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"Crunch crunch crunch the bones, crush them into dust! Eat the marrow that's inside, leave the rest to rot!"

— as sung by Kasdeya Skytower

Kasdeya Malek was an Iskalonian female, born on Iskalon, and forced into slavery at the age of 15. She was stolen before she was ever put to work, however, and grew to maturity, hidden on Tatooine. Later she would meet Vhe'tra Skytower, a Kata Alor'ad, and eventually marry. Influenced by her husband, and adopted father, Kasdeya took up the Mandalorian way of life, and was accepted into Kata.

Early Years


Like most Iskalonians of the Sharrik breed, Kasdeya was hatched from a clutch of five and thrust into a world of violence. As the species had the tenancy to do, Kasdeya's mother tried to devour each of the fry as soon as they hatched. Strong enough to kick and fight, Kasdeya would manage to escape, while none of her siblings were able to. Unlike her mother, Kasdeya's father would watch over her, until she would be strong enough to hunt for herself, even then, he allowed her to stay within his territory, though she steered clear of her mother.

It was during this time, that Kasdeya's consciousness split, forming three individuals that worked as one. They referred to themselves as Reason, Balance, and Hunger, though normally when Kasdeya spoke, she referred to herself as a multiple.

At the age of fifteen, near to physical maturity for the species, Black Sun pirates captured large groups of Iskalonians of all schools, and sold them into slavery. Kasdeya was among the captured, though both her parents were killed in the struggle. Despite continued escape efforts, the young female would be taken to Tatooine, where she was to be sold to the Nasirii Clan. Unfortunately for the pirates, a rogue Death Watch, Phearous Azern, chose to raid the caravan. All of the pirates, and most of the slaves were killed, and those who didn't die in the attack eventually died due to the harsh conditions. Kasdeya refused to die, however, rather following the lone Mandalorian, even to the brink of suffocation. Phearous was impressed by the girl's stubborn determination, and decided to not only save her life, but take her in as his own daughter.


Kasdeya spend the next couple of years, confined to an underground dwelling, away from the killing dryness, and twin suns. Though her adopted father never called her to do so, Kasdeya molded her behavior and became subservient, even going so far as to call Phearos her master. Despite the arrangements, Kasdeya was taught the bare basics of Mandalorian ideal, as Phearos avoided teaching the impressionable girl about the Kyr'tsad. His reasoning would be never known to Kasdeya, as he would be killed in a failed raid on another Black Sun slave caravan.

Kadeya waited loyally for a full month before she started to plan her escape, vowing to find her so-called master. When she left under cover of night, though luck, and unknowing aid of the force, she found the deceased Mandalorian, buried by an explosion. She managed to recover twin heatsabers, and choice parts of her adopted father's armor. The armor would be buried with her home, and the swords would be taken with her, while she used a rig made from a Tusken's mask and several bottles of water, to be able to survive just long enough to make it to Mos Espa, and off the planet.


Kasdeya spent several years, bouncing from planet to planet, before finally settling in the caverns of a Sith tomb on Korriban. While she still traveled, she would always return to the same catacomb, sleeping in the waters in its depths, and desecrating the tombs for subsistence. At first she ate only what crawling creatures she found, but soon began to feast on the bones themselves. At the same time, the dark whispers that were embedded in the very planet, worked their way into the Iskalonian's mind, warping her permanently. While her fractured mind protected her in a manner that the average person couldn't manage, Hunger grew to be the stronger personality, often driving Kasdeya to hunt and devour humanoids.

At twenty-seven years of age, a full five years after she had settled on Korriban, Kasdeya encountered a distressed Vhe'tra Skytower on Qiilura. The Kata Mandalorian had recently lost not only his wife, but the clone of his wife, who had taken her own life. Kasdeya was drawn to the human male, not a food source, but by the recognition of the beskar'gam he wore. She instantly pledged her loyalty to the unwilling Mandalorian, and did everything in her power that she could to assist him. This would lead the unstable Iskalonian on a crusade against Rav Marec in all his forms, including clones, and later, cyborgs.

Fully armored Mandalorian, Kasdeya Skytower.

Over a short time, it became apparent to Kasdeya that her loyalty was more than a simple attachment, but a true affection for Doran. While it took some time for the Mandalorian to accept, the two eventually married, and Kasdeya undertook the challenge of becoming a true Mandalorian. It was during this time, that Kasdeya wanted to give her husband a child of their own, despite the drastic difference in species. Luckily, the Iskalonian had a sizable fund, due to the stolen Sith artifacts that she had gathered over the years, and was able to afford a costly procedure that would combine the incompatible species and make a child. The arrival of Kad'la would be marked by Kasdeya's lapse in good judgment and what shred of sanity she clung to, as she did as her mother had, and tried to devour the child as soon as she was "born". Luckily Doran was able to escape the facility with their daughter, leaving Kasdeya to wait until she could overcome instinct and rejoin her family.

Personality and Traits

Typical of her species, Kasdeya was strongly influenced by her instincts, often going off of scent and other senses, rather than rational thought. In her youth she was more open and benevolent, but after gaining a severe taint from the Sith influence, she grew often violent and sometimes sadistic. She came to view all others as food, save for those she viewed as family, such as Kata Aliit, and others who had proved themselves worthy in her eyes.

Despite her animalistic behavior, Kasdeya was fiercely and unshakably loyal. In addition, she often had a soft spot for children and other females, and tried to nurture and protect them when she was able. She was often ashamed of both her force sensitivity, and the fact that she tried to eat her own child, both of which she constantly worked to make up to her family, though actions and gifts.

Physical appearance

Kasdeya outside her armor.

Kadeya stood a over two meters tall, towering over her mate, and often over many others. Her body was slim and steamlined, however, better suited for movement though water than on land. A long tail and digigrade legs aided her land movement, however, with increased balance and a longer stride. Her skin was black, due to the similarly colored blood, and the small smooth scales were marked with violet markings and tattoos of the same color.

In her armor, Kasdeya is less streamlined, but still flexible, in shined black metal. Her visor is a bright purple, on a helmet designed with a moisture adding filter, that allows her to go longer times without needing to return to the water.


Kadeya's custom-made helmet.

Kasdeya's Mandalorian helmet was specially designed to filter and hold the moisture from the air, though it could be sealed on a whim to work off of an internal air system which held a hour's worth of oxygen. It also recorded video and played it back on command, compensated automatically for low or high light conditions, picked up on minute sounds and amplified them, and had a radar that displayed on a HUD. The HUD's data streams could be controlled by voice command or small movements within specially build gauntlets. An internal computer could be used to scan the HoloNet and connect with databases. A macrobinocular viewplate could be magnified to allow Kasdeya to see great distances, though more often than not, this was forgotten about. Like most Mandalorian helmets, it had a T-shaped visor.

Kasdeya's Mandalorian armor was constructed from beskar, allowing it to sustain a great deal of damage while remaining relatively light. Her armor was all painted black and featured two fins where her tail fins where housed, as well as scaled plated over her tail to allow for flexibility. Her armor held no markings, and was kept shines, despite accumulated scratches. The pain was blistered in places from where she had sustained damage from a force lightning attack.In additon to her armor, Kasdeya wore a powersuit liner. This liner had a gel layer in order to disperse physical and blast impacts, reducing injuries and likelihood of knockdowns. The power liner also gave her increased protection from fire, acid, intense heat, and cold, as well as retaining moisture.

Kasdeya wore a low-grade jetpack that held enough fuel for three 20-second blasts, 20 three-second blasts or one minute of continuous operation. While the jetpack had weak propulsion, the Iskalonian's jumps were augmented by use of the force, leaving the jetback to merely steer in the air.

Kasdeya's main weapon was a pair of phrik blades that she inherited from her adopted father after his death. They were constructed to absorb heat, and after contact with a heat source over a length of time would glow a deep red and hum with stored energy. When charged like this, the blades would be able to cauterize wounds much like a lightsaber, though it gained no better cutting ability. The only other weapon she carried were her clawed gauntlets, which housed minor controls for her HUD and jetpack.

At any given time, Kasdeya also carried many other objects, many or which were stolen or scavenged, to be used or given as gifts.