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Kokiri Saarinen was a human, male Jedi Master in the famous Jedi Master order. He had a certain fondness of technology and the way in which it can interact with the Force. Kokiri was the keeper of the unique perspective that the Force can interact with machines just as much as life, and that it should be encouraged to design the common machines of the Galaxy to be harmonious with the Force.

Character Biography

Found by Master Quason Talom, Kokiri was a wandering spirit who tinkered with his machines and spent a great deal of time opening himself up to the Force. It is said that Kokiri once belonged to an ancient and infamous group of Jensaarai led by Eonwe Hartunian, until the collapse of that order sent Kokiri into exile. It was when Master Darth found Kokiri that he was invited to join the Jedi Masters Order, and soon was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.

After becoming the Order's tech expert, being instrumental in defending Bespin against the Dark Army attack, developing the newest techniques for teaching Padawans in the ways of the Force, and being a common and friendly face around the Temple, he was promoted to the rank of Master and continued to serve the order for a very long time before leaving to spend his life in seclusion, concentrating on the Force and ways to tap into it.

Personality and Traits

For centuries Jedi had been creating the inherently unstable lightsaber using the Force to stabilize and make the individual components work harmoniously. Through this process, not only does the lightsaber become an incredible tool, but also becomes an extension of its wielder. Kokiri took a further step with this thought, and believed a good goal was to make everything related to the Jedi work as efficiently (and with the same harmony with its users) as the lightsaber.

OOC Information

Kokiri Saarinen was the creator of the Force Prophecies commercial add-on, collaborating in the process with Darth Aridian with whom he also built the Rhodes-sim.