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Klugga the Hutt is a former resident of Nar Shaddaa. Currently resides in Little Mos Eisley

Within months of arriving in Mos Espa, Klugga quickly made an alliance of convenience with Wamba the Hutt, Pado the Hutt and Santorino the Hutt. With the disappearance of Cayce Urriah, Klugga proceeded to wrest control of the Black Sun Syndicate away from the shadowy "YM," who was rumored to have been summarily executed in a back alley on Nar Shaddaa. Co-founder of the Dark Trade Federation, Klugga held together an unwieldy collection of pirates, Mandalorian clans and criminal syndicates.

Following his move to his Palace in the center of Mos Eisley, Klugga subverted several rebellious Imperial units.

Many, however, believe that Klugga owes much of his success to criminal mastermind, C4P9, a rogue protocol droid.

Klugga was fameously quoted at the Chippy Boa Classic at the end of the race when he announced the Underlord as the winner (however due to the event being mostly out of character Klugga instead announced the Underlord's character name): (Klugga the Hutt) Kluje Tunwarm shouts: All Hail Caitlin Torok!

It has been confirmed that Klugga the Hutt is dead. Reliable reports are that he was assassinated by his protocol droid C4P9 using an exotic poison of Coruscanti origin. It is believed that C4P9 may have been reprogrammed by nefarious Imperial agents.

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