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Kethina Andretti was a trained force user, though she never followed any jedi or sith code and relied on her blaster more than her lightsaber. She was later adopted into the Mandalorian Clan Kata, stopped using the Force and took on the Mandalorian ways wholeheartedly.

Character Biography

Starting out Kethina was a young explorer, wandering the galaxy with no real goal other than just seeing what was out there. In her wanderings, she found herself on Zonama Sekot, where a Lady by the name of Salene greeted her. After a bit of discussion, Salene informed Kethina that she was force sensitive, and offered training. Curious, Kethina accepted, spending the next few years on Zonama, learning the ways of the Force. Often finding herself at odds with the teachings of the Potentium Followers, as well as their leaders, Kethina ultimately left Zonama Sekot, accompanied by her Potentium Master, who had similar reasons to leave.

Together, they continued training as they wandered the galaxy. Over numerous adventures, The two became a bit more than master and apprentice, though it didn't last. Kethina broke it off, realizing it wouldn't work in the long run, and parted ways on good terms.

On her own once again, Kethina continued wandering, taking odd jobs to support herself, her skills in the Force proving useful in doing so. After a chance meeting with a starship engineer, she wound up in the employ of a Hutt intent on building up a criminal empire. Seeing an opportunity, she made herself an invaluable employee, while secretly working against the Hutt's interests, freeing slaves, sabotaging cargo, and other ways.

Though her own actions went undiscovered, that particular Hutt met his end following internal conflicts. Kethina was able to escape the collapse of the organization with a shipload of assorted cargo, which she sold off, and began her wanderings anew. After a couple years of wandering, she reconnected with that starship engineer, who had landed an administration job, overseeing the rebuilding of the floating city of New Tibannopolis on Bespin. Kethina was hired on to oversee security for the city, doing so until shortly after reconstruction was completed.

Kethina resumed her wandering once more, eventually somewhat settling into a place on Nar Shadda, where she met Vhetra, owner of a ship repair shop. Taking a job to help with repairs, the two became friends, Vhetra soon asking Kethina to come along for several battles on other worlds. After fighting beside him, Vhetra began teaching her in the ways of the Mandalorians. The more she learned of them, the more she realized this was what she had been searching for. After completing her training, Kethina was formally adopted into Clan Kata.

After years with Kata, Kethina designed and built a mining facility for Kata use in the Roche Asteroids, which provided the clan with a good source of income while it was in operation. During this time, Kethina had begun spending occasional time on Uvena Prime, lending aid to the Galactic Liberation Alliance, whom she felt was the first group of Jedi she'd met worthy of the title. When the war the the Revenant Armada began, she continued to lend aid, initially by smuggling in much needed supplies, later, by participating directly in battles against the Revenant forces.

Character and Traits

Kethina Andretti was an explorer at heart, always looking for new places to investigate, generally willing to lend a hand.