds to other people easily. However among her close friends were her former Padawan, Jedi Knight Ralon Fendor and Jedi Masters Eva Lekach, Lucas Atlantis, Mulder Watts, Rykiana Hykova, Kishoshima Kohime, Yoki Lightfoot, Azlum Grimlock, Eloun Tadro and Vilda Kazyanenko. She was a renowned strategist and proficient in undercover missions, most notably during the Sith-occupation of Coruscant. When dueling foes with her lightsaber she preferred to use the acrobatic form Ataru, which she had mastered to a high degree.