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Kimmie Aeon is a 35 year old Morganian/Human female and was a former Jedi Master of the New Order of the Jedi. She has two children from a previous marriage named Sera and Saya. In her days as a Jedi she was a reknown sentinel, cartographer, and explorer, but all of that changed when she fell to the darkside and became Darth Vulcanus, the powerful Headmistress of the Korriban Sith Academy. After years in service to the Darkside, Kimmie Aeon was able to break free of its hold upon her and return to the light. Exiled by the NOJ Council due to her defiance towards their constant inaction, the war against the Empire and her turning to the dark side, Kimmie began to clear her name of all the wrong she did as a Sith, and in the process forged new relationships and ties with the Jedi Covenant and Old Order of the Jedi. After numerous assassination attempts on her life and her former Mistress Dark Lady Malacia gaining the location of her daughters, Kimmie traveled with her children far beyond the outer rim into wild space, to train them in the ways of the force. In doing this she disappeared into the galaxy, where she now watches from afar, waiting for the moment when the galaxy should need heroes again.


Early life


Kimmie did not find out about her true heritage until she was a padawan in the NOJ, but she is proud of what little she knows. She was born on a small planet beyond the outer rim, the only child of her Father Owen, a Corellian Spice Merchant, and her mother, a Morganian Princess named Aurora. While she does not have a pale skin tone due to her father's genes, she does however have the large point ears of her mother. Kimmie was only ten days old, when a large group of Sith invaded the planet to test a powerful weapon that siphoned the force energy from the planet's core, draining the world of its life force. Kimmie's parents instructed their adviser, an older man named Lars Aeon and his wife Anita to take their daughter and keep her safe from the Sith while their people fought to save their planet. Lars and Anita escaped with the infant as the planet crumbled and imploded upon itself. Knowing that Kimmie's parents were presumed dead, Lars plotted a course to Corellia, and started a new life there as a small docking bay owner in the capital city of Coronet.

When Kimmie was about 6 years old, she wandered off from her father Lars in a busy market place and soon came upon a wounded Shaak from Naboo in a cage. Sensing the creature was in pain she reached out with her hand towards the Shaak's wounded leg and a slight blue aura appeared. She drew back her hand in fright, and a look of astonishment was upon her face as the wound slowly healed and disappeared. Lars, who had seen the entire incident took her quickly by the hand and led her away, telling her to never let anyone see anything like that, fearing that it may bring the Sith upon them.

Rogue Squadron Pilot & New Republic Spy

Kimmie learned much about the vast universe she was apart of by listening to the stories of the spice merchants and New Republic military who came to refuel at the station. She longed to get out of the tiny spaceport and explore the galaxy. When she was 17 years old, with the permission of her adoptive parents, she falsified her age and joined Rogue Squadron. Sadly, she did not make it out of basic training. Her superiors called her a reckless pilot, due to the fact that she flew at extremely fast speeds that made even the most seasoned instructors black out in their cockpits. Kimmie possessed other skills as well, not only in tech healing but also in slicing. At the age of 18 she was approached by the New Republic to serve as an undercover spy on Tatooine. Kimmie accepted the offer and took on the disguise of a local doctor and began monitoring the local Imperial garrison.

Her First Love and Journey to become a Jedi

While serving as a spy on Tatooine, Kimmie met a man she would later marry, Vilda Kazyanenko. The two worked together to track down a sith assassin and foil her attempt to kill high ranking members of the New Republic. As Kimmie and Vilda's relationship and friendship grew, the two decided to marry and a few months later, Kimmie gave birth to their first child, a baby girl named Sera.

One year after Sera's birth, Kimmie was returning to Tatooine after visiting her daughter and her adoptive parents when her navicomputer on her X-Wing went out. She quickly came out of hyperspace unknowingly arrived at the Sith world known as Ziost. Before she could get her sense of direction, a missile ripped through the hull of her X-Wing, and she came hurtling towards the planet's surface blacking out as she hit the tree-line. It was the handiwork of Dark Lady Ptas. When she was awoke she was surprised to find herself alive floating in a bacta tank, and also that her husband Vilda was there. Vilda had sensed Kimmie was in danger and had flown to the planet to look for her, where he also had been struck down by Ptas. Upon being captured, he made a deal with Ptas to turn to the Dark Side so that Kimmie's life would be saved. While recovering, the Sith performed a Midichlorian count on Kimmie and discovered her count was higher than an average force sensitive person. The Sith then hatched a scheme to forcibly train her as one of their own as she recovered and Kimmie became an instant prisoner.

Kimmie spent much of her time recovering in the library of Ziost. In her heart, she knew that the Dark Side was wrong, and that if she gave into its temptation, she would lose everything she cherished. She refused to give in, and was punished harshly at times for resisting. Eventually Kimmie learned of the Jedi on Yavin IV from a text within the library. Hoping she would change her mind, the Sith allowed her to leave Ziost to see how "weak" the Jedi were for herself, on the condition that she come back within 24 hours -- or they would kill Vilda. Kimmie rushed to Yavin IV and found her way to the archives. It was here that she first learned the Jedi Code. While she didn't know what it meant at the time, she felt comfort in the words and flew back to Ziost, to tell the Sith of her choice.

Upon landing Kimmie felt called to a nearby tomb and inside found a lightsaber belonging to a fallen Jedi Knight. After taking this saber and tucking it under her cloak she made her way to the Citadel, and was escorted to her husband and other Sith in the library. They asked Kimmie what choice she made and the only thing that came to her lips was the code she learned on Yavin IV. Enraged at the utterance of those words in the citadel Vilda attacked Kimmie, but was no match for her speed. Kimmie fled the citadel with the Sith in hot pursuit, and sought sanctuary with the Jedi on Yavin IV. Vilda quickly followed and in time was able to find the path of light again with the help of the local Jedi and Kimmie.

Padawanship Under Sir Oceanlane

Shortly after her arrival on Yavin IV, Ptas took her revenge for Vilda's betrayal. Using Force Cloak, Ptas ambushed and struck down Kimmie as she was holding her daughter Sera on top of the temple. Sera was unharmed, but Kimmie was badly wounded from the incident. In the hospital, she learned that it was possible the assassin was looking for a sword inside the Tomb of Exar Kun, deep within the swamps of Yavin IV. Still recovering from her attack, Kimmie and Vilda, along with a few other Padawans journeyed to the tomb and found the sword, which they then turned over to the council. Impressed by Kimmie's performance, the newly knighted Sir Undala Oceanlane approached Kimmie and extended an offer for her to be his first Padawan learner, which she happily accepted.

Under Master Undala's mentorship, Kimmie was able to work past her anger she had towards the injustices the Sith caused her and her family. She chose the path of the Jedi Sentinel mainly due to her background as a New Republic spy. When she was not meditating in her favorite spot behind the lecture hall on Yavin IV, she was frequently seen helping others, especially younger padawans and adepts around the academy. When she was halfway finished with her training Kimmie sensed that she was pregnant with a baby boy, but unfortunately miscarried the baby within the first two weeks of the pregnancy. She never told anyone of the incident for over three years and it was never documented on record.

When Kimmie was a Padawan IV she found out she was pregnant with a second child. Her master not wanting to jeopardize her health placed her training on hold until the baby was born. Ironically, baby Saya was born on the same exact day, Coruscant fell to an alliance of Sith and Imperials. After recovering, Kimmie began to put her skills as a Sentinel to use. With her master's permission, Kimmie infiltrated the ranks of the Imperial Navy for a short time, and began gathering intelligence on captured Jedi leaders and their whereabouts. Her most notable mission was when she snuck into the heavily guarded Jedi Temple and made a copy of the entire Jedi Archives in case the empire destroyed them. As she copied the last log, her cover was blown, but she managed to evade her Imperial pursuers by escaping through the catacombs of the Jedi Academy and sewers before she snuck aboard an Imperial Shuttle bound for Kashyyyk.

Kimmie went on more missions to aid the Rebel Alliance in their fight against the Empire. Eventually due to sith encroachment on the Jedi training grounds, NOJ relocated to Kashyyyk. After that a series of unfortunate events began to unfold. Thinking it posed to much of a danger to be married, Vilda decided to end their marriage. If things could not get worse, Kimmie suffered a terrible injury to her eyes due to hazardous gases on the planet Mustafar and began to lose her eyesight. Her fellow Jedi rallied around her and found a cure, when Argynis Criss, a Padawan to Sir Don Gaton, discovered a shard of the legendary Kaiburr crystal in the swamps of Dagobah. The last of the shard's power was used to restore Kimmie's sight but not fully. Her vision is still slightly blurred and from time to time she can be seen wearing glasses.

Life as a Jedi Knight

When her eyesight returned, Kimmie's dear friend Archangel Zhangsun was the first person she was able to see again. The two had gone on quite a few missions together and were very close friends. Ironically the two were knighted on the same day, on the planet Mon Calamari. Shortly after their knighting, Sir Arch and Lady Kimmie were paired up to gather intelligence and information on various planets in the galaxy. Both of the two new knights were assigned some of the galaxy's most hostile planets, including Vjun and Ord Mantell and most troubling to Lady Kimmie, Ziost. Although unnerved by going to Ziost again, the duo completed their missions and on the way home Sir Arch took a slight detour. He piloted their ship down to a beautiful waterfall on the planet Naboo and led Lady Kimmie to a small bridge where he proposed to her. A few weeks later, the two were married and Kimmie Aeon became Kimme Zhangsun

The NOJ soon found a new home on Ruusan and Kimmie also took her first padawan learner when Colby Colbyson approached Kimmie and asked if she would guide her to knighthood after her master left the order. While on Kashyyyk Kimmie met a very humorous but wise man known as Musashi and despite being 20 years younger than him, Kimmie became his mentor as well. Lady Kimmie also began instructing Githa Breda after her master took a leave of absence and later on Sue Veliz, after Vilda fell to the darkside. Sue, Githa and Musashi have completed their training under Lady Kimmie and became knights in NOJ. Colby is still in training at the moment.

Lady Kimmie also came to know the very powerful Sith Lord known as Darth Rowe during this time. Kimmie Due to the quick thinking of Sir Zephan, Kimmie was able to help thwart a plot by Darth Rowe that poisoned Ruusan's Bacta supply with a deadly acid. In retribution Lady Kimmie was captured by Darth Rowe and taken to Korriban, where she underwent a brutal torturing. After resisting for hours, Kimmie was sent back to Ruusan and recovered in due time.

While recovering in the hospital she came under attack by a new threat. Her former husband Vilda was slowly falling to the darkside mainly due to the influence of Darth Dolor. As hard as she tried Kimmie could not stop Vilda's inevitable fall, and Vilda tried to assassinate Kimmie in her hospital bed. Vilda and Kimmie soone had it out on the streets of Ruusan in a very long and drawn out street fight that attracted the attention of the NOJ and AoD. Realizng there was no way to stop Vilda, Kimmie did the only thing that came to her mind. In desperation she pulled her head back, and delivered a massive headbutt to Vilda which knocked both of them out. After the duel Vilda renounced his title as a Jedi Knight and vowed to kill Kimmie one day. After this incident and other circumstances, Kimmie thought that the path of the Sentinel was not one for her, and changed to the path of a Jedi Consular for a brief time to regain a sense of harmony and peace she had felt like she lost.


Life continued as normal at the academy. One day Sir Arch approached Kimmie and said that he would be leaving for a month long intelligence mission on Coruscant. Kimmie bid her husband farewell and began waiting for his return. Two months passed and Kimmie heard no word from him. In his absence she took another Padawan named Amy, who was very enthusiastic but also extremely impatient with her training. Wanting to take a quick and easy path, Amy renounced the NOJ and fell to the Dark Side. In her place, Kimmie took the Twi'lek Atty Yokosuka as her new Padawan. Around the same time, Kimmie's mentor, Master Oceanlane, decided to take his leave of NOJ and help with the Praxeum academy on Coruscant. Although he would only be a few lightyears apart, Kimmie felt as if she lost a great mentor and friend.

One night as she lay asleep, she woke up feeling a heavy weight upon her heart and rushed to her Delta 7. By following her feelings she arrived back at the planet Ziost and landed deep in the forest outside the citadel. After wandering for hours, she came upon her husband's wrecked Delta 7. She rushed to the cockpit to find him dead, having been killed on impact. Kimmie was devastated by her loss, but at the same time, rejoiced that Sir Arch had become one with the force. After leaving the planet, Kimmie went back to Corellia to assist the New Republic Intelligence Agency in an investigation concerning a Sith insurgent in the Senate, and soon returned to Ruusan.

The Jedi Explorer

Kimmie Aeon, the Jedi Explorer

During her days as a knight, Lady Kimmie began to assist Masters Brihan Takacs and Zoffa Morico in finding artifacts for the Ruusan Museum of Art. She has procured many artifacts in her travels, some of which are not only very rare but very dangerous, with the most notable being the Sword of Ajunta Pall. After becoming a Master in NOJ, Kimmie was made Assistant Curator of Darkside Antiquities due to her knowledge in the field. She fiercely protective of all the artifacts in the museum, especially the Sword of Ajunta Pall.

As time passed since her husband's death, Kimmie thought it would be best to take a leave of absense from Ruusan and explore the galaxy. As she visited different worlds she kept an active log of each planet she visited with information on the planet's terrain, climate and locals. She also kept a watchful eye out for artifacts that the Ruusan Museum could use. During her travels on Korriban, she discovered an unknown tomb, and after hours of careful navigation and dodging traps she found a chalice that Emperor Palpatine himself had possessed. Upon taking the chalice she triggered a swinging axe trap that cut her above the left eye.

The blood she left behind at the scene, allowed The Assembly of Darkness to determine who the culprit was, and they tracked Kimmie to Ruusan. After several hours of negotiating, Kimmie agreed to return the chalice and stay out of the tombs of Korriban in exchange for another artifact and an agreement that the AoD would not kidnap anymore NOJ members. Surprisingly, both sides have held up both ends of their agreement. As her travels came to an end, Kimmie brought several artifacts to the Ruusan Museum, one being a Holocron that belonged to Darth Talon, which was found by her padawan Githa on Dromund Kaas.

Life as a Jedi Master

Civil War

The council found much quality in Lady Kimmie and her dedication to the order, and bestowed upon her the rank of Jedi Master. After her ceremony, she was approached by Commander Selkisto, of the Republic Liberation Front. He asked several of the Jedi gathered around if they would aid the RLF in their plight to overthrow the Empire and restore the Republic. Many of the Jedi jumped at the chance to join, but Kimmie refused, seeing as how a dear friend and fellow Jedi, Master Azlum Grimlock, was the advisor for the Empress. She also felt this broke the Vow of Loyalty a Jedi takes to the council. Despite her long past with the Republic, Kimmie decided to remain neutral, until one fateful day.

Early one morning Kimmie awoke to hear her numerous distress signal on her comlink. Several of the Jedi in the RLF were wounded on the streets of Coruscant and needed an extraction. She rushed to Coruscant and found Sir Zack Vel barelly alive in an alley. With the assistance of Master Zephan's Padawan Marcus Forte they rushed Sir Zack back to Ruusan where Kimmie learned the Empire was responsible for the attack. Realizing her beloved order was in danger made her choice to get involved in the war. She contacted Commander Selk and Commander Talot and joined the RLF to protect the NOJ and to restore the Republic.


Kimmie Aeon as the RLF agent Starfire

Kimmie knew that they council had not yet chosen a side in the war and were currently neutral. There was also the looming fact that some jedi still had Imperial ties and she was an easily recognized person. For these reasons, she entered the RLF under the alias Starfire. With the help of her friend Lady Breanna Pomeray, Kimmie created a disguise for her new persona. Only Commander Selk, Talot, and Breanna knew of Kimmie's secret, and she did an excellent job in hiding it from her friends and family. Kimmie's first major engagement did not go as well as all had hoped when the RLF assaulted an Imperial outpost base in the Jungles of Onderon. A week later Kimmie was offered a position as a pilot in Crimson Squadron, but remembering her past in Rogue Squadron declinded and took a position as a Gunnery Sargeant aboard the Gavel-class Assault Cruiser, Devi.

During a meeting of the RLF Constitutional Convention, the Devi was attacked by Imperial forces. She narrowly escaped her turret as it was shot out by an Imperial trifighter during the assault. As the ship began to sustain heavy damage the abandon ship order was sent over the comm system. Her escape pod was shot towards the surface of Onderon right as the Devi exploded. She landed safely on a vast plains area Kimmie quickly ran towards the jungles as Imperial Troops scoured the planet looking for survivors. She was soon rescued by General Selkisto and taken to the Moon Dxun, where she worked as a medic, helping to comfort and heal the sick and the wounded.


As the war between the Empire and the RLF waged on, a bold plan was formulated to overthrow the Imperial forces on Coruscant, and restablish the Republic in its place. RLF personnel were sent to all corners of the Galaxy to rally support. Kimmie, in her disguise as Starfire, came to Ruusan and rallied the support of a few of her friends in NOJ. Kimmie and her friends met up with an unlikely alliance of other Jedi, exchange thugs, mercenaries, GAR and RLF landed on the outskirts of the Imperial Palace. The large liberation force fought their way into the Imperial Palace, and defeated the Imperial forces, freeing Coruscant and the Galaxy from the grip of the Empire, but this was not the end.

After the battle, the Imperial Executor was imprisoned on Onderon, and a group of Storm Commandos launched a surprise assault rescue him. Kimmie was among those that arrived to help, but in the process was badly wounded and fell unconcious. She was found hours later by Sir Zen and Lady Saltheena of the NOJ, who upon removing her mask, discovered Starfire's real identity. Master Kimmie was rushed immediately to the hospital in critical condition where she remained for several days. Eventually she made a full recovery and was very happy that the hopes and dreams of a New Republic had finally been made into a reality.

Fall to the Darkside

The Emperor's Holocron

The allure to the Darkside was something that all Jedi struggle with and Master Kimmie was no exception to this. As time passed she developed a mistrust with the Jedi Council and began to withdraw more from the order. One day while giving a tour to some visitors in the museum, Kimmie found a horrifying discovering. An artifact known as the Emperor’s Holocron had been tampered with and its original red color was now green. Master Kimmie began to worry and since she did not know much about it, went with a team of Jedi to Korriban to derive more information from the Assembly of Darkness. Unfortunately their plans went foul when the discussion turned violent and the Jedi beat a hasty retreat. Kimmie took shelter in one of the tombs, where she discovered two identical holocrons one of which was linked to the Holocron on Ruusan. She emerged hours later and attempted to rescue a captured Jedi Healer named Dakota, with the help of fellow Master Owyn Graves. As she was surrendering to overwhelming odds to save Owyn and Dakota’s life, she was rescued by Chancellor Selkisto Horten and a large group of Covenant Jedi, who took the trio to Coruscant for Medical Treatment. The Jedi worked quickly to solve the mystery of the holocron, while Sith spies began attempts to break into the museum and steal the holocron. In time Kimmie discovered that the holocron network was using an ancient Jedi encryption code to send out a signal to an unknown source, and she sought for a way to set everything in balance again.


Strange events began to unfold on the planet of Onderon. Shortly after the mysterious kidnapping of the Queen and the Princess, an unknown Duchess of Onderon contacted Kimmie and requested a meeting. Unbeknownst to Kimmie, the Duchess was actually the powerful Sith Master, Chimera in Disguise. After discussing the current events on Onderon with the Duchess and seeing the maddened King holding court in a throne room covered in blood, Kimmie thought it would be best to take the Duchess into hiding. She disguised the Duchess as a padawan and brought her to Ruusan for her safety. The two moved to discuss the matters at hand in the basement of the Ruusan Museum, or so they thought. The Duchess began to exhibit strange behavior in their discussion, and before Master Kimmie knew what was happening, she found herself blacked out from a sleeping drug. The Duchess disappeared and two hours later Kimmie was found unconscious in the museum basement. Chimera began to use the infomation from their conversation, to plot a way to turn the Jedi Master.

Capture and Fall

Kimmie soon became consumed with her work to unravel the mystery of the Emperor’s Holocron. On Ruusan’s New Years Eve, as all her Jedi friends were drunk and partying in the local cantina down the street from her home, Kimmie was nose deep into her work trying her hardest to find the missing holocron. Suddenly the High Dark Lady Darth Dolor, and her Shadowhand Darth Imida appeared from the shadows and knocked Kimmie unconscious. Kimmie was dragged from her home leaving behind a trail of blood to the shuttle docks and was taken to Korriban. When she awoke, Dolor began an extensive psychological torture of the Jedi Master for information on the Emperor’s Holocron. Kimmie eventually freed herself from her bonds and began a desperate fight with Dolor and Imida, but was defeated. She was then handed over to Chimera, who stripped her of her Jedi garments and made Kimmie her own personal slave, and a slave to the Sith Empire.

Since their previous visit, Chimera had taken all the knowledge she had of Kimmie, and created a holocron that was attuned to her. As she hung chained alone in the dungeon, the holocron spoke incessantly into her mind, filling it with the cries of her daughters and other maddening thoughts. After days listening to the holocron, Kimmie developed a dual personality, and entity known as Vulcanus, that began to take over her mind. Chimera also had Kimmie under go a series of brainwashings, to ensure her new darker personality had total control and her old self was suppressed. The Sith devised many tests for her, which not only tested her loyalty, but also made her question her beliefs as a Jedi. She was attacked by a Jedi Master who sought to redeem her to the lightside again and killed the woman out of anger and self defense. A fellow Jedi Knight named Breanna Pomeray came in search of Kimmie on Korriban, but ended up being brutally attacked and temporarily blinded by the very friend she sought to find.

As the Sith continued to train Kimmie in the their ways she was eventually freed of her slave status and sent back to Ruusan, to steal the Emperor’s holocron as an act of loyalty. With the aid of Darth Dolor, Kimmie completed her task and returned to Korriban. There she renounced her Jedi ways and swore allegiance to the Sith. She was also given the new name, Vulcanus, as a final act of separating her from her past. Fearing for the safety of her children, Master Don Gaton, a close and personal friend of Kimmie’s took her daughters into hiding, to be kept safe from the influence of their now fallen mother. Whether she will return to the lightside or not is anyone’s guess, but for now, the Kimmie Aeon so many came to know and love, is gone and a new woman known as Vulcanus has taken her place.

Life as a Sith

A Chance for Redemption

Due to her experience and prowess as a former Jedi Master, Kimmie was inducted into Sith Dynasty by Chimera and Darth Dolor. Unbeknownst to her, an agent of the PGA, named Atticus, was present as a spy during Kimmie’s turning. He alerted the PGA and together with Imperial forces under Imperial Knight Captain Christopher Novastar, set a trap for Kimmie, and called her to Imperial Coruscant for a meeting. Upon arrival Kimmie, who was wavering towards returning to the light, was rushed by a large force of PGA and Imperial troops and a few Jedi Covenant members as well. She was publically stripped of her PGA citizenship and numerous awards she received in the service of the RLF in the war against the Empire, before she was imprisoned without a trial.

In her eyes, the Republic she once fought so hard to protect had betrayed her. In her cell she was shot repeatedly by stormtroopers under Novastar’s command which only helped to fuel her hatred. As sith from her order began to look for her, she was moved to a remote Imperial Outpost off planet somewhere in the Outer Rim, where the Imperial Executor Ardonis and Atticus tried to persuade her to return back to the light. She refused and was later returned to Korriban by Atticus himself. Atticus believed there is still good somewhere inside Kimmie and that perhaps with time her eyes would be opened once again.

Sopranis and Amunet

Upon returning to Korriban Kimmie took up residence in a small home in the Valley of the Dark Lords. She spent most of her days studying with other apprentices at the academy, specifically a former adversary of hers, a changeling known as Sopranis. Unfortunately for Sopranis, her lust for power led her to her downfall, and she was imprisoned inside of a holocron she stole from Jedi Knight Breanna Pomeray, which set into motion a chain of events that would intertwine both Breanna and Kimmie’s futures. Kimmie confronted her old Jedi comrade inside the tomb of Marka Ragnos and played on her unstable emotions concerning Kimmie’s fall. Breanna became enraged and was able to get the best of Kimmie, or so she thought. As she was about to deal the final blow, Darth Andraste, a Shadow Hand to the Emperor stepped in and defeated Breanna, who renounced her ways as a Jedi and joined Kimmie in the ranks of Sith Dynasty. Like Kimmie, Breanna also adopted a new name, Amunet.

Erasing Her Past: Darth Vulcanus is Born

Darth Vulcanus in Malachor V's Trayus Academy Archives

At Chimera and Dolor’s request, Kimmie began to erase all traces of her past life as a Jedi. She constructed a new lightsaber she dubbed nemesis, adopted a new style of dress and new outlook on life. To further server herself from her past, and prove her loyalty to the Sith, Kimmie decided attack her former teacher, Council Master Undala Oceanlane of the Praxeum Academy. She encountered her old Master in the Jedi Archives of Coruscant, where she lured him into a false sense of security and then struck. As hard as he tried to convince her to turn, Kimmie would not listen to reason and in the end defeated Undala by dropping one of the academy archive shelves on him after a very long fight. Believing he was dead, Kimmie returned to Korriban to a very impressed Darth Dolor. After numerous other battles and proving herself in combat on many occasions, Darth Dolor promoted Kimmie to the rank of Darth. While she never officially underwent apprenticeship, Darth Dolor and Chimera were key figures in fostering her rise in power. Upon taking the name, Darth Vulcanus, Kimmie chose Amunet to be her first apprentice, and the two began to prepare for what would become a civil war within the Sith Ranks.

The Korriban Academy

Shortly after Emperor Arzjah returned to Korriban, disaster struck the Sith. The High Dark Lady, Darth Dolor, was presumably killed in action after her former mentor crashed a large freighter into her. Her body was never found after the incident and Dolor’s Shadow Hand Darth Imida stepped up and became the new High Dark Lady. Darth Imida had long respect Kimmie, even when she was a Jedi and was impressed with her work in Cartography and Sith Artifacts. Upon witnessing Kimmie effortlessly defeat three Jedi Knights who were robbing tombs on Korriban Darth Imida promoted her to the rank of Sith Master. Due to her reknown teaching style and dedication to her apprentices as well, Kimmie was also made the Headmistress of the Korriban Sith Academy. She was greatly delighted and jumped into her new roles, quickly establishing a curriculum and appointing instructors for various fields.

The Nightsister Debacle

As the Sith Dynasty grew stronger in the galaxy, dark siders from across the vast reaches of the galaxy flocked to Korriban, seeking out new allies amongst the sith. Ironically, one of these groups were the Nightsisters of the planet Dathomir. While Darth Vulcanus was away from the academy, the Nightsister Queen along with several of her witches marched into the Korriban Academy and confronted a group of adepts, demanding they fetch a master. The adepts, who were in the midst of their studies, couldn’t care less about the Nightsisters’ demands. Enraged her demands were not being met, the Nightsister Queen flew into a rage and struck down several of the adepts, causing them to scatter in confusion.

At this time Vulcanus was returning from her duties off world and could sense the chaos brewing in the academy’s main hall. As she stepped into the main hall, the Nightsister Queen turned upon her, not realizing who she was, and found herself outmatched by the sith master. The Queen and her followers beat a hasty retreat to the spaceport, where they climb in their ancient ships and appeared to take off. Vulcanus then headed into the Valley of the Dark Lords, searching for a pack of Tu’Kata hounds that had made a den to close to the academy as some students reported.

Hours later the Nightsisters returned and confronted Darth Malacia, the Shadowhand to Dark Lady Dolor at the time. They began to related their “alledged” poor treatment to Malacia when Vulcanus arrived from her hunt. Vulcanus became enraged at the fact the Nightsisters had the audacity to return after their lack of respect, and as she stepped forward, the Queen and her witches began to run towards the spaceport again, to repeat the same action they tried earlier. This time however, Vulcanus was more than prepared. As the Queen’s ship lifted off the ground, Vulcanus took hold of it by reaching out with the force, and then slammed it into the Academy bridge, causing it to crash. The Queen crawled out of her smoking cockpit to be confronted by Vulcanus, holding her Lightsaber at the ready. Vulcanus took a Makashi stances an issued a florish to the Queen and challenged her to a one on one fight to the death, to which the queen gladly accepted, under the conditions that no force powers would be employed. The two combatants faced off as activity on Korriban seemed to stand still, watching the battle between the two. Even a scouting detachment of GAR clones ventured up to the academy bridge to view the spectacle. Unfortunately for the Queen, the battle did not go well for her, and she was quickly struck down. As her followers gathered up her body, Vulcanus declared the Nightsisters and their allies enemies of the Sith Empire and banished them from Korriban, as Darth Malacia took note of the rising Sith Master’s progress only hinting at her thoughts with a slight smile upon her face.

Gaining a Handmaiden

While enroute to the planet Malachor V, Kimmie’s Xesh was disabled and pulled aboard a Trandoshian Slave ship via a tractor beam. Although she could have easily of defeated the slave crew, Kimmie felt as if the force was guiding her to something, and allowed herself to be captured. She was taken to a cell and it was there she met a young Cathar girl who she affectionately named Kitten. Kitten related her story to Kimmie, about how her village had refused to give up there land to a large mining company, and they asked for Jedi Intervention. Her tribe had taken up arms against the Jedi but were unsuccessful. In her escape she was apprehended by the same Trandoshians that had captured Kimmie and taken aboard the ship they were now upon. Kimmie burned with rage hearing Kitten’s tale, and revealed her real identity to the girl as a Sith Master. Unafraid Kitten vowed to serve Kimmie with her life if she would seek revenge against the Jedi who scattered her tribe. Kimmie easily broke the walls to her cell with a powerful force repulse technique, and proceeded to slaughter the Trandoshian Slaver’s aboard the ship in revenge. After boarding her Xesh the two travelled back to Korriban, where Kitten became the handmaiden and pet to Kimmie, helping her with administrative tasks in the Korriban Academy.

Rise to Shadowhand

Building a Navy

An A-15 Corsair flying over Korriban

As time passed on Korriban, Darth Vulcanus began to slowly consolidate power through various means. On one of her frequent trips beyond the outer rim into Wild Space, Vulcanus discovered an ancient civilization long forgotten from the days of the old republic. After adopting their technology and integrating it with ship designs and parts from today’s era, Vulcanus commissioned the ships that became the backbone of Korriban small naval armada: The A-15 Corsair. In additions to the Corsair, a large capital ship known as the Vengeance was produced as well. Vulcanus also knew she would need troops to man these vessels and establish the Korriban Sith Trooper Guard to do so. The Guard always stayed very small, with many mercenaries fearing repercussions from the Republic if they were to leave and serve the Sith Empire.

Destruction of the Korriban Academy

In time Darth Dolor returned to Korriban but her body was severely damaged from the attack by her former master. On one fateful day, Vulcanus discovered a slave from crashed Hutt Sailing Barge, starving and barely alive on the surface of Korriban and brought her back to the Academy. As she was activating the slave ID tag on the woman’s thigh, Dolor burst into the room and claimed ownership of the girl, exerting her authority as the new Empress. A scuffle ensued between the two, and soon turned into an all out battle as each of the two wanted ownership of the woman. Unbeknownst to either of the two, Vulcanus’s apprentice, Layla, quickly stole away the girl during the middle of her fight, and soon claimed her for her own. The duel between the two powerful sith escalated as Vulcanus unveiled a powerful telekinetic Lightsaber combat technique. In order to cease the oncoming sabers, Dolor opened up a force storm in the middle of the Korriban Academy where the two were fighting, which began to suck anything around it into a void. Dolor and numerous students escaped, but as the Academy disintegrated into the void, Vulcanus was no where to be found.

As Dolor boasted her victory over the Headmistress, Vulcanus emerged behind her barely able to stand after being buried under rubble for the Academy, and climbing out of the large crater it made. Seeing the headmistress alive the students rushed to support her, until it was evident there was an apparent line drawn between the Sith. Vulcanus laughed as she stepped forward, kneeling in Dolor’s presence, revealing that all along she had hope for a battle like this, to test her true strength. The now newly self anointed Darth Dolor and her apprentice Dark Lady Malicia, pleased with Vulcanus’s display of power, appointed her as Malicia’s Shadowhand. Her first acting duty as Shadowhand, ironically, was to assist in procurement of slaves to rebuild the Korriban Academy she had helped accidentally destroy.

During the destruction of the Korriban Academy, Vulcanus's handmaiden Kitten was one of the casualties, due to the fact she was not able to escape in time. In addition to losing much of her work and her pet, Vulcanus gained more with her new rank as Shadowhand. Immediately after her apppointment to Shadowhand, Vulcanus took an apprentice known as Layla, a young girl who had come to the academy by stowing away on a freighter on Tantooine. Unlike previous apprentices Layla strived hard to attain true power and is the only Sith Apprentice of Vulcanus ever took that made it to the rank of Darth.

The Shadows of Primus

Forming a New Order

Vulcanus on Malachor, facing off with a renegade apprentice

As construction began on the new Korriban Academy it became evident to many that a spy had was within the ranks of the Sith Dynasty. Outraged that sensitive information was being fed to the republic and that the Sith Dynasty was being turned against their new allies, the Assembly of Darkness, Empress Dolor began a purge if all Sith who she perceived as unloyal to her Sith Empire. The purge destroyed what was left of the Sith Dynasty, and a new order known as the Shadows of Primus emerged. Vulcanus played a major role in the creation of this new order, by tracking down members still loyal to the Empress, and disposing of one’s who were not. In addition to this she played a major role as a liaison between the SoP and the Assembly of Darkness, making sure their new allies settled in comfortably on Korriban.

A Spy In Their Midst

Tensions continued to rise as a spy began to tear apart all the work the Shadows of Primus had begun. Notes began to surface in the academy with fake orders for assassinations on Vulcanus’s life, and a bombing occurred in the hospital area of the Korriban Academy, completely destroying it. Enraged the spy was still at large, Vulcanus and Dark Lady Imida devised a plan they hoped would draw her out in the open. Imida openly admitted to Vulcanus she had plans to assassinate Vulcanus, when in reality she did not, and the two staged a mock fight in the presence of the Empress and a few of the students. As Imida took her planned dive, Vulcanus took the injured Dark Lady to Dolor’s Lab, and encased her in a cryogenic freeze to keep her alive. Almost immediately another note from the spy surfaced in the academy claiming Imida was the traitor everyone sought for, showing the spy was still at large.

The sith began a desperate search knowing that Imida and the other masters where no longer part of the conspiracy. Vulcanus located a new adept, a purple twi’lek she had never seen skulking about the Empress’s throne room. As she confronted the adept, the twi’lek lost her patience in Vulcanus’s presence and turned upon her. Vulcanus then realize the twi’lek was not a student of the academy, but Darth Dolor’s former Master Evu, a member of a secretive organization known as the Teras Kasi. The two began to exchange blows but their fight was short lived as Evu incapacitated Vulcanus by striking her hard in the back with her palm. Evu was able to escape but not before sending a virus through the Academy’s computer systems.

The Shadowhand’s Wrath

In time, Vulcanus recovered from her wounds and resumed her daily duties at the academy. The Assembly of Darkness had embarked upon a massive campaign to purge the Jedi of Ruusan, and the Shadows of Primus had sent many of their best Sith to various places in the galaxy to gather intelligence, leaving Korriban relatively undefended. It was because of this fateful event, a Jedi Order from Tantooine, known as The Force, came to Korriban. Unbeknownst to the Vulcanus and two students that were with her, one of their members snuck into the Korriban Academy and within moments their entire order showed up, quickly surrounding the Academy, claiming that the Sith had kidnapped her.

Outraged and faced with overwhelming odds, Vulcanus put out an urgent cry to the Assembly, who sent three of their members as fast as they could back to Korriban to assist. When they arrived the Shadows of Primus, under Vulcanus’s order, flew into a frenzy and caught the Jedi off guard. A massive battle ensued between the extremely outnumbered Shadows of Primus and the Jedi. When the battle was over only one sith out of the six was wounded, the other five including Vulcanus had minor wounds. The Jedi however were not so lucky. Their bodies littered the floors halls of the academy and left a trail throughout the valley leading to the spaceport. Vulcanus claimed the fight was a decisive victory for the Sith against their Jedi adversaries and celebrated by creating a massive funeral pyre in the Valley of the Dark Lords, that stayed burned for weeks.


The Awakening

With Layla’s training under her now complete, Vulcanus decided to seek out another apprentice in her old padawan Githa’breda. Vulcanus devised a plan in which she lured Githa to Korriban under the guise she had returned back to the light side and was to be executed. Githa, fearing for her old mentors safety, rushed to Korriban and made her way to the academy’s torture room, where Vulcanus had staged a mock torture session to send Githa into a rage. Her plan worked and Githa attacked Darth Layla and Serena and Vulcanus had planned, but then something happened that she did not expect. Githa was able to over power both of the Sith and in doing so Kimmie took a heavy blow to the head which knocked her unconscious. The blow had other affects as well, that would become evident to Githa later on. The strike to the head was able to allow Kimmie’s old self who had been long suppressed for years gain an upper hand over the force spirit controlling her and resurface. Githa quickly gathered up her old master and fled the academy taking her back to Coruscant.

On Coruscant was treated in the civilian medical bay, as a nervous crowd of on lookers watched anxiously. Some Jedi felt she was to dangers to be left alive, but it was thanks to Githa that she was kept alive. While in the bacta tank, Kimmie’s datapad was left on her and fell out. The datapad revealed sensitive information pertaining to the slave trade on Korriban before shorting out and angered Githa, who quickly flew into a rage and started to choke Kimmie as she awoke in the tank. Githa soon realized Kimmie was suffering from Amnesia and had no recollection of her time as a sith and let her go. On Coruscant Kimmie was reunited with several Jedi previously affiliated with the NOJ, that had left for one reason or another. Kimmie was also introduce to Master Eva or the Jedi Covenant and Master Kalu and her padawan Yoshimo of the Old Order of the Jedi, who took her into protective custody and began to rehabilitate her back to the light.

Meanwhile, the Sith had no idea of the events transpiring upon Coruscant and under the order of Dark Lady Imida, scouts were sent out to search for the Headmistress. Kimmie’s whereabouts on Corsucant were soon discovered by an adept who quickly reported her findings to Darth Layla, Kimmie’s former apprentice. While Kimmie underwent tests with the Jedi Covenant, under the supervision of Master Lucas Atlantis and Atticus, the Sith began plotting for a way to bring Vulcanus back to Korriban.


As Kimmie lay in the care of the Jedi Covenant the Holocron reactivated, attempting to call her back to the Darkside, but this time she resisted. Days passed and then came the inevitable day when the sith launched their surprise. Kimmie was alone in the Covenant office on Coruscant as the Jedi attended their weekly Senate meeting across the Galaxy on Rhen Var when the sith led by Darth Layla, entered the building and abducted her. As they were escaping, Master Eva returned and trapped one of them inside while the rest flew back to Korriban with an unconscious Kimmie.

Kimmie awoke hours later to find herself laying on an operating table, with Malacia and Layla standing over her. They were concerned about Kimmie’s strange behavior on Coruscant, and Kimmie realized that had no clue she had betrayed them. Unarmed and seeking a way out, Kimmie began to pretend she had resumed the role of Vulcanus again, but it did not last for long. Malacia had taken note that Kimmie’s eyes had changed back to their original appearance and began to taunt her claiming her children were dead, seeking to turn Kimmie back to the Sith. An enraged Kimmie wrestled Layla’s sabers from her grasp and turned upon Malacia. The two fought fiercely inside the medical bay until Kimmie began to hear the cries of her daughters echoing throughout the academy. After out foxing the Dark Lady by sealing her and Layla inside the Medical Area, Kimmie searched throughout the depths of the academy, following the sound of the voices.

Kimmie found her way to the library where she discovered the holocron encased in a museum display. Malacia and Layla charged in the room hot on her heels and a desperate struggle ensued over the holocron. As Layla attempted to pull the holocron to her, Kimmie lunged forward, and plucked it out of the air. Upon grasping hold it, Vulcanus’s spirit seized the opportunity to attempt to take Kimmie’s mind again by force. The holocron began to glow a bright green and Malacia and Layla stood back as Kimmie resisted the pull of the darkside. Kimmie began to focus all of her energy upon the internal conflict over her soul and was able to channel Vulcanus’s spirit out of her mind and into the Holocron. As the holocron lit up the room in a bright green light, Vulcanus screamed through the force that she would return, as she was sealed within the holocron. The holocron began to shake and overheat, which caused Kimmie to drop it upon the floor, causing it to shatter into shatter into Jades shards as it hit. Kimmie, now free of the hold Vulcanus had over her, breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short lived as Malacia and Layla flew into a rage and charged Kimmie, to avenge Vulcanus. Kimmie faced what she thought was certain death when suddenly a smoke bomb had exploded in the room and an unseen presence snatched her away. It was only later that Kimmie realized that it was Master Kalu who had rescued her from certain death, having followed Kimmie after her abduction, and witnessed her rejection of the Darkside.

Confronting Imida

Kimmie continued to stay with the Jedi Covenant upon Coruscant, searching for clues to her daughters whereabouts when a strange message came from an unknown woman, claiming to have seen her daughters, and to meet her at the hedge gardens near the Covenant office. When she arrived Kimmie was startled to see Darth Imida sitting upon one of the benches in front of her. Imida revealed she was the one who had called Kimmie to her in hopes that she would return to the dark side, but undeterred, Kimmie stepped forward stating she still sensed good in Imida and tried to sway her towards the light. Imida grew angry, seeing that Kimmie was incapable of returning to them and attacked her. Their duel lasted only minutes before Imperial forces began to swarm towards the area and Imida taunted Kimmie, saying she had her daughters on Korriban, and would kill them if she did not come. Kimmie then followed Imida back to Korriban, in hopes of rescuing her daughters, but knew in her heart she was just merely walking into a trap.

Imida surrounded herself with Kimmie’s former apprentice Layla, and Serena who was now apprenticed to Darth Dolor. After a long trek through the Valley of the Dark Lords and sneaking in through the academy through the hanger on the roof, Kimmie was able to lure Imida outside the Academy’s main hall and back into the valley, sealing the two apprentices inside. Imida and Kimmie fought savagely as the apprentice quickly cut through the heavy stone door of the academy, which ended up falling upon Imida. Kimmie began to beat a hasty retreat but was cut off when Serena and Layla attacked her. She engaged the two adepts, displaying incredible usages of the force, long since suppressed in her time as a Sith and soon over powered them both by utilizing Malacia, an incapacitating force skill that induces disorientation in those it affects.

Imida and Kimmie’s battle soon turned into a fist fight when Atticus arrived, having sensed Kimmie’s struggle through the force, and was cut off by Imida’s apprentice, Darth Andromeda, who had also arrived on the scene. In a last ditch effort to end Kimmie’s life, Imida grasped Kimmie around the neck in a headlock and attempted to choke her to death. Unable to breath Kimmie extended her hand, calling one of her shoto blades she carried into the fight with her, and pressed it to her back. As she did she activated the emitter, which ignited the blade through her, and up into Imida’s chest. As Kimmie screamed in agony, the Sith were threw into disarray as Imida blacked out, allowing Atticus a chance to rescue Kimmie. Knowing her safety was now compromised upon Coruscant, Atticus took Kimmie to the one place he thought she would be safe, the Jedi Temple upon Talus.

The Search

In time Kimmie recovered and with the aid of the Jedi renewed her search for her daughters. Through the help of slicers, Kimmie was able to uncover information revealing her daughters were travelling on a transport ship that had crashed in the Rancor lowlands of the planet Dathomir. Fearing her daughters may be lost on the Dark World, Kimmie travelled to Dathomir and began her search. As she roamed the forests and rugged terrain, she was confronted by a large Rancor that drove her deep into the highlands, where she unexpectedly ran into Master Don Gaton and Lady Spec Bailey from her old Jedi Order, who were on a mission to Dathomir. Overjoyed to see their old friend had returned to the light Kimmie led the two to a nearby Jedi camp where she related her time as a sith to them. After seeing first hand that Kimmie’s conversion was true, Gaton revealed that Kimmie’s daughters were alive upon the water world of Mon Calamari, where he had kept them safe for the years Kimmie embraced the Darkside. Over joyed at the news, Kimmie embraced her friends who wished her well and then watched her depart from the planet.

Final Confrontation

Before Kimmie embarked to Mon Calamari, she landed upon Talus again to gather her things and refuel her ship. As she was embarking to leave, a shadowy figure confronted her in the doorway and drew her sabers. Kimmie was stunned to learn her location had once again been compromised and her former Master she served as a Shadowhand, Dark Lady Malacia, had come after her for revenge. Kimmie took the full brunt of Malacia’s attacks as she attempted to save two Padawans who had entered the room and had gotten caught up in the battle. Despite efforts from Master Azlum Grimlocks apprentice, Talmerith, nothing could stop Malacia and her rage to kill Kimmie. Kimmie was able lure Malacia outside and with the aid of her telekinesis, halt her at the doorway. Malacia then began a mental assault of Kimmie’s mind as the Jedi looked on, and was able to rip the location of Kimmie’s daughters from her. As she laughed, vowing to kill them, a man by the name of Riley West unloaded a tranquilizer dart into Malacia’s back, dropping her where she stood. Knowing her daughters were now in danger, Kimmie boarded her ship and headed to Mon Calamari, to reunite with them both.


Reunion With Sera and Saya

Upon landing on Mon Calamari, Kimmie was able to quickly locate her daughters with the aid of a native Mon Calamarian known as Socari Ven. The joy of their reunion was short lived however, as Sith fighters broke through the planetary defenses and began an assault of the world. Realizing that she and her family were not hunted by the Sith Empire itself, Kimmie and her daughters left the planet at the urgings of Socari, and went far beyond the outer rim, into Wild Space, where the Sith could no longer find them.

The Heroine's Legacy & A New Threat

The strange green hand mark on the floor of the Korriban Academy

And thus it was, that the time of Kimmie Aeon upon this galaxy, came to a close, but her legacy would live on. Many would remember her as a hero; someone who was willing to lay down her life to see to it that freedom, justice, and equality, for all beings was a reality in the universe. They would also remember her as someone who was always willing to act out against injustice, who would not sit silently as many of her Jedi former companions did, while innocent beings suffered across the galaxy. But many would also remember her for what she was; a villain, a scourge, amalevolent force of the dark side. To her former Jedi Order, who could not forgive, she would forever be labeled a traitor.

Kimmie would remain far beyond the outer rim with her daughters, exploring unknown worlds, discovering new civilizations for the first time, and of course training her daughters in the ways of the force. She would wait in secret, watching the galaxy she once protected from afar knowing that one day, when need was dire, she may very well return to it. But for now, after so many years of chaos and strife she as once again found peace and serenity. For now, the tale of Kimmie Aeon yet another Jedi in Exile has come to a happy end.

While Kimmie Aeon’s tale ends, another one begins. Darkness falls upon the planet Korriban and out of it thunder and lightning emerge from a powerful electromagnetic storm. The power of the darkside begins to grow stronger and can be felt from by numerous force sensitives in the galaxy. In the depths of the Korriban Academy, a green light erupts from the floor in the main hall as a hand like mark is burnt into the time. A familiar voice can be heard by those looking on in disbelief, echoing through the force. For out of the ashes and the embrace of death steps an old foe now reborn. The time of Vulcanus has passed. The time of Saturnalia, has come.

Personality and traits

Phyiscally Kimmie's most defining feature are her pointy elflike ears, which are the Morganian traits passed onto her from her mother. These ears do give her some amplified hearing.

Originally Kimmie was a very kind gentle soul, who loved life and was always seen smiling and laughing. As a Jedi she was brave and courageous, and always put others, especially her Padawans, before herself. Sadly this Kimmie lies dormant inside the woman known as Vulcanus now. A fire of hatred burns inside of her for the Jedi and the republic she believes has betrayed her.

She is cunning, shrewd, and overall cruel as a Sith. Perhaps her greatest strength lay in the fact she was able to control her emotions and not let them get the best of her in times of conflict. Mastery of her emotions is probably one of her greatest strengths. Vulcanus was also known to punish adepts and apprentices severely for not meeting her expectations in the academy.

In her earlier career as a New Republic Spy, Kimmie under went special training to resist different forms of torture and mental manipulation and in doing so, is unable to be affected by mind tricks or mental manipulations. A very powerful Sith Master, such as Darth Dolor or Darth Malacia however, could still probe into her mind but find it very difficult to do so. Another strength lies in the fact her force powers are centered around stealth and evasion. Kimmie was also a master Cartographer and knew many planets, including Sith worlds like the back of her hand. As a Sith, Kimmie under went an ancient Sith ritual at the hand of Darth Dolor, in which twelve red crystals infused with Dolor's essence with stabbed into various joints in her body. This was to ensure Kimmie would never return to the light but was still able to be over come. The crystals heightened Kimmie's natural force abilities significantly while also allowing her to feel Dolor's presence at all times.

Along with her strengths, Kimmie has several weaknesses. One is that her body is very susceptible to foreign toxins, due to a genetic defect in her immune system. Some toxins and poisons work twice as fast in her body. In addition to this, the holocron created by Chimera was also telepathically attuned to her before it was destroyed. If Kimmie’s thoughts begin to waver towards feelings of doubt in her abilities or fear, the holocron began to mentally torture her with maddening sounds and the desperate cries for help from her two children, which can incapacitate her or cause her concentration to waver greatly.

Powers and Abilites

Kimmie possesses minor technical skills from her past history as a New Republic Spy. These include first aid and tech healing skills, piloting skills, computer slicing, and endurance training to resist torture and interrogation.

Lightsaber Training

Kimmie's chosen lightsaber form was originally Makashi, but she dropped this form entirely for Ataru, after the lack of speed nearly got her killed by Darth Rowe. She also applies principles of Sokan into her fighting style, taking advantage of her surroundings to use in the fight against her opponent. Occasionally, she practices a bit of Jar Kai but this is not her strongest form and she rarely uses it outside the sparring arena. Kimmie's saber stance is similar to that of Darth Talon, and this stance is unique to her from the stances of her fellow Jedi.

Force Abilities

Kimmie Aeon using her force illusion technique

As for her Force Powers, Kimmie possesses some minor force healing, just enough to comfort a being or to heal very minor wounds. She has remarkable telekinetic powers which give her heightened senses and also allow her to move very large objects with very minimal effort. During the destruction of the first Ruusan, Kimmie moved a large piece of a ruined apartment building to seal off the entrance to the Valley of the Jedi. The rest of her powers are centered around stealth and evasion. She shows strong abilities in force speed and also force empathy. Kimmie is also a practitioner of the force illusion technique, and is discovering more ways to utilize the ability.

Lady Kimmie is also known to use a powerful "Force" headbutt, in times of extreme desperation again a superior foe. Upon hitting, the headbutt incapacitates Kimmie and her opponent, rendering them unconcious and in severe pain. Master Zephan has described the move as "epic."

During her fall to the Darkside, Kimmie displayed use of several dark force powers but on a weak unrefined scale. In her fights with her former Jedi friends she used force choke, force lightning and even a weak but still effect force repulse technique. Under Darth Dolor Kimmie learned the force concealment technique and used this to project a false Lightside aura, which tricked several clones and Jedi as she stole the Emperor’s Holocron. During her duel with Darth Dolor inside the Korriban Academy, Kimmie, as Darth Vulcanus, displayed an incredible mastery of the Telekinetic lightsaber combat technique.

After her redemption Kimmie utilized many abilites that showed her skills had significantly increased in her time on Korriban. In her duel against Dark Lady Imida, Kimmie utilized the force skill Malacia, to induce disorientation, nausea, and even vomitting in Serena and Darth Layla, and incapacitate them from the fight. In her final battle on Talus against Dark Lady Malacia, Kimmie was noted using the technique known as plant surge, by causing the roots in a potter near Malacia to grow and wrap around her ankles.



While on Ruusan Kimmie either wears traditional Jedi robes, usually in the shade of a blood red color. Since her promotion to master, Kimmie also wears a red and gold colored outfit quite frequently in addition to traditional Jedi apparel. Kimmie can always be seen wearing a necklace in the shape of an Angel with a pink crystal in the center. The crystal is actually a small shard of the legendary Kaiburr crystal.

Master Kimmie Aeon in her easily recognizable red robes

When out traveling the galaxy for extended periods of time, Kimmie usually wears a explorer's outfit, complete with a backpack and fedora. The backpack contains survival and navigation gear, including a tent, torch, and archeological pick.

While undercover for the order on hostile Sith worlds, Kimmie wears a black trench-coat-like outfit and white cosmetics to help her blend in.

In her RLF disguise as Starfire, Kimmie wear solid black Rebel Assault armor and a black face mask to cover her mouth. Her gaunlets are red and black and have a built in computer, programmed with navigation charts of various planets, and a health monitoring system in case she is injured in the field. One may also notice that while Kimmie is in this disguise, her hair is dyed black, and her eyes are red. The red eyes are not the taint of the darkside on her, but are actually red contact lenses used to confuse any retenal scanning devices.

As a Sith Kimmie's outfit is primarily a set of traiditional robes. At times when travelling abroad she will dawn a heavy black cloak to conceal her face. She has also been seen wearing an assassin's outfit, complete with a glider jetpack for maneuvering in urban cityscapes.

Towards the end of her days as a Sith, Kimmie wore a Sith Alchemy Amulet, along with a strange Darkside artifact upon her wrist. The artifact fed off of her emotions but gave her no special abilities. Kimmie also wore a special headband that was remotely linked to her computer found in her office on Korriban. The headband contained a tiny video camera that recorded images from her point of view. One can surmise she possibly used this for spying or was planning to.


Kimmie has built several different lightsabers throughout her lifetime, mainly to replaced ones that were destroyed.

Justicar and Executor (Padawan Sabers)

These two sabers were the first ones Kimmie created during her padawanship under Master Undala Oceanlane. They were dubbed the nickname: "The Ice Picks" by several sith, due to the fact that the hilt guards made the sabers look like two ice picks when unlit. When lit, the two swords both glowed with a yellow blade. When Kimmie was a Padawan IV, her ship crashed hard into the swamps of dagobah and upon impact, the Executor Saber was severely damaged. Kimmie resorted to using Justicar only until she built another saber as a knight.


Kimmie completed the Centurion saber when she was a knight. She wanted a saber that could go undercover with her, if she visited a hostile sith planet. The Centurion had three intimidating prongs at the front, modelled after sith lightsabers. Despite looking so sithy in appearance the Centurion had a yellow blade. The saber met its end when Darth Rowe took it from Kimmie upon her captivity on Korriban.


To replace the Centurion, Kimmie made a small elegant saber she called Chane. Its small design allowed her to have very fast movements, which fit her Ataru style perfectly. The blade contained a Viridian crystal which she found hidden in a cave on Korriban. Kimmie still posseses this saber today and uses it mainly in training practices with her padawans.

Aurora's Legacy

Aurora's Legacy is a massive elegantly crafted saber Kimmie named in memory of her mother. The saber has an elongated hilt and is meant to be gripped by two hansds. Inside the blade is a rare ice blue crystal called the Aurora Crystal, a crystal discovered by Kimmie on Hoth. The saber and the crystal are named in memory of Kimmie's mother.

Aurora's Dark Legacy

After finding design flaws in a previous saber, Kimmie recreated the saber Aurora's Legacy. The only difference between the first version and the second is the name and the crystal found inside. Aurora's Dark Legacy contained a special red crystal she collected on Dromund Kass. It also had a special emitter button that could increase or decrease the size of the blade according to the user's wish.


Upon her return to the light side, Kimmie constructed two elegantly crafted shotos she named Ravager. The blades contained peices of the Aurora crystal which she was able to recover from the Imperial Knights. Like her previous saber, both hilts for the shotos contained a special emitter that could increase or decrease the length of the blade, a feature that would save her life in her duel with Dark Lady Imida.


Kimmie has flown a wide variety of ships over the years, from X-Wings, to A-Wings, even a few Imperial craft. In the RLF she was seen a few times flying a PGA Xesh against the empire. As a Sith she contracted the A-15 Corsairs for the Shadows of Primus and the Korriban Sith guard. The A-15 Corsairs are based upon the design of the Sith Intercerptors used by Darth Malek and Darth Nihilius's armadas.

Accomplishments and Positions Held


-Former Padawan to Master Undala Oceanlane

-Jedi Master of the New Order of the Jedi

-Jedi General of the 75th Galactic Marines

-Honorary Member of the Wroshyr Tribe of Kashyyyk

-Cartographed over 36 planets in the SWRP Universe

-Trained 4 Padawans to Knighthood in the NOJ

-Curator of Darkside Antiquities at the Ruusan Museum of Art

-Headmistress of the Korriban Sith Academy

-Sith Master of the Sith Dynasty

-Shadowhand to Dark Lady Malicia of the Sith Dynasty and then Shadows of Primus

-Founder of the Korriban Sith Trooper Guard

-Founder of the Korriban Sith Slaves Group

-One of the founders of the Shadows of Primus


-Former Senior GM of Ruusan Sim

-Senior GM of Galactic Primus (Korriban) Sim

-Administrator for the Galactic Unity


"Master Undala always said to use your head."

-Lady Kimmie after head butting Vilda

The Sith may have taught me the very basics of the Force, but it was the Jedi who taught me how to utilize it properly, and that is by helping others.

-Lady Kimmie concerning her captivity on Ziost.

The Force is my ally!

-Lady Kimmie as she ignites her saber.

"It belongs in a Museum!"

-Lady Kimmie to the Assembly of Darkness, after taking a Sith Chalice from a tomb on Korriban.

"Know that I am your mentor, your guide on this walk together we call life. I am here to pass off what I have learned to you, so that you may grow stronger in the ways of the force. Above all else, always remember these words that Kreia said to the Jedi Exile so long ago: It is not the destination that matters. It is the journey."

-Lady Kimmie to her padawans