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Kara'su, otherwise known as Lady Requiem, is a Nightsister Shaman and the preferred alias of Septra Corusca, estranged daughter of Gryff.

Early Years

Kara was born to her parents Silas and Araya on a sith slave ship. Several amarans had been gathered on the ship as test subjects and slaves, and some had planned to gather all of them to escape the ship, and managed to get them all onto a ship, however their victory was short lived. Upon realizing the sith had open fired on their escape ship, Araya and Silas put their newborn into an escape pod and shipped their daughter into space.

The pod eventually landed on the planet Dathomir, a planet feared due to the presence of Nightsisters and Witches, where the pod was found by one of the witches, who took the kit to the Clan Leader, Lady Shan. Kara'su was brought up and taught as a witch, and became the first amaran to become a Witch Priestess. At age 16, she left Dathomir, and began exploring the Galaxy.

Discovering Starwind

Some years later, Kara'su was venturing around the settlement of Little Mos Eisley, Tatooine, where she came across an amaran named Gryff, who after some talking, invited her to join the clan Starwind, an amaranth clan which accepted other races of the same caliber (Shistavanen, Cathar etc). Kara felt at home in Starwind, because she had never been around her own race it was new for her, but nonetheless she felt at home.

After a while she was given the position of Dunn by Gryff, and for a while, decided to pursue finding other members, which included some of the former members from the previous Starwind, including Agir Avro, the former Alpha of Starwind. However, Kara eventually was stripped of the rank of Dunn due to her unstable personality which put several members in danger, caused the destruction of the first base, and caused Gryff to lose his left arm.

A while later, Kara made a discovery when Gryff mentioned he had met her mother, Araya, in his younger years, when he worked on a small moisture farm on Tatooine. The two amarans had made a connection and had a one night stand. With the combination of putting two and two together, and a DNA test to prove it, Kara and the rest of Starwind learned that Gryff was Kara's Biological Father. Needless to say neither one was prepared.

Eventually, Kara's unstable tendencies became too much for Starwind, and Gryff was forced to remove her from the ranks of Starwind for the safety of the Clan. Kara took it to heart and has never been the same with Gryff since.

The Rise of Requiem

For years, Kara had been a Witch of Dathomir, Priestess of the Daughters of Allya, however, she had been taking tutoring from Lady Kia, a Nightsister Mother, and learning various "Dark Magicks", while still calling herself a Witch. Eventually, she realized that she had broken a Witch law, and made the choice to become a Nightsister.

There are those that disagree with her choice because she still keeps some of her values of a witch, and supports the Jedi, but she claims that she is a Nightsister because of the Dark Magicks she uses. She later took on the name Lady Requiem, out of sorrow for the mistrust and discrimination she recieved due to being a Nightsister.

The Campaign Against Dar'Jetti

Yet to be Recorded.