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On Starwars, Kashyyyk was a planet, homeworld of the wookiees.

Several sim featured this planet on Second Life

First Kashyyyk

In the first quarter of 2007 the first Kashyyyk was established on lands belonging to Odenviscar Knight. This Kashyyyk was home to the Jedi group known as The Wandering Jedi. The sim closed some time before the second Kashyyyk sim was built.

Exert from The Wandering Jedi archive

"The tale of the Wandering Jedi begins with the disruption of the Jedi Order of Ossus, known as Jedi Master. When the order came under ever growing stress to the point of no return, many of it's Jedi took to wandering the galaxy. Thus keeping the traditions of their order alive in their hearts and in the training of Padawans."

"Some of these wanderers took to travelling together and such a journey brought them to the forest planet of Kashyyyk, the Wookiee Home world. They could feel the force drawing them to here; pulling them to the surface, however not before they had sensed a darker presence emanating not from below, but above the planet's surface."

"The Jedi soon learned that the Dark Jedi base known as Dark Rose Station had been positioned, almost undetectably in orbit around the planet. The Jedi, feeling confident that the Dark Jedi knew nothing of their presence on Kashyyyk, began making plans to establish a base upon the planet; to give them a place to rest and observe the Dark Jedi."

"This did not prove an easy task, as before the Jedi where allowed on the sacred forest floor they had to demonstrate their abilities to their Wookiee hosts in the hunting trial that is traditionally intended for Wookiee youths to establish their initiation into adulthood."

"It was during these trials that some of the Jedi felt the force draw them to a specific place on the forest floor. Further inspection and the use of a few scanners caused the Jedi to discover some sort of ruin beneath years of vegetation and moss. The ruin appeared to be dating back to from the time of the New Sith wars, over 1000 years previously. Upon finding them the Wanderers started to draw up plans to build upon the foundations that had been created so long ago. Exploration of the ruins revealed what turned out to be a star map in the lower levels of the structure."

"As the Jedi explored deeper inside the structure they found it far vaster than simply the map chamber, discovering in fact that the ancient architecture was quite suitable for living. Hastening with a great fervour and the aid of the Wookiees, the Wandering Jedi constructed their new home, The Wanderer's Haven; A place for any Jedi whom wandered, whether they are part of the group or not, to visit and rest."

Second Kashyyyk

This sim was closed on the 3rd quarter 2007. Its largest events were those of a sort of 'capture the flag' warfare which allowed specific factions to capture the entire planet for about one month. The only known group to take over second Kashyyyk was the Underlords of Malachor V led by the Underlord. The Underlords eventually established a large base and successfully defended their prize until the sim was destroyed.

Third Kashyyyk

This sim was build on begining 2008.

It hosted the New Order of the Jedi temporary while they moved from Yavin IV to Ruusan. The sim also hosted The Jedi Praxeum while Coruscant was under control of the Sith.

It was enlarged and replaced by the Village of Northyak.

Village of Northyak

The village of Northyak

Hosted The Jedi Praxeum until the Coruscant, Jedi temple sim was built. Built by the same staff of the former Kashyyyk, it was closed in july 2008

Kashyyyk (Darnassus)

A short living Kashyyyk was build on the Darnassus sim in March 2009, it featured the landing spot of the Ebon Hawk.

Kashyyyk / Shadow Lands (Lonely Star)

Kashyyyk (Lonely Star)

Built in April of 2015 on the Lonely Star sim, it features a Wookiee village as well as the Shadow Lands.


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