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Kida Sia. Youngest daughter of Felina Sia and Drake Wade and heir to the throne of Naboo. Kida is Monarch to the Sia dynasty with potential claims in Naboo, Onderon. The sister of the NTF Viceroy and youngest child of the previous Viceroy, Kida is also in line for Vicerine as well. Born of a true Royal Naboo dynasty, The Royal House Of Sia, Kida is also the Majordomo of Tiro the Hutt. Giving her huge power over Mos Entha and Mos Taike and all of Tiros assets.

Spending most of her time on Naboo for educational and Royal duties, Sia became the traditional Naboo girl. Joining Government at a very young age and going on to become Senator of Naboo at the age of 12. Born of Royal lineage, Kida is a Princess, Monarch, Politician and Empress of the Anoth Empire, with potential claims and titles in various systems at the young age of 16. Making her one of the most influential teens from Naboo ever.


Early Life




Kida has been called the 'heart' of the Family. While most relatives such as Felina Sia and Pindara Sia would focus on gaining power, Kida was very much happy with her life on Naboo. Kida is intelligent, caring, eager, kind, beautiful and brave. She likes to promote Naboo tradition and culture in her day to day life. Kida does what she must for the sake of her people, her family and her friends.

Influence in Politics

Although very young, Kida is a traditional Naboo girl maturing at a young age and taking heavy responsibilities. At the age of 12, Kida won elections to become Senator of Naboo. She served her term with success and support from Naboos people. As a Princess of Royal lineage, Kida is well versed in the dance of politics and has proven time and time again to have a sharp tongue and a powerful will to see her demands met without doubt. As Crown Princess, Kida also acts as Mayor of Naboos capital city Theed, until she potentially becomes Queen. Meanwhile Kida has had huge power at her hands politically as Empress of the Anoth Empire, while also having potential claims to Onderon, Bothawui, The New Trade Federation and of course, Naboo as well. She is perhaps one of the most influential women to have come from Naboo with various royal titles on several planets and systems.


When Kida is not serving her people as Queen, in her spare time she likes to do the following:

  • She loves travel very much, some of her favorite places have been Bothawui, Onderon, Coruscant and Bakura.
  • She has a love of fashion design. She likes to spend alot of her spare time designing new outfits inspired by Naboo culture that she would then wear.
  • She is fascinated by her own culture and spends what time she can learning what she doesn't already know about Naboo's history.
  • She enjoys theatre, walks in the Naboo gardens, admiring the lakes and pools on Naboo and joining the public on their daily routines to help.