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Kalypstra Viatruso is a Shi'ido-Twi'lek hybrid, and a Jedi Master.


As a baby, her family abandoned her, leaving her alone because of her three Lekku. She was stumbled upon by a Slaver, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to sell the perfect slave, one you can shape. Not long after, she was sold to a traveling freak circus, where she was found by Odenviscar Knight, a Jedi Master. He saved her from the horrors of being a freak and brought her to Ossus to have her trained as a Jedi. Which, under the expert tutelage of Master Quason Talem, she learned self-mastery, the use of the force as well as the power of well placed words.

While residing on Ossus, she found that she was being watched closely by the Jedi that rescued her from a lifetime of being a sideshow freak. Over time, she found that this was because she was his daughter. While traveling in the galaxy, Oden encountered and fell in love with a young Twi'lek and in one fateful night created Kaly. He sensed Kaly's birth but did not know of her existence until he came upon a strong force signature within the freak show as it passed through Nar Shaddaa. With this information made known to her, he also explained her true race as a Shi'ido and began to teach her how to make use of this unique talent.

During her Knighthood, she spent most of her time away from the Jedi temple on Ossus. Her various missions that kept her away ranged from espionage to making secret alliances and the like. She relished in the joy of being able to use the force to conceal herself and helping the Jedi and those in need by finding information to move others into action.

Since then, her ability and knowledge of the force has not only grown but her ability to shape shift. Currently, she has four forms that she uses and can shift to with little difficulty: A Chiss, a Twi'lek (Essentially her 'true form'), a Human, and a Cathar. She keeps her ability a secret from all those aside from her most trusted of friends and comrades.

Having witnessed the fall of two orders, she works alongside with Maximus Blankes and Ptolemy Halcali in the Wandering Jedi Order to ensure it's trial of time. She now, a Jedi Master, seeks to return happiness and peace to those touched by evil and loneliness.

Recently she has been seen traveling the many planets and staying long enough until she is no longer needed and is responsible for the Wandering Jedi becoming allied with the Tetan Empire. She is known through out for being somewhat level headed and none discriminatory when it comes to someone being in need of help or healing. (Click to Download the log of this roleplay; Empress of Teta; The Alliance is Formed)

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One day, (after she found out she was pregnant with twins) she was approached by the Empress of Teta, who knew of her talents to shift, and asked her if she would perform a reconnaissance for the Tetan Empire to retrieve information on Dromund Kaas. She agreed, after great disagreement from Caden and went with the promise of letting him follow in a ship of his own. While there, she discovered a foul plot, of the Sith Empire, to combine both Sith Alchemy and Yuuzhan Vong technology to create abominations to take over other planets one by one. Once she gathered the information, she stored it inside herself (see Shi'ido) and exited where two Sith waited for her. Caden crash landed on the planet and joined her in combat where they were both captured.

Taken to Byss, the Dark Lords of the Sith capitol planet, she and Caden were thrown in different cells but still within hearing range. She listened for hours as they totured him and, she wept in her own cage. Several other Sith approached her as the sounds grew quiet from the other side of the prison (she later learned Caden had been released) with the thoughts to try and turn her to the dark side, to no avail. While her captors were away, she continued to weep for the saftey of herself and her childern. Deep into the night, she was approached by none other then Darth Gevecht. His words threatened both her life and the lives of her children as he described to her how he would extract them from her womb and grow them to be vessels for his Emperor.

While she was imprisoned, her fiance and grandfather, Arcturis, go together and entered the Byss base to extract her. This did not happen as planned and those defeated were sent back to their ships. Master Maximus Blankes as well tried to help Kalypstra, but to no avail. It was after his capture that the opportunity to escape arose and they left Byss together. Not too long after did Caden find out he had to be shipped away for a classified mission for the Tetan Empire. Discouraged and worried, she reluctantly let him go. While he was away, Darth Gevecht located and extracted her and returned her to Dromund Kaas where the machine she discovered extracted her son, Locke, from her womb while she lie awake, unable to move, feel or use the force. Alarms rang out and her captors ran, her son in tow, leaving her to die, womb splayed open, on the table. Her brother found her and took her to Falang Minor where she took refuge and the life of her daughter was barely saved.

She truely has never recovered from that and her desire to rescue her son from the sith has grown. Now 42, she responded to a call to be able to meet him, her son now much older, and speak with him. She left for this and hasn't been seen since...


  • "Keep mindful of the past, hope for the future but never be blind to the present."
  • "We show our true nature, not when we are surrounded by the light but, when we are engulfed in the darkness."
  • "When one relies on sight to perceive the world, it is like to stare at the galaxy through a crack in the door."
  • "We know truth, not only by reason but, by heart."
  • 'smiles warmly'

Abilities and Knowledge[]

The Following are the Knowledges and abilities that Kaly has access to. I place this here not for abuse, but so others can see what she can do to keep me from making something up.

Force Abilities: (Aside from the basic, force push, pull and jump)


  • Multi-lingual - As part of her race, she studies the next race she will become as well as their languages. At this time, she knows Ryl (Twi'lekki) , Cheunh, Shistavanen language, and Catharese.
  • Expert Pilot - Kaly has been sent through out the galaxy very often and through her odd jobs as a Jedi Shadow saved up enough to buy herself a nice ship ( Baudo-class Star Yacht - The Valkyrie ) aside from her E-wing Escort Starfighter. It's rumored she's more deadly in the stars then on the ground.
  • Acrobatic - She is very lithe and flexible and is rarely found not landing on her feet even without using the force.
  • First-Aid - Due to having to care for her father on many occasions, she's become very good at tending wounds.
  • Stealthy - With her training and work as a Jedi Shadow, she can be very sneaky at time and seems to have an almost endless supply of contacts.

Shi'ido Forms[]

(Note to Reader): Because she is only half Shi'ido, I am intentionally dulling the abilities she has access to. She will not ever have as many forms available to her as say a full Shi'ido would but she does have several that are available in her arsenal of forms. (Pictures soon to come of each)

Behind the scenes[]

I like to think that I am a down to earth and laid back person and I'm more then willing to role play with just about anyone if you just ask! I also take being a jedi very seriously and not only live Jedi Realism.

Due to the Billing error leading to the closing of my former account Lorelei, I've taken the liberty of mushing some of their stories together as they were both played by me.