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"Who is better Master Kasmiel, the Jedi born without emotion? Or the Jedi who chooses to oppose the temptation of emotion, therefore producing wisdom. It is like asking, 'who is better, he who is born good, or he who constantly chose to reject the evil within himself?"

— Master Kei-Rebu Jinn, speaking with Master Kasmiel

Kei-Rebu Jinn is a legendary Human Jedi Master from the planet Dantooine. Jinn is best known for his extraordinary mastery of many aspects of the Force, and his protection and support of many Jedi Enclaves across the galaxy in their most desperate times. He overcame many trials and tribulations throughout his life, and he appreciates being able to pass them on to his apprentices.


Early life[]

Jinn was born on the temperate planet of Dantooine. His mother and Father were both Force sensitive, and were trained as Jedi. They were killed when Jinn was 5 years old by Sith Assassins. After the death of his parents, Jinn was taken in by his Uncle. Jinn's uncle was a Grey Jedi, and an adventurer. He brought Jinn around wherever he was, which taught Jinn many valuable skills about survival.

His Uncle, during their travels, discovered Jinn's force sensitivity, and decided to begin training him in the way of the force. Throughout his childhood Jinn and his Uncle went on many adventures, and formed a very strong bond between each other. They were maverick in nature, always moving.

However at the age of 17 Jinn's uncle was killed while attempting to repair their starship. Shortly after his death, Jinn took possession of all his uncles belongings; including his lightsaber, his starship, and his old Jedi robes. Jinn struck out on his own with the skills and rudimentary knowledge of the force through his Uncle. Having had experience with Bounty Hunting already, Jinn decided to pursue this lane of work. However he lacked any impressive skill with a lightsaber or using the Force as his Uncle's instructions were not proper. In this time, he relied mostly on conventional blasters, and rarely took liberty to unsheathe his lightsaber. Little is known about his time bounty hunting.

Within a year of his Uncle's death, Jinn found himself traveling to the planet Naboo. While on the planet, he ran into an order of Jedi called The August Order. Recognizing that his training in the force was weak and unrefined, they decided to assign him a master and initiate him into their order. The master he was assigned was Master Raine Oken-Vos. He trained tirelessly with Oken-Vos with extreme motivation and intent. When he turned 22, Jinn was knighted by the August Order.

After many more years of training, he was given the title of Jedi Master. In addition to this, the August Order gave him the job of being a representative for their order. His mission was to travel throughout the galaxy and convince other organizations to ally with the August Order to help protect them if the enclave was ever in danger. His first assignment was to forge an alliance between the August Order and the Dantooine Jedi Enclave.

Fall and reconciliation[]

While working with the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, he was able to forge an alliance between the two groups. Though after returning to Naboo to report his success, he found the temple in ruins. Someone had attacked the temple and killed most if not all the members of the August Order. Horrified at the destruction that stood before him, and consumed with anger he set out into the galaxy to find those responsible. He roamed the stars for 3 years trying to discover the slayers of the August Order, however all his effort was in vain, and he was never able to discover who was responsible. Throughout his journey he was overcome with anger, hatred, and pain. Throughout his investigations Jinn fell further and further to the Dark Side, however it was never able to fully consume him. His wake up call came when he almost killed a man out of rage. After a period of reflection, Jinn decided his best course of action was to force himself into exile and meditate on the events of the years past.

Kei-Rebu at age 29, meditating on Rori

While on route to his preferred spot for exile, his hyperdrive became damaged and he was forced to land on the planet Rori. He landed his ship in a colony called New Restuss, which had been founded by a Jedi Watchman named Keiran. The members of the colony embraced Jinn and let him stay in New Restuss to complete his exile instead of repairing his hyperdrive. Although insisting that he be in exile, he became increasingly involved with the happenings in the colony, using his skills as a Jedi to aid the colony. After a year's time, he felt it was time to free himself of his exile. After returning to the Colony, they requested that he serve in the Diplomatic Department of New Restuss.

While Jinn served in the Diplomatic Department, the colony began to grow exponentially as his skills as a diplomat brought mutually benificial trade between the settlements on Rori. Through his efforts New Restuss established themselves in the planetary economy in the production of medicinal spices. It was at this time that the colonies of Rori decided to claim independance from their respective mother Systems. Through discussions with Queen Sunamoon of Naboo, Jinn was able to cement Rori's independance. New Restuss instead became synonymous with Rori, and subsequently joined the Republic Senate.

Jinn on Rori

Keiran, who became the governor of Rori, returned to the Dantooine Jedi Enclave with his padawan to complete his padawan's training. In his absence Jinn was made Governor of Rori until they return. During his time in the government, Jinn treated the people of Rori as if they were his adopted family, and he was very well respected among the people. Although, his involvement in planetary politics caused the creation of several splinter groups who were against his governing of Rori. He deduced that the moon would be in a safer place if it was not involved with Galactic Politics. He then withdrew Rori from the Republic Senate and sent word to Keiran for him to return to Rori. Upon Keiran's return, Jinn retired from being governor of the moon. Jinn, Keiran, along with other Jedi Masters used the force to conceal the presence of the moon. Over time, the moon was removed from Republic Archives - nobody knowing what truely happened to it. The colonists were eternally thankful to Jinn and the efforts of the other Jedi masters - and he was entered into the Rori archives as the First Governor of Rori.

Retirement and solitude[]

After retiring as Governor of Rori, Jinn continued giving aid to the Dantooine Jedi Enclave and other Orders that were scattered throughout the galaxy. Jinn also took this opportunity to live out his own personal legacy. He traveled to the Outer Rim of the galaxy to reach out to those who lived there as he believed that they were in dire need of the compassion and servant-hood he had to offer. Jinn hoped in his efforts in the Outer Rim that he could implant an appreciation for the Jedi and their ways into those who lived on the desolate planets. He shared the concern of many Jedi before him, that the younger generations that were being trained as Jedi were serving as Soldiers instead of Peacekeepers, and that even the Jedi Masters had forgotten their teachings of peace, kindness, and compassion.

Kei-Rebu in his ship at 32

During his time in the Outer Rim, Jinn exiled himself from civilization a second time, this time living with the Wookiee on Kashyyk. It was during this time he met Gryvokk, a young wookiee who Jinn recognized as force sensitive. Jinn took it upon himself to personally train this young wookiee in the ways of the force until he chose to come out of his time of meditation and solitude in Kashyyk.

After bidding goodbye to the wookiees on Kashyyk, Jinn traveled to Nar Shadda. He arrived at a particularly opportune time, as the crime level and corruption of Nar Shadda was reaching record levels. Dissatisfied with the state of affairs on the planet, Jinn started up a brigade of freedom fighters to resist the strangle hold on the Hutts and crime lords that ruled the planet. After a period of time assisting them and training them in combat, he left Nar Shadda. He then traveled to Bakura, where the Jedi Order resided after he received a plea for help to restore the Jedi on the planet.

Present day[]

Kei-Rebu currently serves the Jedi Order on Coruscant as a Master, and also has joined the Rebel Alliance after the conquest of the Sith.

Personality and traits[]

Kei-Rebu Jinn Jedi Master.jpg

In his earlier life he was subject of a force induced coma at the hands of Darth Nessa. The effects of the coma affected his appearance, dimming the saturation of his eyes, turning his dirty blonde hair gray prematurely, as well as effecting his dexterity.

Jinn is a very sociable person, who is friendly and welcoming to strangers. This is contrasted with long periods of seclusion and meditation on the Force. He has a very calm and wise demeanor and is particularly diplomatic - only resorting to violence when no other alternative is present. He holds himself as a public servant, and goes out of his way to assist others whenever possible.

Powers and abilities[]

The Force[]

Jinn is one of the most skilled force users in the galaxy, and is considered by many to be the greatest Jedi Master of his era. Many aspects of the force such as telekinesis and the manipulation of thought are his stronger areas. He also has the skill to be able to redirect Force Lightning as well as control the energy that makes up the blades of lightsabers. With all these skills and power however, he wields them on only rare circumstances, and is not well known for using his power in combat.

Kei-Rebu's Jedi Photo.png

Additionally he has a very strong connection with the Cosmic Force and is able to foresee the future with great clarity. Jinn also is able to create force bonds at will to feel the pain of others even when separated by great distances. During his solitude and meditation on Kashyyk, he also acquired the power to retain his identity after becoming one with the Force. In war, Jinn was even able to sway the outcome of battles by lifting the morale of hundreds of companions while simultaneously dampening the spirits of hundreds of his opponents, using a valued Force technique, called battle meditation.

Lightsaber combat[]

In his younger years Jinn was a very fine Lightsaber Duelist. Often favoring the defensive Soresu form, Jinn would often make use of Form VI Niman as an extension of his defensive and force abilities as well as his diplomatic stature.

By the time he returned from his time of solitude however, Jinn had gone several years without a duel, thus his skills atrophied. Despite this, he remained a formidable Form III practitioner. Due to his age, Jinn will quickly tire in a physical confrontation.

Other abilities[]

Jinn proved himself to be an excellent military strategist and a highly studious man. He personally led his troops to many famous victories during his lifetime. His strategic ability was also shown in his combat. As an older Jedi, Jinn displayed excellent strategy when using lightsaber combat to use less stamina while still overcoming his enemies with quick but effective movements.

Though he preferred lightsabers, Jinn was an excellent marksman, and has become very useful in his involvement with the Rebel Alliance on Coruscant.

Jinn knows several languages including Shyriiwook; Xaczik; Thykarann. And also Huttese and several other languages.

There is a very specific reason why Kei-Rebu says he hates flying, and that is because he is awful in space combat. Kei-Rebu has said on multiple occasions that he would rather be stranded in the middle of the dune sea with nothing but the clothes on his back, rather than get into a starship dogfight.