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Karda Fe is a Nautolan female that is part of The Sith Legion which is a Division within The New Sith Order. She is also a Freelance Bounty Hunter and Mercenary For Hire. 

Appearance & Personality[]


Karda Fe is inspired by Predator and various Star Wars Bounty Hunters.


Light blue skin, black eyes, and many Lekku tied back with cloth straps. Both of her arms are replaced by cybernetic limbs.

Armor & Gear[]


Uses light armor infused with Lightsaber/Plasma Resistant alloys for extra mobility and defence.


Helm: Houses an extensive Heads Up Display (HUD) that can process information and surroundings at astounding rates.

Wrist Blade: Left wrist houses a short plasma blade that can be activated at any time.

Combat Staff: A telescopic staff that when activated extends to three times it's normal length as well as having a plasma blade at the tip.

Cybernetic Arms: Forged with the use of Sith Alchemy as well as the use of Cybernetic engineering. They are known to house a wide assortment of weapons and gadgets.