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Kira Keto, daughter of Empress Xera and Emperor Fox Bralor Keto, twin to Talyn Keto. Kira is currently stationed on Koros Major leading the world in the absence of her mother and brother. She holds the noble title of Princess and is heir to the Monarchy of the Tetan Empire.


Early Life

Kira was the first born of the Keto twins, born in the Kathalon space station. Empress Keto and Emperor Fox Bralor Keto held Kira and her twin brother Talyn on Kathalon until they reached the age of one. The oncoming threat of the Sith over Kathalon smelt of war, in an act of protection Emperor Fox Bralor Keto took the twins to Koros Major for there own safety.

Kira and Talyn grew up in Empress Teta system in the city of Cinnagar, living in the cities capital Kira grew bored of her surroundings, At the age of 10 she started learning martial arts, her techniques impressing her masters to a great extent. Kira would secretly compete in competitions to cure her boredom, she was never one to sit around with no action. Being discovered by her carer for the bruises she sustained she was forced to quit or have the incident handed over to her parents.