The planet Kendalar V appears barren when viewed from orbit, but it is, in fact, largely covered in verdant old-growth forest, broken by the occasional mountain range, lake, river, or inland sea.  The heavy cloud cover which wreathes the world might contribute to its barren appearance; the odd lighting from Kendalar Prime (which changes every so often, thus helping define the seasons on the planet) likely provides its own significant contribution as well.


Recorded history on Kendalar V began a little over 250 years ago when two far-ranging sorcerers of Tund, Rhidaesiuth Sirestep and Kendarln Sirestep were drawn to the planet by the Force.  When they returned to Imperial space, they met with a small splinter faction from Tund who believed a prophecy that a stranger would destroy their home.

Kendarln and Saihaz, a descendant of the Zuguruk-caste refugees who fled to Tund after Naga Sadow's defeat in the Great Hyperspace War, journeyed to Kendalar V with two vessels bearing droids and building materials, with the aid of which they were able to construct the first orbital station to orbit Kendalar V.

Not too long after, Rhidaesiuth led the rest of the splinter faction to the Kendalar system, ultimately leading to the settlement of Kendalar V by the Sith and the formation of the Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith Sorcerers.


Red seasonEdit

The red season is defined primarily by the color of light given off by Kendalar Prime, which filters through the atmosphere of Kendalar V as varying shades of red.  This is also the warmest season on the planet.

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Force TempleEdit

The Force Temple on Kendalar V was constructed shortly after the newly-formed Enclave settled the world.  The massive stone structure, one of the largest on the entire planet, is built above the site of a nexus in the Force which the prophets call the Heart of Kendalar.  This Force nexus varies a bit from what many people consider the "norm" in that it feels to a lightsider like a light side nexus, and to a darksider like a dark side nexus.  Only to someone who has achieved balance in the Force does it feel like the Force is in balance here.

Orbital station and shipyardsEdit

The orbital station originally created by Saihaz was scrapped after the completion of a much larger orbital station rendered it unnecessary.  Shipyards were added to this at some point, from which the engineers of the Enclave periodically launched light freighters and light frigates to ferry resources from outposts and to serve in the Enclave Fleet, respectively.

Kendar crystal minesEdit

In actual fact, kendar crystals can be mined anywhere on the planet where a mineshaft can be driven far enough into the crust, but the easiest places to access the kendar crystals in abundance are found almost exclusively around the edges of lone mountains. 

There are two primary kendar crystal mines on the planet.  The kendar crystals from the larger operation are used for just about anything which uses power, as the kendar crystals are fully capable of storing and releasing both radiation (including in the visible spectrum) and Force power.  The second mine is in the wilderness, seemingly unguarded.  This is where the younglings of the Enclave are sent during their coming-of-age trials to find the kendar crystals which they will use in constructing their warblades.  It is not unusual for the hopefuls to be forced to band together against the wild beasts which inhabit the area - that is, in fact, one of the reasons for sending them that far out in the first place.

The "Heart of Kendalar"Edit

The "Heart of Kendalar" is, to most younger members of the Enclave, little more than a legend which gets hammered into their brains by their parents and instructors.  Very few even among the senior sorcerers of the Enclave have been allowed to access the corridor beneath the Force Temple which leads to the "Heart of Kendalar", and even fewer have set foot inside the mysterious cavern.  Those who do always have strange tales to tell of Force visions and ghosts of past sorcerers.  They also assert that it is impossible to detect anything which is inside the cavern without entering it, and that it is likewise impossible to sense things outside the cavern from inside, due to the sheer intensity of "noise" which overwhelms even non-Force sensitives.

The "Heart of Kendalar" is, in fact, the location of the nexus in the Force which the sorcerers of Tund Rhidaesiuth Sirestep and Kendarln Sirestep sensed, and which led them to discover the Rhid-Kendalaran Nebula and the Kendalar system itself.  Researchers assert that the nexus is a necessary result of the extremely high concentration of kendar crystals around the "Heart of Kendalar" which have been absorbing radiation and Force energy for longer than anyone in the Enclave can guess.  They also assert that the "Heart of Kendalar" contains the "parent" crystals from which all kendar crystals in existence ultimately came.

While serving her turn as Warden of the Red Moon, the "Dream-weaver" reportedly discovered a means for accessing the "Heart of Kendalar" from the Red Moon, causing some to question whether the "Heart of Kendalar" is, in fact, on Kendalar V, or whether it is even real.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kendalar V was created after the roleplayer behind Valermit Mindseer researched and ultimately rejected a number of known planets in the Unknown Regions as possible homeworlds for Valermit.  The top four homeworlds/systems were the Red Nebula, Xala, Pion, and Lehon.

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