"I do not hunt Jedi out of hatred... NO! I hunt them for sport."

— Killroy

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Killroy was born as Smek sun' jin on Tatooine in the year  217 ABY, raised by only his father, in the slave quarter.Though born on Tatooine, Smek was Kaleesh, meaning his father originated from the planet [[[starwars:Kalee|Kalee]] located in Wild space at the time but previously Conquered by many Races and regimes. Kalee had become... desolate and the failing economy and lack of resources had left the majority of the Kaleesh no other option but to leave the planet in search of an easier life. Killroys Father , taking into account the hot atmosphere of his native world, made way for Tatooine.

Growing Up on Tatooine in the slave quarter was difficult for Smek sun' jin as Kaleesh children that far from Wild space were very rare to find. He spent the majority of his childhood alone or with his father hunting sand rats and when they had finished, His father would tell him tales of Ancient Kalee and of the Great Warrior "Qymaen jai Sheelal" and of his triumphs against even the most noble of warriors such as the jedi and his accession to becoming a god and Deity.  Smek sun' jin heard these tales and thought them beautiful , he wanted to return to his homeworld and become as renowned as the warrior in the stories , but this was not yet to be.

at the age of 18 Smek sun' jin was walking back to the slave quarter , when a human boy of the same age named "Royston Murr"  appeared from behind a stack of droid parts. he was flipping a shiny metal cylinder in his hand , Smek sun jin asked him what he was doing sneaking up on people like that and followed on to ask about the shiny cylinder in his hand.  The boy "Royston" , was a bully and a nasty boy and explained that he'd taken it from an imperial compound he and his friends had managed to sneak into. killroy fearing the worst , told him to return it but royston just threw it at his head proclaiming it was useless anyway and the button didn't work then pulled out a blaster and pointed it at Smek.

Smek assured Royston that he meant no harm , he just didn't want him to get into any kind of trouble with the imperials and picked the Shiny cylinder from out of the sand beneath his feet, stretching his arm out in an attempt to return it, but as the moment came Royston was startled by Smeks sudden movement and unloaded a shot from his blaster, Smek shouted "NOOO!" and suddenly the Cylinder lit up with what could only be described as a Illuminous Red glowing blade of sorts, The incoming blaster shot connected to the blade and returned into the direction of its owner , in a matter of seconds it was done. Royston lay on the floor with a giant hole burned through his chest.

With all the commotion in a matter of minutes  a detachment of storm troopers came scurrying around the Corner , only to see Smek stood over a corpse of the former Royston Murr, Strange device in hand, "He's got a lightsaber!" shouted one of the Troopers, he then sent out a distress call that sounded unfamiliar , it went like this ; "Inquisitor, we've found one" he looked at the "lightsaber" in his hand and suddenly it switched off, he threw it to the ground and raised his hands into the air , Explaining he didn't mean to, but it was too late, the troopers reclaimed the lightsaber and threw Smek into a transport that had just arrived.

Imperial enslavement Edit

He was taken to an Imperial base on the outskirts of Mos Espa , on the surface of Tatooine. He awoke to a strange man standing in front of him tapping a tune on the metal of his shackles. The man was wearing jet black armor and his face was hidden beneath a helmet, He introduced himself as merely an Inquisitor. "Where did you find the Lightsaber Killroy?" he said , Smek began to explain that his name was Smek, but was interrupted by the Inquisitor who explained he would call him what he chose , he explained patronizingly with real lack of care that " the abominable killer of the poor Royston Murr could only ever be brandished for his crimes" and therefor he was now to be addressed as Killroy.

Killroy spent years as a slave on an Imperial Kyber mining facility somewhere on the outer rim , where he was involved in a major accident when a tie fighter spiralled out of control , attempting to land on the nearby platform the tie fighter crash landed, the explosion caused major damage to the nearby Killroy, at the cost of the higher part of his skull. This was replaced with a cybernetic casing for his brain, at the cost of the empire. After all the years spent on the facility and somehow managing to become favoured by the Inquisitor, he managed to make his way out of slavery , and in the years spent serving the Inquisitor he had built a trusting relationship and unveiled his wishes to become a Warrior back on his home planet of Kalee, like The legendary warrior his father had told him about as a child. The Inquisitor explained to him that only those who wielded the force were worthy adversaries to him, but agreed to take Killroy back to his home planet with the proviso that Killroy practiced Imperial Law alongside a few exceptions hand chosen to practice certain aspects of kaleesh culture. this was agreed and Killroy returned to Kalee.

Time on Kalee Edit

He spent all the years on Kalee building the economy back up as much as he could, with aid from the galactic Empire , he also found Hobbies off world , one of these was hunting members of the Jedi order with nothing but an enhanced vibro blade to test his boundaries as a warrior , taking their Lightsabers as trophies and as a show of stature amongst his people.

In the year 266 ABY The Inquisitor returned to Kalee , now as the "Grand Inquisitor" of the Galactic Empire and Informed Killroy that The Great Empress Jen Cress wished to bestow A great honour upon him, he was to be Named "Moff and Ruler of Imperial Kalee" and that Area of wild space became Imperial Space under Killroy's Command.

Time as the ruler of Imperial Kalee Edit

Killroy The Leader of Kalee

Killroy , as the leader of Imperial Kalee

Kalee had undertaken a drastic transaction rendering the planet under Imperial law. Killroy wasn't often seen on Kalee , unless in the throne room. a lot of the diplomatic endeavours of the kaleesh people were now conducted on the planet Drebathea. Killroy's time was split between hunting Jedi, and of course Conducting political Affairs for the Imperial Kaleesh.

Confederacy of Independent Systems Edit

Some time in 267 ABY , Killroy was dispatched on a mission to a desolate and dead planet in the Outer Rim territories . The planet, Geonosis was said to be a place of historical importance to a war long gone. Geonosis was a desert planet with dunes of red sand and ruins of once magnificent Architecture, it reminded Killroy of his own Kalee. Upon walking through the sandy plains towards a gigantic ruin , Killroy noticed that there was a diminished sense of atmosphere, no wind... , no breeze... , nothing...

Killroy began to walk towards the ancient structure towering over him, as his foot touched the ground inside the shadow of the building, Killroy stopped and remained still. he gazed to the highest level of the ancient building , noticing the rays of what seemed to be a small light , glimmering "I am not alone here" he whispered to himself quietly. He ventured further until he was inside the ruin. The High Inquisitor had taught Killroy little things about the force, for example, he could sense the presence of one who wielded the force and in this particular scenario... he could sense something indescribably dark. Killroy found himself stood in an open area , it was dark and spacious, he drew his lightsaber that the High Inquisitor has shabbily helped him craft on Kalee, but it deactivated just as soon as it had ignited, A vile and villainous laugh came from every direction "ahaha..." Killroy turned his head in an attempt to follow the voice "Show yourself Coward!" shouted Killroy , but the darkness remained quiet. Killroy re-attached his Lightsaber to his belt and pulled his Vibroblade from it's sheath , taking up a defensive position. Soon after the Darkness began to talk again, "Killroy... it is fitting that it is you..." it echoed. Killroy looked everywhere , gripping his Vibroblade as tightly as possible , "Who are you , how do you know me?!" He asked in a muffled tone, the voice seemed entertained and began to speak again "I know everything Killroy, I am Everywhere ... you will join me Killroy, you will join me or i will begin to take things from you..."

Killroy was a man of Honour and Pride , he would not allow himself to be threatened out of his loyalty to the Empire. "best me in combat" he said "Best me in combat and i shall join you!" Killroy said these things confidently , as in his mind, he was a fierce warrior and would not be bested. The darkness once again went silent then suddenly Killroy began to lift from the ground, he began to swing his Vibroblade in panicked uncontrolled flurries but it was no use. Killroy's Vibroblade flew out of his hand and onto the floor , his belt began to shake and his lightsaber detached disappearing into the darkness. Killroy then began to be dragged into the darkness , it all happened to quick, all he saw was his own lightsaber ignite and then he was laying on the floor. Killroy couldn't think, his head had stopped working for a second and then , there was nothing but pain. He raised his head to look at the figure towering over him "You will join me Killroy...and just maybe I will return your legs..." it said calmly. Killroy looked down to his legs and sure enough , they had been severed he let out a scream "YAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Killroy nodded , "GIVE ME BACK MY LEGS!" he shouted "PLEASE!" The figure then emerged closer to Killroy and suddenly he was asleep. Upon awaking Killroy instantly looked down to where his legs once were, only to see two big cybernetic legs replacing the ones that were severed. He looked to his left and saw a hooded figure Stood with both of his arms behind his back, staring at Killroy "You were bested Killroy..." he said patronizingly "You were bested and now your services belong to me..." Killroy nodded his head and let out a croak "W..wh..what do you want from me?" The hooded figure let out a small chuckle "I want you to be the first General in my Confederacy of Independent Systems...I want Kalee to be a New Seperatist State and i want you to Abolish and destroy the Imperial forces that Inhabit Kalee..."

Not much more is known of the conversation had between The figure and Killroy , it is only known that the Imperial forces on Kalee fell to the Armies of Killroy and his newly foundered Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Death Edit

Three years into Killroy's reign, as a separatist General , on the planet Kalee ,the hooded figure betrayed and beheaded him with a lightsaber, due to his usefulness to the growth of the movement expiring.

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