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Knights of the Potentium Order was a SWRP Group in Second Life lead by Master Dexem Voom.

The Knights Code

A Knight is sworn to valour,
His heart knows only virtue,
His blade defends the helpless,
His might upholds the weak,
His words speak only truth,
His wrath undoes the wicked,
Est Sularus oth Mithas (My honor is my life)

The basic precepts of the Potentium may have been influenced by the morally relativistic and solipsistic philosophy espoused by Jedi Master Phanius around 2,000 BBY.

The Potentium was theorized in 132 BBY. At the time the Potentium were expelled from the Jedi, Leor Hal was their leader. Prior to their expulsion, Hal had recruited many students from prospective Jedi among the aristrocratic families of Coruscant and Alderaan.

Sekot, the intelligence of Zonama Sekot, accepted Potentium after its awakening, when it was colonized by some of the outcast followers under Hal. The colonists felt Zonama Sekot was proof of the Potentium philosophy, and Sekot eventually came to consider itself the protector of the Force (though as some derisively pointed out, this protectorship was self-appointed). Vergere, an Old Republic Jedi who was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, is believed to have taken this heresy as one of the contributing factors in her teachings, although contradicting the Potentiate's main edicts of evil being nonexistent.

Following the expulsion of Hal, Qui-Gon Jinn and Mace Windu had a run-in with a group of Potentium apprentices.

Although many believe that Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order practiced this belief after the Yuuzhan Vong War through Jacen Solo's insistence, it was actually closer to the philosophy of Gray Jedi as stated by the Grand Master himself after the Liberation of Coruscant.

Following the Yuzhan Vong war and the beliefs this pushed some jedi into a small group of masters left Luke Skywalkers Jedi Order an travelled to a planet in the great maw where they settled on the only habiatble planet and began training not only in the force ideaologies of the potentium but more importantly as warriors so when the next great war happens to the galaxy they where ready and willing to defend the galaxy and its people and no matter waht cost to their own being.