"The tenet is not to say that emotion does not exist but that it ought not be just set aside. Emotions must be understood first,  and it  your duty to explore your feelings" - Kinsa'Shala

Kinsa'Shala or Kinsa. was born on Shil. Her village was close to the jungles. Her tribe were hunters. At the age 20 she left home to follow her dreams of becoming a reporter. She landed a job as assistant in Star News and then worked her way up to the top as reporter. Kinsa always had strong connection to force like her Grandma but did not know it. She has been doing it all her life so it seem like natural to her. It wasn't until recently she came to the knowledge that she was force sensitive. At the age of 24 she decided to join the academy on Yavin IV and become Jedi Knight...

Sometime when Kinsa was level 3 in her padawan studies and training. She received a package. In the package was vase with ashes of her dead grandma. She was so heart broken about what happen. It took Padawan Skyles and her Master to help her realize that her grandma wasn't really gone but she was now with force so she wasn't truly dead. For we know there is no death only the force.

With the help of her friends from KOJ, Kinsa was able to accomplish her Grandma wishes. She and her fellow friends of KoJ travel to Kinsa home of Shili. There they spread the ashes of her Grandma. Kinsa was finally at peace.

"Ignorance leads to fear and fear lead to anger and anger lead to hate and hate lead to suffering."- Kinsa'Shala

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kinsa born in a small village in the jungle of Clagohx of Shil. A forest valley, where the canopies kept them out of sight. The daughter to Cakree and Kohla, granddaughter to Azarosh. Who was village elder and was greatly strong in the force. Her togruta clan, The Clagohx clan, name after the part of Shil their village were from were hunters. They hunter games like thimiars, their primary prey, causing the creatures' post-mortem death spasms. Kinsa grew up being taught that those who could not keep up should be left to fend for themselves and that each clan member must pull their own weight. Her desire was not be hunter like her ancienter but she desire to move to the big cities and become a reporter.

Star News[edit | edit source]

Star News is a small independent holozine whose focus is to provide stories and promote events around the galaxy.-Kaelee One

Kinsa met Kaelee One, who own a cantina based in an asteroid. It was Kae desire to save Galactic News Network.

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